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7 January 22nd, 2011 OLTL’s Robert Woods & Jerry verDorn named Power Performance of the Week!

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On-Air On-Soaps has named Robert S. Woods and Jerry verDorn’s performance on this past Thursday’s episode of One Life to Live this week’s Power Performance of the Week! As Buchanan brothers, Bo and Clint, Woods and VerDorn’s long awaited showdown did not disappoint, in fact, it exceeded our expectations!

Finally, Clint fesses up in his bitter vitriol that he did indeed set up Bo and Nora’s marriage to unravel and pulled the strings with Inez to get her to be part of his payback for Nora leaving him for brother Bo, and the humiliation he suffered because of it. VerDorn played it to perfection.

But it was Robert Woods, quiet, powerful, understated performance as betrayed brother Bo, that pulled at our heartstrings, when all the pieces come together for the police commissioner as he holds his older brother at gunpoint.  And, as the scene unraveled in yet another powerful moment, Bo tells Clint due to Clint’s part in his plot against them, he almost got Nora raped by Eddie Ford!

What made the scenes even more stellar for long time fans of the Buchanan family and One Life to Live were the references to Asa, and that Clint has now sunk lower than Asa ever did! The icing on the cake was at the end of the showdown when Bo picked up Asa’s hat and told Clint he doesn’t deserve to call himself a Buchanan.

Brilliant writing, brilliant performances, and the best part – we don’t have to live through Bo and Nora being duped any longer! Kudos to Robert S. Woods and Jerry verDorn for delivering to us classic soap opera! Check out the video clip below of Woods and VerDorn in this week’s Power Performance of the Week!

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  1. Christina says:

    I loved this confrontation between Clint and Bo, it was fabulous!!!


  2. SoapStud79 says:

    I agree, 100%. They were strong. Jerry, IMO, is at the top of his game. He is doing some of his best work since his front burning days on GL.


  3. ethel says:

    omg!!! all 3 totally knocked it out of the park during those scenes!!!
    they are all awesome actors – have not enjoyed oltl this much in a long long time……


  4. Ceridwyn2 says:

    That was such an amazing performance. Loved every minute of it. Classic soap – brother vs brother betrayal. And the fact that it used seasoned veterans, pulling in show history.

    I’d actually also pull in Jerry verDorn’s lead up conversation before that with Echo DeSavoy (Kim Zimmer) because the two of them knocked it out of the park as well. So hard to choose. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “One Life to Live’s” use of veteran performances.


  5. Candy says:

    Robert and Jerry hit ever beat in the show down between Bo and Clint. Jerry played Clint with guilt over what Eddie almost did to Nora to pleasure that at this time nobody has true proof to what all Clint has doner. Robert played Bo with angry over what Clint had Inez do to Bo and Nora to more angry to what he’s doing to Matthew to rage with Clint being the one behind Nora’s kidnapping by Eddie and Nora’s almost rape by Eddie at thanks to Clint to Bo coming down from his angry and rage when Nora told him they’ll show him he’s wrong. Goes to show when you give emmy winners like Robert and Jerry sttff to sink thier teeth into you get scenes like we got in the show down between Bo and Clint in the barn.


  6. Doe says:

    I’m glad the show down has begun. I love Robert Woods acting. He underplays everything perfectly. Jerry and he play off each other so well. But, It’s only the beginng of things to come. We have a long way to go to unravel the deceit that Clint has perpetrated on his family What’s with denying Rex as his son? And telling Matthew that his father cheated on his mother, Nora? And having his assistant change the DNA report of Natalie and Jessica’s babies. So much mayhem, but it is not over. Yeah!…


  7. Maya says:

    RSW’s and JV’s performance was awesome!


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