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18 July 14th, 2017 One Life to Live Favorite Eddie Alderson Reveals Health Update: “My Journey Continues – I Started Stronger Chemo A Few Weeks Back”

Photto: EAldersonInstagram

OLTL alum, Eddie Alderson’s (Matthew Buchanan) battle with lymphoma cancer continues.

He notified his followers on social media of his latest update, which features an image of Alderson buzzing his hair off.

He writes: “My journey continues on~ I started stronger chemo a few weeks back, but nothing is getting me down. Chemo may take my hair but it will never take my spirits or positive state of mind.”

On the positive, looks like Eddie is still showing us his athletic prowess adding: “Feeling great, actually shot an 86 today on the golf course today, not too bad. One thing is for certain, there is #NoSurrender in me. Never.”

Fans of One Life to Live who loved the performances of this talented young man during his portrayal of Llanview’s Matthew Buchanan, found outEddie’s diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma back in November 2016. After under going chemo, it was in April of this year that Eddie shared he had finished his chemo, but now it looks like his battle continues on.

The determination and strength of Eddie, and to live every day of your life and make it count, should be an example to us all.  

Let’s send our well-wishes to Eddie as he continues the fight and that soon he will have beaten cancer for good.  Comment below!

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  1. P. McMahon says:

    Keep fighting Eddie. I am praying for you.


  2. Judy says:

    God will give you a mircle if you belive your going to get one I had a brain tumor the worth one you and get I got better so can you just keep the faith


    Celia replied

    Amen, Judy. Good to see you post. Keep the faith…it is the best advice one can give.Bless you.
    Eddie: keep fighting. I wish you all the best God and life has in store for you. I love you—say hi to your sister!!


  3. Lia says:

    God bless him. I’m praying he will beat this.


  4. Llanviewer717 says:

    God bless you Eddie. You are in my prayers everyday. Keep fighting. You are loved by millions.


  5. Bridget S says:

    Eddie I will prayer to Saint Anthony he Saint of a Thousand Miracles


  6. Linda says:

    I remember Eddie in OLTL, Changeling and Reservation Road. Such a terrible disease to suffer from. I hope he gets better.


  7. Crystal says:

    Keep up that wonderful spirit and attitude, Eddie! I always loved you and Kristen on OLTL. Prayers for a complete recovery soon.


  8. Rodd says:

    Keep up the positivity, Eddie! Good luck!


  9. Sherry says:

    Dear Eddie,
    My thoughts & prayers are with you. Stay positive and continue fighting this awful disease. Thank you for keeping us updated on your health. Sending you love and good wishes


  10. elm1951 says:

    praying for a complete recovery for you eddie!!


  11. Boop says:

    Dear Lord, keep Eddie in your healing arms and hands ; use the figs that you used to heal Hezekiah ; dear Jesus, use the spit that you used to heal the blind man or Dear Savior – look and breathe on Eddie’s sickness or speak to it so that by your strips , he will be healed!


  12. Joel says:

    Eddie’s strength, positivity, and courage is something to be admired. With all the prayers and support surrounding him, I have no doubt he will beat this!


  13. Tomas Torquemada says:

    Eff cancer. Fifteen year survivor. Nothing steadied me more than my family.

    Eddie has a great family, a great spirit and a fighting chance. Thoughts, prayers and best wishes for a complete recovery.


  14. Dave says:

    You’re time is not over. You’re story is not over. Keep fighting and kick some cancer ass. You are strong, healthy and steadfast.

    We are all praying and rooting for you. I look forward to the day you announce to the world that you decimated this evil and come out victorious. You can do it!!!!

    Much love and healing power your way!!!!!

    Dave Sartin


  15. Lisa Z says:

    Sending prayers for your recovery. Get through the tough treatments, and then you will be stronger and hopefully, cancer free. You seem like such a nice young man with a bright future ahead of you once you are done with this difficult part of your life.


  16. blake says:

    Thanks for the update, prayers to Eddie!


  17. Karla Olson says:

    Stay strong Eddie — all of us OLTL fans are sending positive thoughts, prayers & hugs to y0u


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