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7 May 6th, 2013 One Life to Live’s Premiere Week Dance Moves – From Shelter To The Opening Sequence!


Last week One Life to Live certainly busta moves when the reboot of the series on Hulu and iTunes took to the dance floor in their brand new opening title sequence and the opening of their new nightspot, Club Shelter, which was an important key to all the drama shaking in Llanview in week one!

Now in a humorous to some, and in a very sarcastic look to others, BuzzFeed (who knows nothing about the series, remember this fact, and titled Bo and Nora’s dance wrong originally as Clint and Viki) put together the list of 20 what they deem “awkward” dance moves from week one of One Life!

From David Vickers entering Shelter which was they dubbed, “Which Way To The Beach From Here” move, to “The Spin ” move of Cutter and Natalie in the opening, to the “Scene Check” move when Matthew Buchanan arrives on the scene at Shelter, many moves were called out and one of them left us speechless!

Take a look at their entire list of moves and let us know  … did it offend you?  Was it funny to you? Weigh-in, so soaps get a fair, as they say, “shake”!

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  1. Chaz says:

    That last one was pretty questionable.


  2. Robert in Jersey City says:

    OMG. The OD on Oxycotin was fabulous. Did anyone notice she was drinking leftover drinks? Trash.


  3. Barb Coleman says:

    Nothing they do on OLTL offends me! Loved David Vickers! and would have expected nothing less! LOL!! Lets face it, Natalie and Cutter connected and definitely appeared to have chemistry!!! Bo and Nora/Viki and Clint loved them and they can do no wrong!!! All and all very pleased and I am sure dancing must be uncomfortable for all of them and I give them all a thumbs up! Great job! Congratulations for hitting the top list on Hulu and ITunes last week – let’s do it again! Welcome Back!!! :)


    Llanviewer717 replied

    Agree 100%. I am so thrilled to have all these wonderful actors and their fascinating character back with us. I have missed them so very much. A million thanks to everyone for making it happen. I love Llanview!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Rachel says:

    I thought it was hilarious… it’s fun.


  5. Debra Bardani says:

    They have A LOT to dance about!!! I have been so happy ( doin a little dance myself) Keep up the good/great work OLTL/PP


  6. kelly says:

    I thought the list was hysterical and I think it was all simply in good fun. Like all those hidden gems of the week blogs. They do it for dancing with the stars too, and lets face it, a lot of the dancing on that show is damn near top notch. It’s not to say it was bad it’s just a post making light and poking fun at the dancing.

    I thought myself that some of the dancing was weird and off, but what did I take from that bizzare dance scene with Cutter/Natalie, I got that they have SMOKING HOT chemistry and that I now want to see them together (which is VERY weird for me), not that they were awkward. It’s just all fun and hey the more attention OLTL gets, the better.


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