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31 April 26th, 2013 OLTL’s Tuc Watkins Talks About Being A Gay Dad to Marie Osmond!


One Life to Live cannot come soon enough for those who have waited for its return this Monday, April 29th, and on that date as well, Tuc Watkins (who is the stand out in the first episode of the revival as David Vickers) is the very special guest on Marie Osmond’s Hallmark Channel’s talk show, Marie! (Noon EST/11CST).

In a preview of his segment, TV Guide received the exclusive that has Tuc revealing that he is a gay dad of two children, when he recently welcomed twins via surrogacy, Catchen and Curtis!

Watkins tells Osmond he was certain about three things when he was young:  “I knew I was gay.  I knew one day I was going to be a dad, and I knew Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was going to be the best movie of all-time!”

Watch the clip below from Marie, and let us know if this makes you love Tuc all the more!

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  1. Anthony says:

    Always felt Tuc was gay – always thought he was hot – always fantasized about finding a guy like him. Don’t know if this was his official public coming-out moment, but it was nice to hear him state it in such a calm, conversational manner. He looks very content and happy in his own skin – and because of that, he is probably a great dad, too.


    Patrick replied

    well said: Anthony.

    Tuc Watkins -

    1. Father Time… so fortunate.
    2. Great Actor.
    3. HOT. HOT. HOT!!!

    it’s timely and benefits everyone…. with candor, mindful, and respectful… i’m OUT.


    I celebrate your happiness.


  2. Kelly says:

    Good for him for acknowledging that he’s gay in public! I know a lot of people/fans might be uncomfortable but I’m very proud he’s being true to himself. Bravo!


  3. David says:

    I am so happy that Tuc is a Dad, and now, one of the few OUT gays in daytime soaps. Maybe his openess will help other gay and lesbian soap stars feel comfortable enough to come out.


    Derek replied

    I think many more soap actors would but the network won’t let them. They want to save face with the viewers, they think it’ll drive them away as well as advertisers. Great think about Prospect Park is they aren’t on network so I’m sure they support him 100 percent.


  4. Tali says:

    Love Tuc Watkins!!!


  5. heidi says:

    He’s great!!! Love Tuc/David Vickers!!!


  6. Llanviewer717 says:

    That clip is so cute. I cannot wait to see David and Dorian again. Hurry Monday.


  7. jimh says:

    Love that Vickerman!


  8. Gloria E says:

    I always knew Tuc was gay (just my inner gaydar) but I am glad he is finally acknowledging..I luv him just the same..


    Patrick replied


    I cheer.

    I’m ecstatic.

    it’s all a good thing.


  9. Jennifer Janeiro says:

    Love Tuc


  10. ricardo says:

    i love tuc watkins. i always knew that tuc was a gay man. im 22 years old and i came out 2 years ago. i had straight relationships before. but i was hiding it. i feel so much better now that im out of the closet. i have a wonderful loving boyfriend. he is 27 years old. tuc you are such a nice guy. you are a funny man and a great actor. wow you are a dad to twins. good for you my friend. i wish you great success on the new one life to live. it will be a huge hit. watch hulu let’s support them. they finally stepped up to bring us one life to live and all my children. i hope abc chokes on it. for cancelling one life to live and all my children. they made a huge huge mistake. abc will never admit it. the chew what a horrible show. never will i watch the chew. erika slezak looks gorgeous. i saw the view on thursday. i love thorsten kaye. but man he needs a haircut. please give him a great storyline on all my children.


    Patrick replied

    Ricardo -

    i’m 50… I embrace your being.

    hugs to you and yours… and I love soaps.


  11. Avidreader72 says:

    Good for Tuc! I am sure he is a great dad.


  12. ricardo says:

    by the way i failed to mention how good looking tuc watkins was. the man is ageless. he looks so hot hot hot. tuc needs to find a good loving boyfriend. i have a boyfriend who i love very much. if i was single tuc would be my man. i am a very good looking man too. lol.


  13. Joliefan Forever says:

    Gay or not Gay Tuc is just great! I love him no matter what!!


    Deborah replied

    I agree…he is actually my favorite character on OLTL.


  14. Patrick says:

    A truly gifted comic and dramatic actor!


  15. blake says:

    that’s great, he is so handsome and has an amazing body! So glad he came out. And who knew he is a single parent raising twins!!!!


  16. Lisa J. says:

    He has always been one of my favs and I am so happy for him. It will be great to have the Vickers back! Love him!


