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13 April 19th, 2011 OLTL’s Robin Strasser speaks out on Frons decision & praises Valentini!


One Life to Live’s fabulous Robin Strasser (Dorian) has taken to twitter, and letting it rip when it comes to her thoughts, disappointment, and outrage at the decision made by ABC and Daytime President, Brian Frons of cancelling both One Life and All My Children.

This time Strasser spoke out to Soap Opera Digest and said, “When Brian Frons makes this size decision, he shoots down thousands of New York City jobs…. If I were thanking anyone, I’d be sure to put Frank Valentini (Executive Producer) up there because he saved money, brought us in under budget and raised the standards of our production. If you’re gonna thank anyone, I would be thanking Frank Valentini. That is who deserves the credit. [Brian Frons] is bullying hundreds of employees and he’s destroying the lives and livelihood of families. Additionally, by dissing and disrespecting the audiences that love us, he puts himself in peril. I know the people who care about the audience. I know about people whose integrity is unquestioned — Erika Slezak (Viki) is chief among them and Frank Valentini…. You cannot proudly present a new endeavor when you have spit on the audience. You cannot. They will bite you back, and don’t you love it about them?”

You tell em Robin!

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  1. Leigh A says:

    I love Robin Strasser’s frankness! She is so right this is going to affect the livelihood of so many people. It’s not just about the cast, crews and fans and to make light of the cancellations by saying “they are just soaps” is ridiculous. If this were a major company closing it’s doors or laying off this many people the News Media and American people would be all over it, especially when people are making jokes! Job loss in any form is no joke!


  2. Brian says:

    When will ABC release that they will make more money by saving One Life To Live and getting rid of Brian Frons? Hasn”t ABC tracked all the out cry of the cancelatlon of these two soaps? Bravo To Robin Strasser and Ericka Slezak, and all other OLTL staff and production team.


  3. Todd says:

    I have been a huge fan of hers since she played Rachel Davis on Another World. I was only a pup when she created that role and she will always be Rachel to me when I think of that character. Her performance today with Mr. Verdorn is why I have watched daytime for forty plus years. Many good actresses have tried to fill her shoes while she was on a sabat from OLTL but there will also always be only ONE Dorian.


  4. mika says:

    all i can say is the decision to cancel the soaps are a BIG, BIG, mistake and channel 7 is going down, down down! we don’t want to see other shows in place of our soaps whom we’ve grown to love. we need to PROTEST in front of the studio!


  5. Brian Greene says:

    Those of us who live in NW Illinois love Miss Robin & OLTL!


  6. Torrey says:

    All the OLTL fans……let’s do something that we should have done a long time ago. Tune in to OLTL like never before…tell a friend or a family member to watch every week. Even if they aren’t a fan of the show, just turn the tv on and walk out of the room, if they must…..but let’s do everything we can to put OLTL in the #1 soap spot. Y&R has held onto that glory for far too long. Let’s show ABC just how much we care for our show!!


  7. leah says:

    I love you all.. but i will not stop fighting and hoping for a last minute save.. and you know what.. who the hell is OPRAH. she is not God and she is no one who signs my pay check. She is part of the ABC Machine.. big wigs and money.. Bull shit walking and money talking.. Frons has his to lazy to check on him peers thinking he is telling the truth. Well he is in a way… The fans saw how he was messing with the shows. AMC and GH. those were the two big money winners… So he moves AMC to california-knowing he was going to cancel. Close enough for him to mess it up the way he did GH with the writing. Their ratings drop.. Poor little OLTL ( LEFT FOR DEAD) suddenly takes off gaining viewers because it didnt fall apart when he left it alone. it blossomed…. Hell people… fire the man… and dont pay attention to oprah or barbra walters. they are part of the abc machine. If nbc cbs picks up one life and puts it on after young and restless or bold and beautiful its going to take off…. it is going to sore…. its already out doing DOOL.
    Keep hope alive make those calls.. if we can get hersey to pull out we may have a win.. please call people .. we need ten thousand calls before hersey will agree to pull out… For the love of God… dont cry about a death that does not have to be… fight for life.. get off your knees and dont go down with out a fight. NOW CALL FLIPPIN HERSEY .. dont leave it to the next guy. he may be leaving it for you… just do it.


