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35 December 28th, 2013 On DAYS It’s a New Year’s EJami Showdown! Will EJ Blackmail Sami Into Marrying Him?


Oh, there is no fury like a revved up Sami (Alison Sweeney) and EJ (James Scott) on Days of our Lives!  And, as the New Year begins, it looks like the two are up to their old tricks!  EJ has the evidence to prove that Sami was involved in Nick Fallon’s (Blake Berris) “murder”, what will he do with the proof?  Will he help her cover her tracks?

In this new NBC promo for next week, in true EJ style he tells Sami, “Are you going to marry me, or not?”  And with that, it signifies Sami has a decision to make!

Will she stroll down the aisle one more time in one of her always-disastrous-wedding-attempts and seal the deal with the man she loves?  Or, will she walk out on him?  Or, will EJ change his mind and help Sami anyway, even if she does not agree to say, “I do”?

Watch next week’s promo for Days of our Lives after the jump! Then, let us know what you think Sami should do?  Should she marry EJ? Do you think EJ has once again way over-stepped his boundaries with this attempt at securing Sami as his wife? Weigh-in!

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  1. Mo says:

    Please marry him, Sami! I’ve been waiting for a REAL EJami marriage/relationship for a long time!

    Love EJami ‘bird watching’ on Friday! They are so great together.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    She’s kinda married to him now anyway…she’s proven many times she’s a Dimera…a piece of paper makes no difference here…imho!!!


  3. Angela says:

    Poor EJ just wants to marry his crazy Samantha and he’s at wits end…I can’t wait to see this play out..Thanks Michael!


  4. Paul says:

    EJ loves Sami I think there is more to this than meet the eye he do anything to protect her I think we see him save her in the end.


  5. Michelle says:

    He loves Sami, he’s going to help her… Promos can be deceiving.


  6. Mellie says:

    Marry him Sami


  7. Bo says:

    I’m Scareeed these two are never predictable


  8. vickie says:

    ej will help sami no matter what–just wish she would marry him already


  9. Engrady Pind says:

    EJ and Sami are old hat. They have danced this routine again and again. I’d much rather see Theresa set her cap for EJ and let him experience some of what he dishes out.


  10. Sophie says:

    How I LOVE EJami. Never a dull moment!


  11. Maggie says:

    Can’t wait to see this! And while I don’t think any ‘blackmail’ is involved – those were two separate scenes in the promo – I’m confident Sami and EJ are going to end up married. Hope it’s sooner than later; I’m being tortured too much!


  12. Mary SF says:

    It would be really silly of EJ to blackmail her into marrying him at this stage of the game—they grown past that kind of immaturity in their relationship— I hope at least.
    More than likely EJ is just using this latest situation to prove how much she needs him– and how much they are alike and she should give him a break about covering for his sister, when he is now covering for her too. It all in the family kind of thing.
    If they do get married it won’t happened until Feb.— most of Salem weddings happened or in most cases don’t happen because of some interruption, during sweeps and the next sweeps week is in Feb.


  13. Efanatic says:

    I hope he doesn’t have to resort to blackmailing her to marry him. In what world does a man like EJ have to beg someone to give him a chance? I know Sami loves him but this is getting ridiculous!


  14. Mary says:

    With Sami who knows which way she will lean. She loves EJ but she has never been one to give in to threats and I think that is what EJ will do, try to threaten her into saying yes.


  15. 4everDAYS says:

    It would be great if they never get married. Why ruin a good thing?


  16. Janet Poling says:

    If she marries him he does not have to testify against her WHEN she gets caught. So it may not be black mail but rather protect your butt.


  17. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Isnt Abigail supposed to become attracted to E.J.? i thought it was mentioned somewhere that she falls for someone that’ll take viewers off guard? I originally thought it would be Danial!!!