  17. Gillian says:

    Tuc Watkins is fantastic! He steals every scene he is in. From David Buckets to his roles in The Mummy and Desperate Housewives, his performances always rock! Congrats on being a dad, Tuc! Many blessings to you & your family!


    Gillian replied

    Dang auto correct on my phone! That was supposed to be David Vickers, of course. ;)


  18. Patrick says:

    “coming” out -

    time to celebrate one’s life.

    a warm embrace and god speed.

    I acknowledge your being.


  19. Patrick says:

    I can’t help but believe… that… should and when… the supreme court… declares that CA’s prop 8 is heralded as unseemly…ill gotten gains… unjustly courted…

    that we are ALL declared equal….

    that it’s a matter of time that… we look each other in the eye with no misgivings.

    i don’t question your validity.


    Patrick replied

    I haven’t had the chance to watch OLTL…

    that being said….

    I watched Tuc on Desperate Housewives…

    and dang… he’s a fine man… Sexy to Boot.


    Christy replied

    you should catch him on OLTL episodes on youtube. i’m sure you can google his name and oltl and youtube to catch some fun episodes or scenes of his.

  20. Christy says:

    He is hysterical! I’ve loved watching and laughing at him on OLTL, enjoyed watching him on GH, on Desperate Housewives and when he was The Mummy! I look forward to more Tuc and humor!


  21. kinni says:

    Not really.


  22. bc says:

    tuc looks like felicity huffman’s husband. The reaction on other message boards to tuc’s orientation is very whatever. It was really obvious that he’s gay. It’s not like he made an effort to hide it w/ a beard and w/ his mannerisms. But his announcement of his orientation could get oltl and himself some press.


  23. bc says:

    Reading all these tolerant comments towards tuc is really reflective of the disparity between hollywood’s treatment and the media’s treatment of gay public figures compared to the treatment towards Asian americans. It’s not really surprising that there are more openly gay actors who are white who get roles on day soaps and night tv shows and films compared to Asian american actors. hollywood is very welcoming towards openly gay actors who are white. They get a lot of press. There’s a push for them from hollywood and entertainment media to get roles as leading men. Openly gay actor matt bomer has film roles and is a lead char who charms a lot of women on his night tv show. Openly gay actors tend to get shielded from criticism from the entertainment press. Openly lesbian and gay actors from glee and openly gay actor from new normal never get asked and criticized abt the racially offensive jokes on their tv shows. There was no backlash from entertainment media for nph’s music video mocking Indian customs and religious beliefs.

    Openly gay actors are obviously very welcome among hollywood. This coming out interview w/ tuc reflects that sentiment. Yet the very few Asian american public personalities are treated w/ hostility and openly bashed by the media and hollywood. Jeremy Lin is the most popular Asian american athlete. Yet “professional analysts” from sports media and even Houston commentators openly bash his athleticism. They would not denigrate his athletic talents if he was African american and especially if he was white. The sports media loves to call him stupid. A graduate from Harvard is stupid? Sports media bashes Jeremy’s iq and athleticism bec sports media doesn’t want Asian americans like Jeremy Lin to succeed. While hollywood is even worse. This hollywood executive mentioned that he’d cast tom cruise if they made a movie abt Jeremy Lin. That’s stupid and typical of hollywood. Tons of films abt Asian american fictional chars and Asian american people get cast w/ white actors. hollywood and sports media openly bash Asian americans and prefer very little Asian american representation. Yet sports media like espn write articles abt how closeted athletes should announce that they’re gay. Even sports are more welcoming towards gay athletes compared to Asian american athletes! It’s the same thing w/ bullying. Bullying of gays and lesbians is such a hollywood and media issue. Yet Asian american students are the most bullied. More than 51% of Asian american students as reported by huffington post are bullied. This makes Asian american students the most bullied group. Heck Asian american news reporter Ann Curry was openly bullied and humiliated when she told the audience on air that she was fired. nbc would never bully its openly lesbian journalist and tell her to announce on air she was fired bec nbc would be called homophobic. But nbc didn’t mind bullying Ann Curry bec the media and hollywood openly bash Asian americans. How can there be a list film actors who are Asian american when hollywood doesn’t even have Asian americans as lead chars on tv shows? Yet there are a number of tv shows w/ openly gay actors like nph and actors from glee and new normal who portray lead chars. But hollywood is obviously welcoming towards openly gay actors like tuc on day dramas. Yet there are no Asian american actors on any of the day soaps!


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