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8 May 1st, 2013 OLTL’s Kelley Missal, Florencia Lozano & Erika Slezak Red Carpet Premiere Video Interviews!


Last week the stars of One Life to Live and All My Children took to the red hot, red carpet premiere of the highly anticipated revivals of the two iconic and beloved soaps.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman was in the middle of all the action conducting video interviews with The Online Network (TOLN) to get the stars thoughts, emotions, and to have some good ole’ fun to help usher in the fantastic night and this week’s heartfelt online premiere!

One Life to Live’s Kelley Missal (Dani) spoke about Dani turning to drugs, the new One Life to Live, and if she ever thought the show would come back around again! Florencia Lozano (Tea) in a hilarious interview, talked about getting to use swear words on the show and how refreshing that is!  Erika Slezak (Viki) was given a special message by Michael, who told her how much seeing Viki again meant to the fans who have waited a year and half for to see the beloved star’s return!

For the entire playlist of 32 interviews from the red carpet visit the TOLN Soaps You Tube Channel and look for the premiere red carpet videos with Michael Fairman!  Now after the jump, watch Kelley, Florencia, and Erika’s premiere video interview, and then let us know what you thought of them!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I followed the link and watched all the interviews, all 40? of them..
    and I have come to a conclusion; I will love the 2 Russian guys!!
    They are bad to the bone!!
    and I will want to kill them, so yahh they are awesome!!!

    The Russian bad guys will be on my favorite list, for sue!


  2. Patrick says:

    Right outa the gate…. gotta give props to Dani…. she’s presenting herself to be reckoned with.

    what an acting troupe to reside with….. Tea… Victor… Erika… and the whole lot.


  3. Patrick says:

    let it be known…. AGAIN.

    I LOVE Florencia Lozano. Sexy – Hot – Allure.

    her stature, mothering nature, legalese,

    i’ve said before… she’s one step ahead of that animal mating instinct…

    however you word it… she’s present.

    VA Va Voom.


  4. Patrick says:

    Michael – MF.

    you look hot yourself.

    say what one will…. the men of daytime… are ubber Hot.

    However… and we’ve always known this…

    it’s “The Women”…. of daytime…. who’re “The Women”.



  5. Patrick says:

    Robin Strasser.


    Thank you for the Drama Queen.


  6. emlons says:

    I totally agree I love Florencia she is a GREAT all around Actress


  7. Annick says:

    I cannot say it enough, Florencia Lozano is amazing.


  8. Diane says:

    May the good Lord be with the family. Our prayers for your family. My father inlaw passed away on May 2. He is in a much better place. Gods blessings.


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