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5 May 7th, 2013 On An All-New NASHVILLE! Rayna’s Night Of Passion With Deacon And One More Surprise!


On an all-new Nashville on Wednesday night, May 8th at 10PM EST/PST,  Rayna (Connie Britton) and Deacon (Charles Esten) wake up next to each other after their tumble in the hay in more than 14 years! Deacon tells Rayna he wants her all to himself!  Then daughter Maddie phones her mom with some amazing news … Rayna has been nominated for a CMA! Only someone else is too!

TV Line has this exclusive look and clip of a hot and heavy Deacon and Rayna in the afterglow of CMA noms and a night of passion!

In the “what else to look for” department of tomorrow night’s big episode:  Teddy worries about his relationship with Maddie.  Juliette copes with new challenges. Scarlett is concerned about Gunnar, and tensions grow between him and “Will”. 

So are you happy that Deacon and Rayna are finally getting some lovin’ time together? Do you want the duo to end up together?  Who do you want to win the CMA? Juliette or Rayna? Let us know!

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  1. Tams says:

    I LOVE Deyna & can’t wait to see how everything unfolds! I also want more Avery/JJ!


  2. su0000 says:

    thanks for the reminder, I will go to HuLu tonight and watch Nashville, I was too busy at the time that evening to watch..
    Looks good :)


  3. Eileen Hargis says:

    Its what Ive been waiting for! That and Deacon finding out about Maddie. Rayna should win the CMA award, Juliette is still a newcomer. I suspect Avery and Scarlett to reunite and Gunner to explore who and what he wants.


  4. calie says:

    Love Deacon and finally loving Rayna…coming late to the table here because she is best when she is meeting him halfway or closer.


  5. rebecca says:

    First…I LOVE this show! I’m waiting with baited breath to see if it’s renewed; it’s amazing to me how such a quality show with great characters, storylines, music, romance, hot lookin’ peeps…does not have the ratings to guarantee its success. I mean, the soap community alone should be eating this show up! Aaarg….paleeeez be renewed!

    Ahem. I digress…I love Rayna and Deacon..individually and together. I do feel empathy for the woman Deacon was recently dating…she seems great and was really into him…it was obvious he liked her and was happy but as we know his heart belongs to Rayna.

    This was the first night I felt empathy for Teddy. They haven’t really given us an insight into his heart until last night and it’s so obvious how much he loves his (Deacon’s biological) daughter. While I love the fact that Rayna and Deacon have a child, and it’ll be interesting when he finds out, I will feel bad for Teddy. H’es been a father to her all these years and he adores her.

    I love Scarlett and Gunnar too. She’s such a good person and goes into her relationships purely and unselfishly…and Gunnar’s crush on her was strong from the beginning. Hoping they make it…

    Rayna vs. Juliette? Again, I love both characters but if I had to choose I’d be rootin’ for Rayna…

    Everyone chant: renew, renew, renew…


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