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22 June 6th, 2013 OLTL’s Theme Song “Brand New Start” New Full-Length Video! Snoop Lion’s Protege Iza Performs Plus OLTL Clips!


“Brand New Start” is the new opening theme song of TOLN and Prospect Park’s One Life to Live!  Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) has teamed up with his protégé, Polish singer and producer Iza Lach to create it

And now, a brand new full-length, three-minute video version of the song premieres today exclusively on Yahoo! Music.

In addition to working together on the love ballad, Snoop has executive produced IZA’s mixtapes “Off the Wire” and “An IZA Christmas.” They are currently working on an album and movie.

In the “Brand New Start” video, you will see many clips of the new One Life to Live featuring the characters of Todd and Blair, Dani, Matthew, Jeffrey and Destiny, Viki and Clint, Dorian, David and Rama and many more!

Watch the video on Yahoo! and then let us know if you like the full-length song? Iza’s performance? And the video with some of your Llanview favorites?

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  1. Antone says:

    I love the OLTL theme song “Brand New Start.” Please keep it. We (the fans of OLTL) would like to be able to view the full five shows. Also, please keep the language to a minimum say at the PG-13 level. We do not want it to go to the Rated R level. Thank you!


    su0000 replied

    ”We” don’t speak for all of us..
    The 2 days works very well for me..
    and I would like some R now that is ok’d allowed..

    The soaps need ”now day” change to survive in the 21st century and they are on internet, and that is good..


    Antone replied

    I am speaking for all! KEEP THE FILTH OUT OF THE SOAP OPERAS! This is not porn nor a Rated R show!

    Ron replied

    You don’t speak for all fans. Not everyone has a problem with the language. And as far as the five shows a week that’s not gonna happen right now.


    Antone replied

    I am speaking for everyone! This is a soap opera not porn or some Rated R movie! Keep the filth out! I like OLTL the way it is right at this very moment.

    Antone replied

    Ok Sherlock…I am speaking for all! KEEP THE FILTH OUT OF THE SOAP OPERAS! This is not porn nor a Rated R show!—Maybe not right now there won’t be five days of airing, maybe in the near future it will. Don’t jump to any conclusions! I have been watching this soap opera for almost all of my life.

    brian replied

    Antone, I agree with you… I find the “sh t” word over used on the show, not to mention it is my most hated word of the English language. One episode, I even quit watching before the end… I was eating dinner, and nothing ruins my appetite more !

    ron replied

    If you want clean cut shows watch the disney channel. The soaps can still be about great storytelling but it can still be racy without them being porn. I would have no problem seeing some hot man ass once in a while!


  2. Tori says:

    I said it before I love the new theme song and I do not understand why this is not available for purchase on iTunes or Amazon. I do not have a problem with the language it reality plus not every character is using the blue aspects of it.


    Scott replied

    It’s on itunes right now.I bought it yesterday.


  3. Kiki says:

    It is great!!!! Way to go One Life!!


  4. Llanviewer717 says:

    “Brand New Start” is a beautiful song and I love the video. I have to admit, I was surprised. Other than the times he’s performed on OLTL, I’ve never heard anything by Snoop Lion. I am not a rap music fan. This is so different from what I thought it would be. The lyrics and music are beautiful and Iza’s vocals are wonderful. I can envision this song going beyond the soap opera community.


    BTripp replied

    Snoop Dogg/Lion did a remix with Katy Perry (California Gurls).


  5. Mark Y says:

    Love it.


  6. Cathy says:

    Todd and Blair!!!!!! What a great love story. The show’s language is true to life & doesn’t bother me. I do hate the 2 day a week schedule & hope that it will eventually go back to 4 or even five.


  7. Mike says:

    I think that if they updated the opening with something like this it would be more appealing… What they have now is too generic. Nice JOB Snoop!


  8. Pat says:

    I love the song. I humm it all day long at work.
    Thanks Snoop Lion and PP ….
    Keep the shows coming and the music..


  9. susan M. says:

    The orginial theme song is the best which I identify with more…


    Krajci replied

    The original theme? The one from 1968?



    susan M. replied

    1986-1991 (Theme complete) Peabo Bryson singing…Also openind revived 1/6/2012 ,Dec.22,1995 Piano theme opening(xmas),OLTL opening Live wk.(day 4) (blue & white)…I identify with all these opening themes for OLTL except for the new one.The one you mentioned also. “Let me be the one you share it with”
    And everday that follows we only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE! (THE BEST) in my opinion.I find it heart-warming and hum along with it …Don’t feel the same about the new theme song.

  10. Rodd says:

    I was apprehensive about this song as the theme when OLTL re-started but I LOVE it now! It is stuck in my head and I often find myself singing it throughout the say. I really liked the music video, too! It was great to see IZA walking through the sets and all the clips. Great job!


  11. Emily says:

    Love the song, singer, Snoop and the video. Gett’n it on Itunes now:)


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