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7 March 16th, 2010 OLTL’s Scott Evans and Brett Claywell respond to rumors on professionalism!


Today, both Brett Claywell and Scott Evans (Kyle and Fish, One Life to Live) decided to  respond differently to the rumors that it was one actor’s partying and the other’s busy schedule that led to them being let go, Claywell told Soap Opera Digest, “It’s so false it’s slander. Scott and I were nothing but professional and completely 100 percent dedicated to our work.”

Evans tweeted his disdain for the situation, “Such a bummer what all of this is turning into. I will continue to respect the decision but will remain unhappy with the tactics.”

The saga continues!

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Evans’s tweet’s really unclassy since he’s trashing his former employer by passive aggressively commenting on this so called “tactic”. Evans uttered that the Daytime audience may not watch primetime tv? What the hell? And he even uttered that the Daytime audience may not know what’s happening in modern times. Huh? That’s how he regards the daytime audience, which is comprised of his Kish fans. And these same people will be rallying for him and for Kish. Tsk.


    Irene replied

    Evan’s former employer deserves to be trashed. OLTL is the only soap that I am still watching, but I won’t be watching it anymore after Kish is gone. Thirs was the only great story left on OLTL. The other stories are either just bearable or totally ridiculous (Allison and Mitch). Evan’s employers should be ashamed of themselves for keeping such garbage on the show and getting rid of the best story they had. Scott and Brett were the couple with the most chemistry on the show (besides Bo and Nora).


  2. Chris 2010 says:

    Glad to see Brett/Scott fight for their professionalism.


  3. Megan says:

    Brett and Scott are a class act and have every right to defend themselves against false allegations. of misconduct….one only needs to watch their performances to see how committed they were to telling the kyle and Oliver story and they should be very proud of the excellent job they did…..


  4. Irene says:

    The Kyle and Fish story is my favourite on OLTL by far. Brett and Scott bring so much sincerity to the story, it is so wonderful to watch them. I started watching OLTL when my daughters were little (back when Todd raped Marty). I think this has been my favourite story and they are definately my favourite characters. I find so many of the stories completely ridiculous(ex. Jessica’s loss of memory, everything about Mitch Lawrence and Allison Perkins, fed up with Stacy,Schyler and Rex) that I tape the show and fastforward to the parts I think are worth watching (ex. Kish). Once they are gone, I don’t think there will be anything left worth watching.


  5. christa lyon says:

    the kyle and fish story is also my favorite i started watch one life to live when my mom got me into it and now there is nothing to see without kyle and fish but some time they will come back home to lianview soon and they need to come back on-screen with oltl again and bring kyle olvier and sierra rose back in to lianview so they will have their storyline a’m huge fan of kyle and fish i go on facebook to see what they need to bring them back home in lianview kyle is still working at lianview hospital and oliver still working at lianview police.


  6. christa lyon says:

    their are my favorite since i watched one life to live since 2007 all the up to this year and they do to bring brett claywell scott evans as kyle leiws and oliver fish back to the with oltl and their family is just beginng for them and raising seirra rose together their great dad’s and as for brett claywell and scott evans feel now. i was same way when a’m with someone and please abc and daytime soaps let’s see their airdate to return brett claywell and scott evans back in lianview


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