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7 March 28th, 2010 OLTL’s Scott Evans Interviews before Kish Crushed and After!

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Kish fans will make sure to note of two interviews on the web right now with One Life to Live’s departing Scott Evans.  First right here at On-Air On-Soaps, Michael Fairman talked with Scott about Fish being revealed as the biological dad of Sierra Rose, and his feelings on Fish’s  entire story arc from the coming out story, to the sex-scene, to the pushback and the prejudice.  This interview was taped a few days prior to Scott shockingly finding out he was released from the show.

Today, We Love Soaps posted a fascinating interview from this weekend’s Gay of our Lives event in New York.  Damon L. Jacobs caught up with Scott for a few minutes to ask how he was handling things post-Kish, and his how he is dealing with the disappointment, and confirming how he found out about the end of his character via the Internet!

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  1. md1347 says:

    OLTL doesn’t deserve such class. Although I’ve been sending in my postcards and emails. I’m sure we will be seeing Scott a lot more in the future. He’s a great actor.

    Once Kish is gone it can be the Rex/Gigi hour.


  2. bottomchef says:

    Damon Jacobs is jokingly (not really IMO) offering his therapeutic services to Scott Evans for kish firings? The clear favoritism and kiddy (or kishy) gloves for Scott Evans and Brett Claywell is out of control. Some in the media are feeding into kish actors’s delusions that OLTL’s homophobic and this is a homophobia issue when it’s not.

    This is not the first firing on Daytime done in a brusque way and it certainly won’t be the last. Majority of actors go thru this. Heck majority of talented actors don’t even get hired! Countless actors are waiting in the wings to be on a soap or be a recast. ATWT freaking recasted Lily, so no one has job security! Every employed actor should be freaking grateful they even have jobs, especially in soaps, where it’s looks over talent.

    Evans should have been grateful he got hired bec IMO the reasons OLTL hired him are bec of his looks, famous last name and out status. OLTL thought he’d probably bring in the ratings since many would be curious of Evans on their soap since he’s openly gay and related to a film actor. They obviously pimped him to garner press for OLTL but kish couldn’t sustain any public curiosity or new viewership bec the writing was crappy and Evans’s acting left much to be desired.

    Evans blabs on again abt how he was informed and how he’s happy abt the rallysists, w/c means OLTL would be getting flak from rallyists. He thinks so highly of himself that OLTL must treat him in a special way bec he’s an openly gay “actor” portraying a gay character. And the whole “I put my heart and soul into this” crap is something all actors say. What’re they gonna say, I’m happy I look great and I just wing it during the scenes? LOL.

    For every unconventional casting w/ a Patrika Darbo (ex Nancy, Days) or a Paul Williams, I think that’s the name of the actor/composer of “The Rainbow Connection” who portrayed Bailey on B&B, there are a 1000 other Scott Evanses that are hired on soaps. Darbo and Williams do not fit the mold of soap actors but their talent actually landed them their parts. Nancy was Days’s first minx that was the reverse of a rail thin model. While Williams’s small stature actually brought more depth to the sinister Bailey, who had to be written out since the crystal hypnosis (yes that is not a typo, LOL) arc on B&B bombed.

    These actors, despite their untraditional looks for soaps, were great in their parts since they could act very well. Did Darbo and Williams freaking scream to the media that they were axed bec of lookism? Did Williams say he was made as a scapegoat for the crystal hynopsis storyline not working on B&B? Did Williams say that Paul Satterfield (ex Pierce B&B) should have been axed instead since Pierce used the crystal to make Tay think she was a teen again? Did Williams make his axing a step back for people of small stature being hired on soaps? Did Darbo scream weightism when she was axed? NO!

    The crux of this is why are gay people making this a homophobia issue when it clearly isn’t? Why are gay people taking their axings so freaking personally? Do gay guys think the axing of kish is a rejection of homosexuality? It freaking isn’t! Evans needs to shut it, grow a pair and take intensive acting classes since he can’t act his way out of a paper bag.

    And on a lighter note, what the hell is Evans wearing? It’s like cheap, knockoff Kanye West outfit.


  3. bottomchef says:

    And of course Jacobs holds the interview in front of the word Stonewall. That is extremely manipulative.

    Evans’s axing is not in any way a parallel to events leading up to the Stonewall riots. For Jacobs to subtlely parallel the 2 is sheer lunacy!

    The next interview w/ the other actor in the same clip is not in front of the word Stonewall, so that’s very telling.


  4. Rebecca says:

    “Gay people” aren’t the only ones being affected by this axing. Kish is a rather popular couple on this soap, if you haven’t realized, loved by gays and straights alike.

    Brett Claywell & Scott Evans are not “screaming to the media” that this was about homophobia, they are simply defending themselves after their names were erroneously dragged through the mud. Someone at OLTL/ABC put them in a position where they had to defend themselves & their professionalism (of which they did, very well actually – they dispelled the rumors against them, which no one really believed anyway, because anyone who’s actually watched their scenes as Kyle & Fish know that they’re both very professional & give 110% of themselves, their hearts & their souls, to these roles, the message of this storyline, and the show as a whole).

