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4 May 13th, 2011 OLTL’s Woods & Smith on More Tragedy for Matthew and Clint!

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One Life to Live is about to have us on the edge of our seats yet again! TV Guide has the exclusive news and an exclusive look with series stalwarts, Robert S. Woods (Bo) and Hillary B. Smith (Nora).  Besides talking about Llanview’s favorite duo’s  thoughts on the heartbreaking cancellation of the series, fans learn that on the upcoming May 23rd episode that Matthew played by Eddie Alderson,  is seriously injured in the head in a fight with Nate.  So much so that he has very little brain-activity. Meanwhile, Uncle Clint, the great Jerry verDorn desperately needs a new heart, or he will die!   Daytime Emmy winners, Woods and Smith weigh in on yet more tragedy and turmoil for the Buchanan family.    Here are a few excerpts!

Woods and Smith on Bo and Nora realizing both Matthew and Clint are dying. Hillary: Things get so bad that Bo and Nora actually set aside the murder — their minds just can’t handle that much. Decisions need to be made about Matthew. They’re told he has minimal brain activity just as Clint’s condition is suddenly worse. They’re being jerked around from one tragedy to another. It’s too, too much. Matthew’s getting worse. Clint’s getting worse. All they need now is a tornado to hit Llanview.”  Bob: “And Bo has horrible guilt, feeling responsible for causing Clint’s heart attack. But at the same time, Bo wants him behind bars, paying for what he’s done. Yet here’s Clint barely fighting for his life. It’s pretty complicated stuff.”

Woods and Smith on the story point that when Clint knows he’s terminally ill, that he goes on TV and confesses to killing Eddie Ford and if Bo and Nora think this is their way out for Matthew not to be accused of the crime and to leave well enough alone! Hillary “Oh, Nora goes right there! Of course, she does! Bob: [Laughs] It’s like, “Hey, here’s the solution to our Eddie problem! Wanna go have lunch?
Hillary: [Laughs] “Works for me! I think we’re kinda done here.”

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  1. ethel says:

    i love oltl BUT if matthew has to die to save clint’s life i really thinks that part of this s/l sucks – why can’t it be an unknown accident victims heart given to clint – don’t get me wrong i like clint & he and matthew are core characters, so why does a core character have to die?? i wish they had never brought those damn ford brothers to lanview!!!


  2. Brian Greene says:

    This storyline news hurts me to my very heart & soul!


  3. Brian Greene says:

    This Interview With Bo-Bo & Hillary Will Put Lumps In My Throat. OMG!


  4. susan says:

    well the show is ending so i guess everyone has to start tying up their story lines and they have to start somewhere!im assuming matthew will die and clint will be saved by getting his heart once you hear that a character needs an organ transplant you automatically have to start looking to the cast and who is leaving or being written off and then youll find out who is going to die~!!!!!


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