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12 May 23rd, 2012 OLTL’s Trevor St. John & GCB’s Mark Deklin Join Cast Of New Tarzan Motion Picture Capture Movie!


One Life to Live favorite, Trevor St. John (Ex-Todd/Victor Jr.)  is making an appearance in another upcoming motion picture, as is GCB favorite Mark Deklin (Ex-Blake)!   The two actors are currently in Munich, Germany filming Constantin’s new 3D CGI motion picture capture  of Tarzan!


St. John is playing the role of William Clayton, power-hungry CEO of Greystoke Energies.  And, the storyline of the movie follows Tarzan (Twilight Saga’s Kellan Lutz) and Jane Porter (Cougar Town’s Spencer Locke), who go up against a mercenary army dispatched by the evil CEO of Greystoke Energies – a company once ran by Tarzan’s parents before they died in a plane crash.

As for Deklin, he will play Tarzan’s father, who is exploring the site of a mysterious ancient meteorite and is on the brink of a discovery when he dies alongside his wife.  Another daytime notable is also in the film.  Jamie Ray Newman remembered as Kristina Cassadine on General Hospital.

Look for the film to be released sometime in 2013! So what do you think about Trevor and Mark in this new film? Something you would want to check out? Let us know!

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  1. sophia3 says:

    Saw Trevor on GCB. Miss him so much. He is an incredible actor that I hope to see a lot of in the future. Love you Trevor !!!!!


  2. Lisa says:

    I’d check it out !


  3. barbara t says:

    Love tarzan movies you bet I will go to see this film, Love that trevor st. john will be in it. Looks like he will be in germany for a while, guess that means no visits to port charles any time soon. Greystokes the legend of tarzan, lord of the apes, Is one of my favorite movies.


  4. Christine says:

    Motion Capture?! Lots of work and expensive. My husband does that for a living.

    Good for the two of them. Always happy to hear talented people gainfully employed and furthering their careers.


  5. mary says:

    I love Trevor!Damn,that’s a long,long way from Port Charles!..sigh…


    TnT 2.0 Forever replied

    I know right! Personally speaking, soaps will never be the same for me again without TSJ. I’m happy for him though, I wish him all the success in his career. He certainly deserves it.


  6. Susan M. says:

    Good luck to them both…………..I am a movie buff but not much of a tarzan movie fan….


  7. Brian Greene says:

    We Love Trevor & Mark–Yay! :D


  8. 1loveabcsoaps says:

    LOVE Trevor St. John. Maaaaawaah!


  9. Ann says:

    I love Trevor’s work and really miss seeing him on a regular basis as we did on OLTL. I’m glad that he is finding new projects and hope to hear more about this one soon!


  10. MBmomof3 says:

    Loved TSJ on OLTL. Happy for his post-soap success. I’ll see the movie when it comes out. Sounds interesting.


  11. Razz says:

    Will check out the Tarzan movie because of Trevor St. John. Any TV show or movie he is in I am front row center. The man is a awesome actor. As a matter of fact he is my favorite male actor both on TV and big screen.

    Love Love LOVE Trevor St. John. I would love to see him do a stint on Criminal Minds. OMG! I believe the man would knock us right out of our socks.

    I hope to see a lot of him in all sorts of things.


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