    Mary SF replied

    I saw that too– and the few scenes they had together seemed to hint at it. It makes a bit of sense because Abigail does have a history with liking older men (Austin) and they recently brought that up on the show. And as for EJ, if Sami keeps him from her bed much longer I think he will be ripe for the picking if Abigail starts showering him with youthful adoration—- yes, I think Abigail falling for EJ is very possible-

    Happy soap watching in the New Year, to you and yours.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    If it happens…and i think it will…i cant wait because it would make one hot storyline…cant wait to see the reactions of both Jen and especially Sami…Days keeps getting better and better…loved seeing Doug and Julie who will always be my favorite super couple…hope Abigail and E.J. become the next Doug and Julie…i miss the entertainment at Dougs Place…with J.J playing the guitar and singing the other day…it would be a wonderful nod to the past if J.J. eventually opens up J.J.s Club with the help of Doug and Julie and once again we are treated to the musical acts i found very entertaining at Dougs Place and later at Blonde’s!!! Happy New Year to you too!!!

    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    What i meant when i said like ‘Doug and Julie’ i mean the way romantic super couples used to be and not just bedmates!

    Patrick replied

    I still can’t get over.. DAYS Christmas Epi! It just knocked my socks off.. and made me emotional all over

    Whew! Cheers to : continued success… onward and upward: NBC/Sony/DOOL

    Happy New Year ALL.

    I think, this is thee opportunity, for Abbi to fly with the big dogs… I too , think their is potential… between EJ and Ms. Abbs – the scenes they’ve shared were natural, cute, suggesting, and scintillating

    and she has the acting chops to pull off something like this.. and this is reel power play… on both their parts….

    IF: EJ gets tired of Sammi – holding it against EEJ for his one hour part in the Father Eric debacle… then so be it… LOL

    he was honest in that regard… EJ had no idea that his sister and Father Eric dalliance would be screened for all the parishioners… Yikes! it still reverberates.. how scintillating those sceneries are HOT!

    isn’t it nice to see Father Eric in tight jeans… so reminds me of the charmed, ultra suave, masculined out William Holden’esque… Marquee HIS ACT… Greg Vaughan is back ON thee show.

    I hope the show does steer that way… Sammi needs another nemesis to co-hort.. her feminine wiles with… it can’t always be Nicole.. and her niece… is able to put out… her scenes with Theresa… prove she’s got the toughness

    it’s all so nice… amazing.. to see the cohesive close nit gelling of quality acting within the whole cast… just contributing Great Stuff!

    I’m LOL.. whew! waiting with baited breath the Jordan’aire esquee feature! who is she really? I buy the kindlling of love is in the air.. with Rafe

    what is on the horizon of Blake Berris Nick! I just hope that DOOL goes the route and features Nick with Theresa or Jordan

    who is nuAiden going to be paired with? Theresa, Jordan, Abbi, Nicole… heck.. make it Kayla.. if Abe’s not available…

    we could go on and on about all the potential in Salem….

    it’s replete with goodness… abound! staggers me!

    bringing back Justin and Adrienne.. to help solidify Sonny with nuWill…. is a treat unto themselves.

    Thank God.. it’s not happy… till Victor and Maggie are one… and bravado a united front… it’s beam with love these two reel

    Kristian Alfanso, is so lovely.. she brings a radiant Hope to the screen… and it was too sad… this time around… to see Bo’ Christmas ornament…

    I hope… the chemistry is there… for the new cast member… Liam… with Jenn… ?

    if not… he can romance Kayla?

    John Black is coming back home… so that means more show with Marlena!

    my big wish list… for DOOL…

    well besides…. Michael Muhney and Trevor St. John… as either Peter Blake and Jack Devereaux… and Ted King… as Bo….

    BUT: Charlotte Ross as EVE! and PLEASE… DOOL… bring back on a regular basis… Shane and Kimberly!

    so… you see? so many possibilities… with the entire cast… and potential.. through the roof!

    Days of OUR Lives… DESERVES: to repeat as BEST Serial… 2 years in a row!



