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0 May 11th, 2010 “One In A Millon” Daytime Singing Competition aimed for Daytime Slot!

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Producer,  Mark Burnett and Trifecta Entertainment are teaming up to create a new daily daytime show called One In A Million- a reality themed singing competition aimed for fall 2011, announced today in Broadcasting & Cable. Hank Cohen Trifecta’s CEO said, “People have been talking about how soap operas aren’t working as much in daytime. But people always like compelling, dramatic stories. I started thinking, ‘What if you took those stories and wrapped them around a singing competition?’

So what is their concept to execute this daytime show? “Each day, the half-hour strip will pit four contestants against each other in a singing competition. Each day’s winner, which will be decided by three judges, will go on to a Friday competition where a weekly winner will be determined. Each month, the weekly winners will go on to a semifinal competition. One winner from that group will go on to the finals, which will air the last week of the 33-week season. The show’s overall winner, which will be determined on the season’s final Friday, will take home $1 million. Contestants will be culled from local auditions held in cooperation with station affiliates.

“We would hold a three-day event in conjunction with the station, for example, using station’s Websites to market the tryouts and increase attendance,” Cohen explains. “We’ll hear their stories and learn more about them through these profile packages. We’ll learn what this means to them and what their personal story is. That’s what makes this show so suited for daytime. We’re not necessarily looking for the next great recording star. We’re looking for the next great story.”

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