  8. Skater Boy says:

    I agree I will miss All My Children and One Life to Live. They are iconic shows with iconic characters and some very fan pleasing actors. All the screaming, yelling, ranting and raving cannot hide some of the realities.

    1. The soaps for whatever reason are in decline in respect to ratings. And ratings are important for sponsors. A change in the workforce population with less people at home, the internet and cable opening up more competition has cut into the soap market. Not to mention poor storylines and writing.

    2. Hoping for Oprah to save the day or even sponsors backing out is a last desperate grab to try to save sinking ships. But it is not Oprah or the sponsors that can save the show. In part, the public needed to show the support by watching; watching now to try to save OLTL since AMC is almost a forgone conclusion as it only has 4 months to live, really is a temporary solution unless the fans watch religiously.

    3. This is not world peace; these are entertainment shows. Iconic yes, Moving to many perhaps but life will go on. It will just be a little sadder and some of our favourite stars may never be seen.

    It appears though AMC had slighlty lower ratings it was really the stronger show. It went up against two other top soaps. It does make sense a non soap has a better chance for ratings. That is a problem when you have three networks fighting for the soap audience in the same time slot. And ratings do not explain everything. The brand of AMC was always stronger = much of that lies whether we like it or not that they have the iconic Susan Lucci.

    I am resigned sadly that they are cancelled. I do believe Mr. Frons should be fired but not simply because he cancelled these shows. He is like the coach. He had the goods and he could not produce two winning teams.

    Now all we can do is hope to see some of these amazing performers and writers in the future.


    Brooke replied

    Loser! We will NOT give up without a fight!


  9. Mags4pigs says:

    Everyday for the past 2 years I have been struggling to survive. My appraisal business has gone down at least 90% leaving me without money at times and my story (which is common around our country) goes on and on. Besides my granddaughters and daughter the only thing that I look forward to at night is watching All My Children and One Life to Live, and it has depressed me and so many others I know that ABC thinks by cutting out these two iconic shows they’ll save money. Whose money? They’re tearing apart not only lives of the fans (college age to seniors) but the lives of all the employees from maintenance to cast. We will all stop watching ABC. Who cares about yet another boring talk or food show. If things aren’t bad enough in the world, let us have our escape to the Soaps. SHAME ON YOU MR. FRONS!!


    Mags4pigs replied

    As a postscript I watch the Soaps at night thanks to Soapnet. Why can’t Soapnet buy-out our Soaps?


  10. Peggy says:


    I agree with you and will miss you on the show. It has been so depressing watching
    one character after another leave the show. I am done watching daytime television.
    It will not be the same . I hate reality tv. I have watched OLTL for many years
    and will be very sorry to see it go.


  11. vonda miller says:

    I just watched my “taped” show of Robin’s farewell and I’m crying/sobbing knowing this is the end–I miss her so much, I’m depressed over the decision to cancel the show, and disgusted with ABC and the lame new shows they have produced (their shameless promotion during the SOAPS has been especially insulting, I’m listing the sponsors and will no longer buy their products). All My Children and One Life To Live have been a staple and will not be replaced by some insipid show called the chew, dr oz, or even when katie couric graces us with her presence. The Soaps have been a refuge and the actors extended friends and family. ROBIN STRASSER is one of the Best. This cancellation makes me wonder if it’s financially driven to pay for princess katie’s over priced salary–dr oz has his daughter on the other lame show so maybe ABC thinks they’re worth more than the SOAP STARS who actually work and are the true PROFESSIONALS.


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