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19 December 30th, 2011 On-Air On-Soaps names Best Soap Moments of 2011!


As we head towards New Year’s, On-Air On-Soaps looks back at this most tumultuous year in soaps with our annual year-end wrap-up celebrating the Best Moments of 2011.  We  honor those stand out moments and performances that were at the head of the pack.

This year-end review is presented to you with our top 25 photo gallery countdown which pays tribute to the moments and performances that made us cheer, weep, or perhaps, throw things at the TV, and in our opinion, showed soap opera at its best.

Now while we all agree to disagree, or in many cases disagree, from our vantage point in a pretty emotional year in front of the camera and behind the scenes, this is where our critical eye took us.

We hope you enjoy, and of course, welcome your thoughts on the Best Moments of 2011!

NOTE: To view the final eleven moments in the photo gallery, make sure to click on the “Next Group” button to the right of + symbol, or you can sit back and relax and just watch the slideshow presentation of our Best Soap Moments of the past year.

Best Moments of 2011 Photo Gallery Countdown

Courtesy: ABC, CBS and NBC.

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  1. Alexa says:

    There are some interesting choices here from OLTL. I definitely agree with David Canary and Florencia Lozano, but some of the rest? Best? Sure?


  2. tasneem says:

    Oh my Gosh I love this page I’m gonna miss OLTL Michael can u believe it that the show OLTLl ends 2 days after our Birthdays . I hope for my Birthday Blair and Todd Manning end up together with their kids it will be my ultimate birthday wish come true Hope one day I can meet Roger howarth and Kassie and tell him I love him and her on the show


  3. Doe says:

    Michael, I enjoyed your picks for best moments. There are no better stars than Jonathan Jackson and Erica Slezak. You have done another review of the best of the soaps this year. I go along with your selection. But, at the same time while watching the photos, I am very sad that we may not see many of these actors again. Very sad….


  4. Otalia69 says:

    thnx Michael, always great to see Crystal Chappell on the BEST list…this time for Days and Venice, doesn’t get much better! 2012 will most def be another year of more soap triumphs and tragedies…still holding out to see Crystal back on my Daytime screen, primetime would work as well… Happy New Year! ☮♡☺xo♥♀♀✩ツ♫


  5. zachfan01 says:

    The return of Zach Slater should be on this lilst.


  6. Jeffery says:

    OLTL was the best show on this year and will be in 2012 (albeit briefly). Don’t tell that to the Emmys, which typically fails to recognize shows for their consistency throughout the year but rather based on selected episodes (and yes, OLTL often misfires on just what among its embarrassment of riches to pick in thar regard).

    Fascinating but not surprising in the least how Y&R and B&B are conspicuously MIA in the mix.

    How OLTL can get passed over for a WGA nom is beyond me. Even more mind boggling is the insipidly written Y&R’s nod. OLTL’s is the best ensemble writing team of this century – and not just in daytime. But as I think Colleen Zenk said this year, who needs fool’s gold when you already have the real thing in a loyal fan base.


    Joe replied

    I couldn’t agree with you more. ONE LIFE is the soap that SHOULD be showered with Emmy gold… but I’m not holding my breath for their last eligible year. There’s a CBS-loving conspiracy out there. I even WATCHED “Bold & Beautiful” for a time this year when AMC was gone… I don’t get its appeal.


  7. Derrick says:

    No CBS……………………


  8. sweetsherry30 says:

    Michael – with all due to respect I think that Alison Sweeney should have been mentioned in your comment regarding the grief sex scenes delivered by James Scott. That was a team effort, and both actors deserve merit for such stellar performances.


    Tralala replied

    I totally agree with you.
    Days was bad this year except with the Johnny missing story and the ultimate twist and ‘tour de force’ with the Ej/Sami grieving sex scenes and finally the Will coming out story (well if these writers continue with it, otherwise their stories are awfully boring). But yeah Ali Sweeney who is always overlooked was great and powerful in these scenes, it was a team work with James Scott and her scenes before with all her family when she freaked and waited for news of his missing boy were also great and riveting.
    Despite all the backlash abuse she can be subjected this gal is a great actress and finally she deserves an emmy nom, like James Scott deserves it (well he already was nominated TWICE in scenes sharing with her these last years). These actors bring out the best in each others acting wise, it is for Sweeney to be notice.
    Otherwise your choices are quite good Michael, OLTL was the best soap this last year, for sure and the team up Howarth/St John was brilliant.


    sweetsherry30 replied

    Unfortunately I have to agree with you Days had a really bad year, and it was the nov sweeps that really were the highlight of the year in my honest opinion. Ali did such an amazing job on those scenes, and the way she portrayed Sami when Johnny went missing, it was the first time in over a year I actually cried for Sami!! She really moved me, and her scenes with James well what can I say it still leaves me speechless they were just phenomenal. Both actors are worthy of an emmy nom in my opinion.

  9. Jan says:

    JJ always kills a scene….amazing.


  10. Torrey says:

    The reason why you don’t see CBS on the list, is because it was not a good year for them… The only thing that I can think of as a Best is Niki’s return to Genoa City. I’m not a big CBS soap fan, but I will admit, I was happy to see her return…and her battle with alcohol is a blast to watch.


    Patrick replied

    Nicki drunk….. again! She’s y & r… camp classic… her mascara smudged and running down her face… bemoaning again victor this victor that… just take a drink without hesitation… drink for everyone…


  11. Barbara says:

    Very telling that nothing from Y&R made this list. That show really is slumming these days.


  12. kalamaty says:

    Well, this list is pretty unbelievable in their complete omission of CBS; only the two highest rated, most loved and watched shows in daytime in the U.S. and abroad. Y&R also took home the most recent Emmy for Writing in a Drama Series! No offense to anyone, but the omission was glaring and a real WTF moment.


    Charlotte replied

    I quite agree, Michael Muhney is quite awesome and charismatic in his Adam role and right now MTS as a Nikki drunk is golden..and yep stories are quite outrageous but finally make good tv, hey ratings went up these last weeks..


  13. Joe says:

    Again, I completely agree! Especially the top 2 picks… thanks for showcasing the ABC shows. Also, you hit the nail on the head with your analysis of the Daytime Emmys – Laura’s win WAS the only reason to watch. One question, what the heck is “Venice”? That didn’t make sense.


  14. todd says:

    Shane’s suicide attempt on the roof from OLTL should have been much higher. I cried all day after seeing that. Then i watched it again. Farah Fath graduated to the big leagues with that episode. Austin Williams is a real talent. We will see hin in movies soon.


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