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26 November 11th, 2013 OLTL’s Sean Ringgold Facing Rape Investigation! Soap Star Strongly Denies Accuser’s Story!


Now One Life to Live’s  gentle giant, Sean Ringgold has come under investigation with some serious allegations!  The actor who played bodyguard Shaun Evans, apparently has found himself in the middle of a Superior Court of New Jersey case that has commenced a grand jury investigation into allegations of rape.

According to Radar Online, Ringgold who also has been the bodyguard for Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, and has worked for Queen Latifah and L L Cool J, could face a charge of “criminal sexual conduct” if the grand jury decides to indict him, a court official confirmed to the Internet outlet!

The filed complaint details that on June 28, Sean and a woman met up at an Olive Garden in Seacaucus, New Jersey, where the woman claims that Ringgold sexually assaulted her after dinner, as well as on the ride home. Ringgold allegedly did “commit criminal sexual contact … using physical force or coercion, specifically by pulling up the victim’s shirt, grabbing her right breast and putting his mouth over her left breast while stopped at a traffic light inside of his motor vehicle.”  

Declining to get into specific detail about the still-horrifying attack, the woman claims, “He pulled behind a building to finish the job.”  As soon as the shock wore off, the woman was quick to take action. “I immediately decided to press charges,” she says. “The police knew within two days.”   Notations on the criminal complaint show that Ringgold was arrested on July 2 and first appeared in court for the case on July 6.

However, Sean is quick to point out this is not true at all!  When approached by Radar, Ringgold, denied all claims. “No way, that’s out of control,” Ringgold said. “This person is obviously crazy. I have soap fans, they are a little crazy! Ringgold insisted, “The associations I have … you can really ask yourself that question. Do I look like I need to do that? It’s saddening to hear.”

So, what do you think happened here?  Will Sean be proven innocent?  Weigh-in!

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  1. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    First Erika S./Ellen H. and now this? Cant really respond…i wasnt there…but if he allegedly assaulted her after dinner(where?) and as well on the ride home is a little confusing…did the first time happen at the Olive Garden or outside b4 she got in the car…its kinda confusing here…if it (really)happen before they were on their way home why get in the car with him, just saying…OLTL seems cursed!!!


  2. su0000 says:

    Sean is a hot hot guy!!
    He runs in some awesome circles of friends and doings with hot women around him….
    He has no need to cop a feel and suck a bobbie at a stop sign, of any one not willing..
    Then he “He pulled behind a building to finish the job.” good grief..

    He would just say, hey wanna come and look at etchings lol — not go behind a public building to bounce his butt off the rear-view mirror….
    She couldn’t be all that hot, he took her to an Olive Garden, he was not trying to impress ..

    heh Sean more than likely has to shake the women off him lol ..

    If it were to be true, then shame on him, but com’on..


  3. lanell says:

    WELL! it is sad either way! I pray he is telling the truth—I think a polygraph should be given to both to see which one is telling the truth-and that is how to clear your name if innocent!


  4. brian says:

    Yes, I believe he is innocent. Sadly, I do believe people who are famous have to be on guard all the time against situations like this.

    Hope everything gets cleared up and brought to light quickly.


  5. Nancy (Save Thesoaps) says:

    He is absolutely innocent, millions of soap fans would hop into bed with him! He is a wonderful, spiritual man! She is obviously out for money!!


  6. k/kay says:

    What the Hell!!!! Can we not have just a little self discipline or is everyone an asshole.


    k/kay replied

    Can I add to this never have I felt that everybody in Washington and the Entertainment business truly need help! Thank you Lord for my truly wonderful family!


  7. dg says:

    Wow Michael more hard hitting on biased reporting I’m proud of you. it must be really hard for you reporting this kind of story about one of your favorites. but this is journalism.


  8. melissa says:

    He is a bully. i think he did it.


  9. Karen Neuman says:

    Complete and total BS. No way, no how. Sean is good people. And I am not saying that as a soap fan, but as someone who knows Sean.


  10. Carole says:

    She came on to him, and he turned her down. I have never heard a bad thing about this man! ridiculous!


    peter replied

    Yes he turned her down, because he is gay. he is my man. lol


    Carole replied


  11. Denise. Walsh says:

    I seriously doubt that sean raped her . He is absolutely. Right about crazy soap fans i’ve. Met my share of scarry. Obsessed. Fans who think the actors are their men or woman and say things like i get him first . Its crazy. The fight for their attention . The oltl actors. Were so sweet to everyone .some people took their friendliness as love. It’s. A shame for someone to ruin such a mice guys reputation. I met sean a few times . He would take pics with fans and fans would hug him like he eas a teddy bear. He just genuinely. A nice guy. I for one don’t. Believe. That he raped someone. He couldhave any woman he wants .why would he


  12. ethel says:

    okay – let me get this straight……………she is saying while driving sean stopped at a traffic light, pulls up her shirt, grabs one breast in his hand & puts his mouth on the other breast………….hmmm
    sounds like something from a soap opera scene to me…………………..jmo


  13. mo says:

    Oh my! Would hope it’s not true. Geuss we’ll see…


  14. Mark says:

    I do not believe this one iota! This woman knew who he was and either wants money or her 15 minutes of shame!


  15. Jay says:

    I’ve met Sean on numerous occasions and he has always acted like a perfect gentleman.

    And, like everyone else, he should be assumed to be innocent.


  16. rebecca1 says:

    No one can claim to “know.” Who fans like is the character he played on OLTL. Hopefully the truth will come out; if he’s guilty he’s no better than any other person that would commit such a hideous act. If he’s innocent…great! I loved his character on OLTL and hope he’s as nice in “real life” as he was on the show.


  17. kathy says:

    such a shame why would he do this in car at traffic light if he was going tondo that he would have more class but my question why did she wait so long to go to police shock or not she S’s should have went right away lots of room of doubt there do not think he did it story seems very fishy


  18. Jen says:

    Yikes! What a week!

    I wasn’t there, but I don’t understand why she got in a car with him, after dinner, if she felt he had committed a sexual assault on her earlier in the evening? That doesn’t make sense! But again, I wasn’t there. Presumed innocent, for both involved.


  19. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Innocent until proven guilty. I hope whatever happens with this case that justice is fairly served for all parties involved. Rape is not something to throw around, or accuse loosely, so I hope all parties involved take appropriate actions!


  20. Lisa says:

    I can tell you this. I personally know and have dated Sean and I can tell you 1000% he is not capable of these allegations. He is the a big teddy bear. he never ever disrespected me or made any advances that weren’t mutual. It saddens me that this person has the nerve to say that be did this. She’s making him out to be a monster and anyone who knows Sean, knows that isn’t him. So sad.


  21. kathy says:

    wow this is crazy so let’s see how at a light he had time to pull up shirt if she felt threatened how come she could have went to bathroom at olive garden and called police or told the workers there sounds like extortion to me


  22. Vicky says:



  23. nj says:

    Michael, you were quick to report the allegations. Why haven’t you updated your blog to include all charges were dismissed against Sean? In fact, his name was cleared. Charges could be filed against the woman.


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