    They know the business, but the way this whole thing was so mishandled I think has to even strike them. They weren’t told of their last day shooting together, which means they, as well as the fans who have followed this storyline & these characters, have no closure & told that “focus groups” – who have WAY too much power IMO – didn’t like a story they’d put so much into for the past year. How would that make YOU feel? You even have to admit it was pretty awful of OLTL to allow Scott to find out via Twitter (TWITTER!) that he wasn’t going to be playing this role anymore. They could’ve atleast had the decency to place a 2 minute phone call to the man!

    OLTL/ABC has come up with so many stories/excuses over this it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin and these people in the PR department should really be ashamed of the PR disaster they’ve created here, as it really doesn’t reflect well on the show or the network. 1). Kish solely responsible for their already-poor ratings (scapegoating the gay storyline), 2). From FV, they ” we’re concluding the story we set out to tell with Kyle & Oliver” 3). they “didn’t resonate with mainstream audiences” 4). they *did*, in fact, resonate with “audiences”, and they’ll still remain in Llanview & the door will always be open to them; 5). blaming Brett & Scott themselves for possible unprofessional behavior.

    OLTL/ABC did, in fact, blame this storyline for their already-poor ratings, so actually it is an issue of homophobia. Why didn’t they blame Mitch’s return, in which he tried to rape/impregnate his own daughter & dig up the corpse of said daughter’s dead husband in order to torment her with? Or how about this Jessica as a teenager storyline, which is just pretty ridiculous as a whole? Or perhaps Todd/Tea/Blair’s never-ending triangle, mixed in with Matthew’s surgery/court case & the introduction of yet another of Todd’s children, Dani (the guy’s like the Sonny of Llanview at this point for goodness sakes!)? So yes, it is an issue of these “focus groups” or this “mainstream audience” they speak so highly of apparently having a problem with a LOVE story that just happens to be between 2 guys, so OLTL/ABC has decided, rather short-sightedly, that it’s going to pretty much backtrack on the message of acceptance that it’s been sending out through the very existence of this storyline, and say that the protestors at the BGW that Fish stood up to are essentially right, which again doesn’t look good for the network/OLTL.

    And, if you’ve noticed, OLTL has not capitalized on the fact that Scott is Chris Evans’s brother. Not at all. He is a very talented young man all on his own & he proves that in every scene he’s in, whether it be as Oliver Fish on OLTL or in his countless other roles as well. He brings it in every single scene he’s in, as does Brett Claywell. They are ALWAYS on top of their game, and it clearly comes across just how talented these 2 are, and reinforces what an idiotic decision TPTB have made here by axing this storyline & getting rid of their 2 best actors! And Scott and Brett both are very humble people. You’d notice that if you watched 2 seconds of their interviews, so him thinking highly of himself because he’s an openly gay actor playing a gay character is really just ludicrous & insulting.

    And I didn’t get any parallels to Scott/Kish from Damon holding the interview in front of the Stonewall, nor do I think he was trying to infer anything by doing so.


  5. bottomchef says:

    There’s no pt in debating w/ kish fans who only blame it on these shadowy agents who weild so much power bec of their homophobia that they can axe any gay couple they like. OLTL is last in the ratings and these so called homophobes are trying to get rid of them, yet not going after the more far reaching ABC gay characters on Modern Family, excellently portrayed by Eric Stonestreet, who always steals the show from Jesse Tyler Ferguson. As for the Stonewall reference, of course a psychotherapist would choose to have the interview there for its psychological impact.


    jenna replied

    Some people closely involved with all this don’t believe the firings had anything to do with “the gayness,” although they do acknowledge that the kish s/l was dropped b/c of focus groups, and ABCD has gone on the record stating kish was “killed” as a result of failing to resonate with “mainstream” audiences, and ABCD said they don’t want to waste their time on non-mainstream viewers, or basically any open-minded people. But there are plenty of mainstream fans who did enjoy these characters and s/l. And, since Evans andClaywell were fired b/c their s/l was dropped for these reasons, it does come across as bigoted. It’s so unjust for these actors to be fired and their s/l dropped for these reasons, especially since the actors did nothing but garner praise and hype for OLTL. People shouldn’t just accept the demise of this wonderful, groundbreaking s/l. To see how you can support Kish, Evans, and Claywell, please visit:


    jenna replied

    Oh, and in regards to your outrage that the WLS interview took place in front of the Stonewall, you should really relax-it wasn’t some huge conspiracy. Evans, and a host of other actors were all attending a charity event that took place there. WLS covered the event, and conducted every interview in front of the venue there, as inside the tiny bar it was loud, crowded, and too poorly-lit for filming. Hope this clarification can put you at ease.

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