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4 June 14th, 2011 OLTL’s Robin Strasser announces final tape date!


One Life to Live’s dazzling Dorian Cramer Lord, played by Robin Strasser, took to her twitter account to announce to her legions of fans that her final tape date before her scheduled back surgery has been moved up a week earlier, and that a script she has in hand is sensational!

Here is what Strasser tweeted,  “JUST told my LAST tape date at OLTL  is Friday, June 24th, 1 week earlier than original date chosen. TODAY’s script: BEST in years. Ironic!”

So how do you think the show should say goodbye or write-off Dorian?  Let us know!

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  1. Ellen says:

    Logically, Dorian and David will fly off into the California sunset together, but in soapland, maybe there will be some kind of twist to their exit!


  2. lisa says:

    I hope it will be a really good exit…just don’t ‘ KILL’ Dorian off.


  3. linda cummings says:

    One life to live is the best soap. I watch all ABC soaps and its by far the best one. My frineds all agree that its a shame that not one network wants to save this soap. The writing and acting is superb! Wake up NBC, CBS or even Oprah you will gain so many viewers! This is the best year also for OLTL and doesn’t make any sence that it wasn’t even nominated for best soap. About 12 of my friends and coworkers watch all abc soaps and like I said it’s much much better than AMC and GH! Wake up networks!


  4. Phyllis (Phyone) Scott says:

    Now is the time to bring back Evangeline.


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