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13 December 30th, 2011 On-Air On-Soaps names Worst Soap Moments of 2011!


On-Air On-Soaps couldn’t let the year come to a close without taking a look back at the truly worst year the genre has ever faced and endured!

From horrible storylines, ridiculous individual moments, annoying characters and terrible judgment calls by head writers, producers, networks, and wannabes, our Top 28 choices comprise the many, many missteps of the soap year.  2011 was unique in that for the first time there was to be more dreadful behind-the-scenes drama than on the shows themselves, and believe you me, they are taken into account in our countdown!

So to remind us all of what we endured on screen, and off screen, we present to you our Top 28 image countdown. These moments had us scratching our heads, throwing more things than usual at our TV’s and computer screens, and in our opinion, showed viewers just some bad soap opera.

We hope you enjoy, get mad, and share a laugh, and of course, we welcome your thoughts on if you agree with our picks, or may have some more of your own to add to the mix.

View the Worst Moments of 2011 countdown gallery after the jump!

NOTE: Remember, to view the last thirteen moments in the photo gallery, make sure to click on the “Next Group” button to the right of + symbol, or you can sit back and relax and just watch the slideshow.

Worst Moments of 2011 Photo Gallery Countdown

Courtesy: ABC, CBS and NBC.

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  1. Doe says:

    Michael, what a hoot! You are spot on with the worst happening on soaps this year. Most of these people and storylines have had no purpose, no reason to even be there let alone to even speak. Loved the pictures You are great and entertaining with your pics…


  2. imane assi says:

    So agree:Huge mistake letting go of Nadia Bjiorlin and Crystal Chappell .Both amazing actresses.And Chleo become a prostitue is the worst story ever.So out of character and so unfair to Chloe and Nadia fans


  3. David Larsson says:

    You forgot the moment when Anne Sweeney announced that ABC Daytime would be no more and renamed “Time Square Studios”. That was a big pisser for me.


  4. Name or not says:

    I was kind of hoping this list would be more about terrible storylines rather than soap politics off the set.


  5. Carbo Fan says:

    You named it! Though a lot of Days Storylines were a hot mess. Even though Carly’s drug story started off AMAZING, it ended horrible. Carly started off losing Bo as a reason of her addiction, plus her history with Larry and then turned it into an obsession with Daniel and almost ruined a great friendship with her and Jen. Then to go to Rehab just to leave Salem? Plus Viv goes to Bollywood? REALLY?! It left us all empty and unsatisfied. Plus us fans didn’t even get a proper goodbye with Bo and Carly. Such a slap in the face for us and to return to a couple that is not creating good stories or ratings just shows they are not as popular as Corday “thinks” they are. I’m not sure what the new writers are doing but ratings and view counts are showing they are not doing well. Crystal was THE BEST on Days and ya, they totally wasted Nadia’s talent after seeing her shine on Venice!


  6. adriana8900 says:

    reunite daniel and chloe 2012


  7. imane assi says:

    No thanks…Danloe reached the point of no return with Daniel’s reaction to Chloe’s suicide attempt:He couldn’t care if she lived or died.There is no excuse for that.No matter how angry,hurt ,upset,you are at the person you claim to love more than life itself, when that person is about to die,your true feelings appear.And Daniel’s did: He couldn’t care less if she lived or died.No Danloe ever again.Bring back Chloe,have her reconnect with Brady,rediscover each other and fall in love again slowly,have them go back to their passion,Singing, have a child together,…There is so much to write for this couple.But keep the heartless hypocritiacl jerk ,Daniel away from Chloe.

    Huge mistake letting go an amazing and drop dead gorgeous actress like Nadia Bjorlin


  8. lora says:

    So the worst moment for days was firing Braun, Chappell, and Bjorlin? Doubtful. How about in Taylors case DOOL tried fixing things with Natalia versus miscasting braun which made an awful storyline worse. The issue was never the actress, it was the character and story. Chappell good riddance. Her behavior on twitter with Branco condoning his tirade against Kristian Alphonzo that got him fired was disgraceful. Carlys return was awful anyway. And Chloe, Nadia is a terrible actress but I do like her and agree Higley did her wrong. But Chloe is a character that needed a break. Corday damned if he does or doesnt with the soap press. Sure the DOOL reboot has been flat and disappiointing but I give him credit for trying. How about going after GH for years of show destruction under Guza. If the soap press wasn’t so busy kissing his ass, GH might have been able to have been saved years ago.


    imane assi replied

    Naida is an AMAZING actress and DAYS failwed to use her talents.In 4 years,since her return in 2007,she ahd VERY LITTLE to work with:The HP,PPD,Chloe, losing her baby.These are the only “meaty” material she got in 4 years and BOY did she rock them.She totally delivered just like she’s rocking VENCIE THE SERIES now,since 3 seasons…HUGE mistake letting go such gorgeous and wondeful talent and a fan favorite with 4 huge fanbases(Chloe) from 1999.


  9. Joe says:

    SPOT ON. I just about lost my breakfast having to see that ugly mug (Frons) on the last slide. SO glad he’s been axed; too bad it wasn’t this time LAST year!


  10. Charlotte says:

    Oh Michael you are too nice with Days..ALL the storylines were AWFUL, contrived and boring except few exceptions at the very end of the year (Johnny missing, Ejami sexual encounter/grieving, Will/Marlena new relationship with Will character development..and that is not disgusting Highley..).
    But on top of the awful Days 2011 i would add the RoboRafe horrible story (doppelganger with a dull character like Rafe at the front secour !!!) and the uber boring and cheesy Nicole/Ej/Taylor triangle (JS has no chemistry with any of these actresses, painful to watch..well i did not watch for the most part, what i saw of it was too unbearable already)..It was painful painful painful and sadly i am not sure it will get better, except few exceptions (and good ratings for a second because of these exceptions) the new writers of this soap are bad..their stories are above all boring, vets return is good but not enough if there is no interesting stories, not enough at all and to prove my point the ratings right now are abyssal..


  11. Bart says:

    Nice to see that someone else hated everything I hated about “Y & R” this year – bad casting, incoherent stories and a nearly six-month “whodunit” that left NOT ONE viewer on the edge of their seat – just bored to tears.

    2011 saw the exit of Dena Higley from DAYS – can Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks be next??


  12. Dmitri says:

    That year, 2011, was pretty bad for DOOL. EJaylor was unwatchable, as well as that disgusting EJami grief sex. EJole’s romance was cute, so were Safe and Dannifer. I hated watching the Imposter Rafe storyline as well. Sad to see Chloe and Carly destroyed just for Daniel. Did not like Jack coming back to split up Dannifer, only barely to get any screentime. Hated the whole thing with Melanie stealing Chad from Abby (well, Chelanie were OK), only for Abby to have a crush on Austin. Vivian’s departure was terrible too, but I was glad to see Taylor leave.


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