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45 January 17th, 2012 One Life to Live’s replacement; “The Revolution” has a very sluggish start!


Nothing can replace One Life to Live, and the show slapped in its timeslot as its replacement by ABC, the lifestyle/makeover show, The Revolution, got off to disastrous start this week with the viewers and the ratings!

According to,  “In  weighted results for the 56 metered markets on January 16, new talker The Revolution, hosted by Ty Pennington, Tim Gunn, Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry, Dr. Jennifer Ashton and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, opened with a sluggish 1.9 rating/5 share.  Comparably, that declined from the lead-in, The Chew’s average (2.4/ 6) by 21 percent in rating, and year-ago time period occupant One Live to Live (2.3/ 6) by 17 percent.”

While it’s no consolation for One Life fans, hopefully in short order, ABC will realize that their key demo, women, do not all just want to sit in front of the television and watch yet another “manipulated-reality program” and are craving scripted programming that is an escape, and also must-see appointment television which The Revolution, and shows of this ilk, truly fail to be!

So, has anyone checked out The Revolution? If so, what are your thoughts?  And, do you think if there is enough viewer backlash ABC will ever come to realize they made a huge mistake? Or, since the bottom line is dollars to produce vs. audience and advertising return, do you think the network would just replace with another reality/lifestyle show? Let us know.

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  1. Rob says:



    lew replied

    Yeah buddy!!!


  2. Vanessa says:

    I didn’t watch it, I spent the hour reading a Nicholas Sparks romance novel. My mother did watch and she said that she liked it. Of course then she went on and said that she could fast forward through most of it and only watch the segment she wanted to see. My guess is that if ABC cancelled it down the road, they’d just put on another talk / reality show in it’s place. They seem more interested in making something cheap and easy than making quality “Must see” television that will bring viewers in day after day for decades.


  3. Darlene January says:

    will never watch “The Choo” nor “The Battle” …


  4. Eileen Hargis says:

    ABC will not go back. They will replace the Revolution with more of the same tripe as saving dollars,is ALL that matters to them. All we can do is to continue NOT to eatch. Losing viewers is the only thing they pay attention to!


  5. Cheryl says:

    ABC sucks and I will never watch another show on this Network outside of GH. The only way for ABC to rectify this is to bring our soaps back! We don’t need another talk show or food show!


    Susan replied

    Ditto!! The food shows should be on the food channel, the talk shows on the news channels, etc. No ABC at our house. TiVo GH and fast forward through commercials regarding their lame programming. If I could only get my DH to let me sell our Disney stock and DVC timeshare, I would institute a full scale ban. Of course, they would have to own ESPN . . . . I can’t get away from that one. Move OLTL to California if it’s cheaper there. Do what ever you have to, but BRING IT BACK!


  6. Outlandt says:

    Well, if those people watching claim to be ABC-SoapFans, they lied. I for one think that time will tell who truly wants our shows back or those who eventually swing with the tide. It is way too early to make a prognosis at the moment… let us see what happens with pioneering into the genre of the supersoaps, if they work and who else is watching abc (nbc/Fox/CW/cbs). Time will tell…………………… thanks again!


  7. Dan says:

    Good, I hope it bombs. That will give GH a timeslot in September when Katie Couric’s show debuts.


  8. Ginger says:

    I don’t watch either show in the former AMC or OLTL timeslots, in fact i turn the tv off altogether. I think they’ll replace the new show with a talkshow if the ratings tank (they did get Katie Couric, i don’t think they got her to do one special a year, they got her for a reason). They will never go back and they will never admit that they made a collosal mistake in cancelling two long standing and wonderful shows.


  9. Torrey says:

    I channel surfed, and eventually landed on Days of Our Lives….that will be my new show to watch. I will not watch ABC Daytime, except for GH. The Chew & The Revolution don’t play in my house!!! I urge the fans of OLTL to keep it up and not watch this program. The only thing networks will pay attention to is ratings…so, if the numbers are in the toilet for this new show, it will not last long. Although, I don’t think they will bring the soaps back. That would be like admitting that they were wrong and made a mistake…and I think there’s too much pride involved for that to happen. But you never know… Sometimes when networks do things like this, they have to learn the hard lessons that come along with those decisions. I don’t think The Revolution will ever do great in the ratings. It’s just another lame talk show, with people giving ideas. Thank you Michael for keeping us informed.


  10. Brian says:

    Let it sink below any depth known to mankind !


  11. Jessica says:

    I have to say HA HA abc. I did not watch the show . I also don’t watch The Chew. I like realty shows but come on abc. I am almost done with watching ABC. They have canceled most of my favorite shows. Only America’s funnest videos , 20/20 and GH are the shows I watch on that channel now. Once their gone I’m gone.


