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17 April 11th, 2011 OLTL’s Trevor St. John comments on the return of Roger Howarth!

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One Life to Live’s Trevor St. John (Todd) spoke with Soap Opera Digest over the weekend at his fan club event with Florencia Lozano (Tea). St John commented on the return of Roger Howarth to the series, which may “Un-Todd” St. John!  TSJ  stated, “I’m not familiar with his work so I can’t tell you what he’s like to work with, but I think it’s great for the show. There are all these rumors [about cancellation], so I think it will at least give it a ratings boost. I truly have no idea [what the show is planning], but I can’t imagine anything other than he’s the real Todd, because that would mean if he’s not the real Todd, then there never was a Todd and he was an imposter from the beginning! That’s the only way you can do it. Logically, speaking.”

Stay tuned as only time will tell! Will the real Todd,  please stand up?

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  1. eiwcakeff says:

    You got my vote trevor for you to be the real todd


  2. Laura Novak says:

    i really like Trevor St John.. i hope he stays..he is not a throwaway.. please..


  3. Susan says:

    I am a huge fan of both TSJ and RH. RH has always been OLTL’s Todd Manning. This whole storyline smell of the Roman\John brainwashing senario on Days. I hope this is not the way OLTL is going. Been there, Done that. I beg of you, don”t do the Phillip\Cane senario either. I’d like to see something fresh and new. There is room for both TSJ and RH on OLTL.


  4. kay killgore says:

    Years ago they did a storyline like this over at Days concerning Roman Brady !! Look how well that turned out Roger Howarth quit on his own accord now that he is out of a job he wants to come back. Trevor St. John made the character his own! It is no way to treat this guy.


    Allie replied

    So thrilled to know that someone else has the same opinions about Roger Howarth’s reason to return and Trevor St. John!


    Lily replied

    I agree 100% ladies!

    Skyla replied

    I’m with you guys… Trevor needs to remain the real Todd!!! i love his work and have fallen in love with him as Todd. i think it would be a disrespect to Trevor’s amazing work as well as the fans to un-do everything Todd has went through with his children, Blair, and Tea by making Trevor’s Todd some sort of impostor. Plus, even though i think Roger Howart is an awesome actor, previously he put too many restrictions in his contract like restricting love scenes because he didn’t want Todd to be a romantic lead which was why Todd and Tea weren’t intimate and I think that confines the character to never grow or change, they way we have seen in Trevor’s Todd. I would actually prefer to see RH take on a new character, perhaps Todd’s long lost twin, because not only would it allow the show the freedom to write Todd the way they want it would also create a very meaty story with alot of beat, like a possible Blair romance, Starr’s reaction to her mother dating a man with her father’s old face since she’s old enough to remember, Viki gaining a new brother, and we’d get to see TSJ and RH play off eachother. Honestly Todd is my favorite character on the show and I watch religiously but after waiting for two years for John and Natalie to finally reunite only to have them break up months later and then Tea coming back to Todd if only to do a switcheroo with Trevor’s Todd not being the real one I may be tuning out.


    Regina replied

    Made the role his own? How did he do that exactly? If he had done a good job and made the role his own, tptb wouldn’t have been trying to get RH back for over 3 years. Romantic scenes have nothing to do with growth or change in a character. TSJ proved that in the years he’s been on the show. Todd and Tea’s relationship while Roger Howarth was there was the most real relationship the show has seen in years. There was growth and change in Todd and Tea both. Just because they never got physical on the show doesn’t mean that they weren’t intimate and very much in love. They were more than that.


  5. Brian Greene says:

    Trevor is the real Todd & the reel Todd. Trevor is The Man! :)


  6. TB says:

    I really agree, I wasn’t a big fan of RH back in the days but TSJ really made the Todd manning character likable even when your suppose to hate him you can’t. He’s become my absolute favorite character on the show. TSJ is Todd Manning Period it should be any other way. RH kept leaving the show on countless occasions despite what the fans wanted to see and finally we got someone to not only take over the role but do far better with the character than the original actor. Not taking anything away from RH but who knows how long this guy would even last on the show if they do give him the role. He’s flaked out on OLTL fans before. If he has to comeback I prefer the twin brother angle personally. And in the event RH flakes out again it doesn’t leave a character hole on the show. I can’t say this enough I would really hate it if the writers went with any imposter story line that is something that would really make me want to stop watching the show. The same thing happened on GH with the various carly’s they went through until they got Laura Wright in the role and she it best Carly to date. Then years Later the actress who lead the role comes back to the show but they did the smart thing they brought her back in a completely different role which is what I’m hoping they do here. So if any of those writers are reading this take note keep TSJ as Todd Manning!!!!


    patti replied

    I agree with everything you had to say. Bring back TSJ and keep him as the real Todd Manning. He plays that part so well like noone else. He’s a natural and brings so much life and edge to OLTL. Please listen to the viewers and bring this man back. My husband even watches the show because of Trevor St. John. That’s really saying something.


  7. Shewolf415 says:

    I 100% agree Trevor St. John is my absolute favorite man in daytime. He has made Todd what he is, made Todd his very own. I am emotionally involved with the fact that he is Stars, Jack, Sam and Dannies father. There is no emotional involvement with RH. I like him but maybe he can just be TSJ’s clone from a special experiment on cloning people. P’lease don’t take TSJ away.


  8. Shewolf415 says:

    He’s also extremely sexy. He does Bad Boy very well.


  9. jason says:

    Keep trevor st john as the real todd manning!!!!! The oringinal todd sucks


  10. MEG says:

    I will be devastated if Ron ruins!the last 8 years by making RH Todd ! TSJ IS Todd


  11. Cyndi says:

    I agree, Trevor made this character what it is and has been for the past 8 yrs and I think it stinks that they have let him go now over bringing back RH. RH left the show 8 yrs ago and he bad mouthed the character, the show, his story and some of the fans while he was running out the door and now that he lost his job here he comes tail between his legs and the show has the nerve to fire the guy who was loyal to the show all these years who even now after being let go is not bad mouthing the show. When he is gone I just don’t think I can or will watch the show anymore they have ruined it anyway. They have made everyone so hateful, who is left that is likable anymore? Hate Rex now, hate Natalie, Hate Brody, hate Echo, Hate Nate, too many people to hate and not enough to like besides Trevor as Todd, Blair, Star, Jessica and a few others. Hate the show now too since they stuck to Trevor the way they did.


  12. Colleen Davis says:

    I wish I could tell Trevor St. John what a fantastic job he did stepping into the role of Todd Manning ! I have watched soaps for 30 plus years and have always had great difficulty when a new actor steps in to replace someone ! It took quite awhile for me to accept them in their new roles ! Not so when it he took on the role of Todd Manning ! Please do not get me wrong ! I loved and still love Roger Howarth, and I am very glad he is back ……. Still, I do wish Trevor St. John knew how well he made the transition ! I started watching the very first episode of One Life To Live, and it was and still is my favorite soap ! Wish it wasn’t going to end tho ! What will all of us fans do then ? I have watched other soaps .. but they all got boring soon after I started watching them and their story lines were so predictable ! Not with this one ! One never knows what to expect next ! Thanx Agnes Nixon ! You have brought a reason into our lives to set aside a part of our daytime .. just to watch this soap ! I know I speak for so very many who feel the same way I do ! How can a person hope to return such a great favor ? Wish I knew ! Thanx from one very greatful Fan !


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