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3 February 17th, 2011 OLTL’s Kristen Alderson & Nic Robuck’s New Video Blog #2 – Watch the video!

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Just in time for this Valentine’s week, One Life to Live’s Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Nic Robuck (James) have posted their latest installment of their new video blog that they are looking for you, the fans, to help name. The choices are posted on the right side of the video. And in Video Blog # 2 the duo discuss Valentine’s Day, if love is just around the corner in February for Starr and James, and if Nic prefers living in Los Angeles or the Big Apple!

Check out the brightest young stars of Llanview in Kris & Nic’s Video Blog # 2 after the jump and go to to view Video Blog # 1. Then let us know, are you finally getting over Starr and Cole and ready for Starr to restart her life with James as her man?

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  1. Doe says:

    As much as I like these actors, I thought their blog or whatever was very tween-like and insignificent. That may be their audience , but where is the meaning in this?


  2. Tanji says:

    I love one life to live my cousin got me attached to the show in 2008 I know I missed a lot of episodes before that so I have know idea how Cole and Star met but I would like to. But also I think that james and Star make a very cute couple, and in one of the episodes I don’t remember what one but it was right after Cole went to prison, that was nice of James not to take advantage of star like he could of, personaly I thought he was going to but didn’t :) …. I love both of your names… also i Have a question. Do you give out e-mails to your fans… like a fan mail or something like that?


  3. Vic says:

    Are these two dating in really life because they seem very close and like they are dating?


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