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6 October 7th, 2010 OLTL’s Valentini and Carlivati on their new deal & what it mean for the future of OLTL!

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TV Guide has the follow-up interview now online from their news item a few weeks back that broke the story that both One Life to Live’s, EP, Frank Valentini, and head writer, Ron Carlivati have been given new deals for the ABC network.  And while many are skeptical that just because the show runners contracts have been re-upped, that does not mean OLTL could not get canceled.

In this new feature, Valentini and Carlivati say it’s business as usual for New York’s solo remaining daytime drama.   Here are a few excerpts!

Carlivati on if his and Valentini’s contract renewal came with a mandate from ABC Daytime Chief, Brian Frons:  “It’s the same as always. We meet with Brian regularly and he always challenges me to look at certain aspects of the stories, to go deeper on some, to make certain stories more real for the audience. He’s always telling us not to lose sight of this or that. He’s very analytical and can look at a story and tell you where the flaws are. So that is the mandate he gives me going forward — to find the real emotion, to make the show relatable. I like a certain over-the-topness to stories. I like the bigness of our show. So I must find the balance to making the epic moments both relatable and soapy, so that we still have all those juicy scandals and the big secrets exploding.”

Valentini on the consistent play the cancellation of OLTL gets on message boards and bad press: “There’s nothing wrong with critiquing a show, or saying that a certain storyline didn’t work, or to be extremely passionate about not liking something, but to just tear a show down without any knowledge or any understanding of what’s really going on is hard to understand. Is it really worth it to say those things? A lot of information is disseminated through rumor and hearsay and it’s unfortunate because it affects a lot of people. Actors will come to me having a panic attack because it says on the internet that they’re getting fired — and it’s not true. It’s so upsetting.”

So what do you think?  Can One Life survive?  Are you liking the current stories?  Let us know.

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  1. joyce says:

    I have been watching OLTL since July 15, 1968. Yes, that is the day it first aired, my birthday and awaiting the arrival of my first born. I stopped watching the program for about nine years and went back like I never left in 2001. I surely hope you do not cancel this soap because of sentimental reasons, entertainment, and your ability to touch with the day to day happenings in our world today. Sometimes I want you to get on with the story, but I suppose intrigue is what sells. You’ve touched on race, religion, teenage problems and the gay rights movement. I can’t say that I was that enthused with the “Gay” storyline, but you did what you thought was right. I still stuck with you and I will continue to be a fan. Please don’t leave the airways. For the record, I stopped watching because my VCR broke and I worked days. Now that it is aired on Soapnet, I don’t hardly ever miss a beat.


    Brian replied

    Very nice story, I think you may be prove that the gay storyline may have done what it was suppose to. Sounds like you were at least open minded to be exposed to gay issues, sometimes that all it takes. I have been watching OLTL since 1981, and know that the resent gay storyline wasn’t the first. My mother also watched this show, so when i came out to her we certainly had some good reference points to refer to. The “Billy Douglas” storyline opened so much for her in understanding what high school life was like for me. I too, will watch this show as long as it is in production. All the soaps have done some much in trying to help people understand gay life style.


  2. deb says:

    The two or should I say the three of them are out of touch with what fans want. They have failed in some many ways. When they fail they don’t learn from the mistakes. Gigi/Rex shoved down our throats. It failed. Fans hated them. Stacy the same thing and shoved down our throats. Failed again. Now the Ford family the same thing. They give nothing to Bo, Nora, Viki. Charlie, Clint and Dorian until now. Big question is will they let use down like they did in the mayor’s story last year? If they do it will be the last time I watch this show.


  3. bottomchef says:

    Kudos to Michael Logan for his OLTL interview. Logan’s been delivering all of these interviews recently. It seems like everytime the OLTL brass are interviewed, they mention how they feel abt the online feedback. Daytime fans can be a vicious group. And many soap blogs really go for the jugular. Daytime Confidential’s podcast w/ Logan had him sum up Y&R’s mess w/ a simple “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” LOL. I think it was really great how Logan asked their opinions on the soap press that keep generating news/rumors of OLTL being axed.


  4. TX TORNADO says:

    Thanks for drawing our attn. to this interview. I enjoyed it.

    Hope RC and FV get the show back on track. Both are probably talented but it seems SOMETHING has stalled at OLTL lately. Not sure where all the blame lies, but it is pretty obvious the storylines are not up to par. I would have preferred to see a new head writer other than RC. He had his chance but has not been able to deliver enough for me to want him to stay on as head writer. Change in that direction is needed. Everyone bragged about RC’s knowledge of the show and its history. That should bode well for him, but since he choses to ignore history and rewrite it, and ignore character development, the show has suffered. A LOT. Dorian needs to wear a name tag at times so we recognize her. Her actions sometimes sound like she is reading the wrong lines.

    ABC, consider giving RC a co-head writer. Maybe the new co-writer could get him to step up his game to really earn his keep. I was once a huge fan of his, still appreciate some of his stories, but recognize he is NOT cutting it any longer.


  5. ginger says:

    I have to say I have been enthralled with the current storylines and if there is one soap I can’t miss it is One Life to live. I can miss the others, but not this one. I have been watching it for nearly 27 years and it still keeps my attention. The actors, the veterans, the characters are wonderfully written. Please don’t let them cancel it. Why are the soaps being pulled? I mean, all this reality crap is taking over the tv and frankly I have no interest. I like fiction and stories that may not be something real. I have enough reality in life. The writers are to be commended on a fantastic job with writing and storytelling at it’s best..
    A loyal fan


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