    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I want Jordan to be Stephanos granddaughter…maybe some way off camera Tony and Anna got together and Jordan is their secret child…i also want Aiden be Jordans ex boyfriend or ex husband…Jordan has been running from Aiden using different disguises and names because Aiden was very controlling and abusive but now he finally found her…kinda like the movie ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’…double angst for Rafe…his new girl is the granddaughter of Rafe’s enemy Stephano and he also has to deal with Jordans ex Aiden but i doubt this scenerio will happen! I think Ted King would be the perfect Bo recast and Trevor St. John as Peter Blake…Peter could be behind all the drug dealings in Salem like he was years ago! The actor playing Liam shouldve been cast as Frankie Brady instead…back in Salem where he rekindles his old romance with ex girlfriend Jennifer!!!

  18. AliciaE says:

    There’s a big difference between an ultimatum and blackmail. Even with the evidence in EJ’s hand, it seems a bit dramatic to speculate that he’ll try to blackmail her… I don’t see that happening.


  19. noel says:

    marry him already!!!!!! Ej has been waiting a long…..time for you sami…He’s the only man who will always be in your corner, always wanting to help/take care of you… Merry Him please…..


  20. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Leave EJ Sami! And go back to Lucas where you belong!


  21. Madi says:

    I don’t for one minute EJ will attempt blackmail. When all is said & done Samantha will marry EJ because she loves him! No bribing, threats or blackmail needed


  22. Madi says:

    I don’t for one minute think EJ will attempt blackmail. When all is said & done Samantha will marry EJ because she loves him! No bribing, threats or blackmail needed


  23. annika says:

    I think the promo is a bit of a deception,but Sami will marry EJ regardless of his “threats” and ultimatum because she loves him. Just like EJ loves Sami. Love makes you do the wacky,right?And these two have a powerful,explosive, passionate and all-consuming love. They ache for each other and like EJ said: “”We’re perfect for each other.” He was right when he mentioned that they were the most miserable people when they are apart. So unite EJami!


  24. Leah says:

    EJ is FRUSTRATED…. Heck we all are!
    How much longer do the Days powers to be plan on dragging out this engagement? It has been way too long in most fans opinion. Here is the one man who loves and accepts Sami warts and all. Has given up absolutely everything for her and is again willing to help her with this Nick murder and she’s still being fickle? I could understand her anger etc over the Kristen “secret” but after her part in Nicks murder it is all now rather a moo point.
    EJ wants to put a wedding ring on it, we want him to too…. So let’s move on Days. We want an Ejami wedding and family.


  25. Leah says:

    PS: I really hated the writing and scenes for Ejami and Ejamily over Christmas. For years we have waited for them to be together and in love and this was supposed to be there first Christmas together and what did we get? Still a BIG ZERO! How disappointing. Not together, separated, strained relationship and to top it all off Sydney calling Nicole mummy Nicole… YUK! Who is writing this garbage? I can only shudder to think what Days have install for us with Abigail sniffing around EJ. EJ and Abigail are wrong for all sorts of reasons A) He’s a man of the world and B) She is still a childish, naive little girl. I find it rather creepy.


  26. janet says:

    These two, and the way they write them are the no 1 reason why I will never turn this show back on. I don’t know about the rest of you but, I cannot stand to see Sami back to the idiot she became when they decided she should be with EJ. I don’t care if she marries him, and this is par for the course the way he has blackmailed her before. To me EJ is slime, and Sami is going to get exactly what she deserves. Won’t make any difference to me if they are together or apart. I am not watching this show either way.


  27. Lena says:

    Ultimatum does not mean blackmail. I don’t think EJ will blackmail Sami into marriage. He just wants to know where they stand, and so do I. They obviously love each other, so when will Sami let EJ put his ring on it?


  28. MBmomof3 says:

    I am loving Days right now. I miss Nick and hope his creepy self slithers back to Salem, but this storyline is awesome.


  29. MBmomof3 says:

    I know this doesn’t have to do with ejami, but high Brady is “highly” entertaining. Today’s epi was awesome all around. DOOL is firing on all cylinders. Keep it up!


  30. Dmitri says:

    I hate EJami. They are too forced, overexposed, and always do horrible things to each other. I liked Sami with Rafe and Lucas better, but since there are new women for them, I would rather she be single. I am liking the hot EJabby scenes though! Let them be a couple!


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