  12. Tamara says:

    I am soo happy that show is not doing well!! I hope all ABC shows will b dipping in the ratings I for one will not watch anything on ABC except for General Hospital which I have watched for the past 30 plus years!!


  13. RMF says:

    Those numbers are particularly bad since it was a holiday and lots of extra people were home to watch….


  14. Cheryl D. says:

    I will not be watching it or the not to be mentioned 1pm show. As far as I’m concerned ABC doesn’t exsist to me from 1-3 pm. I watched AMC & OLTL since 1972, not every show but pretty regularly, taped on VCR & then DVR. Would watch DOOL & tape the others to watch after work. Now just watch DOOL & GH. ABC will never bring the shows back, nor PP as we know them, actors & crew have moved to other jobs & moved cross country.

    All we as fans can do to save the soaps that are left it to watch them. I’ve never watched B&B or Y&R but yesterday I watched B&B & may try Y&R too. Give them a chance, try them out for a bit. Also going to DVR OLTL Classic on Soapnet while it’s still on the air.


  15. carolyn says:

    I refuse to turn on abc until gh! I have no desire to see anything that replaced the soaps. I feel kinda lost not being able to see my favorite Llanview citizens everyday. I would rather watch ANYTHING else except ABC. I keep hoping those who made this horrible decision will see the light, but I don’t think it will happen. I will keep fighting so we don’t see another historic soap bite the dust.


    melanie replied

    I feel lost too!! I have blocked ABC from my tv. I hope these new shows bomb.


  16. Blake says:

    Yes, karma!!! I hope both shows (and anything else that that replaces a soap) fails miserably.


  17. JOAN says:



  18. olhussy says:

    Well I think that NBC and CBS will never hire that idiot Brian Frons. I guess ABC now knows that WE the PEOPLE don’t want more talk and reality shows…. who wants to watch four or five women talking about somebody grabbing their boobs, we had our fantasy, everyday in our soaps. We could get out of our own lives for just a little while and into the lives of our favorite families whom we have grown with through the years. Brian Frons and ABC have taken that piece of life away from us. I don’t know about others but you hurt my family and I am done with you. The only way I will ever watch ABC again if for them to bring back my families… I do watch ABC from 2pm to 3pm but then it ceases to exist… I won’t watch any talk show, its stupid bullshit, don’t need the cooking shows, America is overweight so they say, besides I have cookbooks and I don’t like watching big OL Monkeys on the talks and you can’t understand what they say so GoodBye ABC and Disney….


  19. Deb R. says:

    No desire to watch this ANCE messed up big time


  20. Karen says:

    ABC is only allowed on in my home from 2-3 pm CST for GH. That is all. The rest of ABC and Disney related channels are parental control blocked and locked so while I am at work, full time, after graduating from college, and out enjoying my life (which ABC says I am none of the above and must watch this vomit and Spew to improve meyself) no one else in my home watches either. ABC Disney can suck it. Don’t dictate to me what I need to watch. What rock is Frons hiding under since the ratings make it apparant that he was dead wrong again.


    Jenna replied

    I’m the same way, Karen. ABC is ONLY on for GH and that is it. I fell out of favor with Desperate Housewives years ago and do not care for anything else.

    IF their primetime shows are worth watching, they will be on DVD someday. Can’t really say that about our soaps as there is just too much red tape with them.

    As far as taking away Soapnet in favor of Disney Jr., my boys don’t even care for Disney. We watch Nik and CN for that programming. If I want cooking shows, I go to Food Network.


  21. Nikki says:

    Awesome! Though ABC will never learn from their horrendous mistakes, its nice to know that they aren’t getting praised for it either!


  22. Tyriana says:

    Have turned to B & B and Y & R and then DVR GH to watch later.
    Some of the AMC cast are now on Y & R, so hopefully they will get smart and hire some OLTL cast also to get viewership.


  23. Lauren says:

    Unfortunately, these shows do not need better ratings to be more profitable, thats the problem…


  24. Jenna says:

    We only now watch ABC during the day when GH comes on. PERIOD. The minute it is over, we change the channel.


  25. Jenna says:

    BTW, the Chicago SunTimes gave the Revulsion an absolutely scathing review. I doubt the show will last long.


  26. christina matteson says:

    I grew up watching these Soaps with my mother. I was four-years old and AMC, OLTL, and GH were only on for 15 minutes. How happy we were when they went to 1/2 hour than 45 minutes and than 1 hour! So, no I won’t check out the Chew, or Revolution. The ONLY time ABC is permitted to be viewed in my home is when GH is on and I’ve also boycotted Disney and you would be surprised what a wonderful world it is and how many other channels are very interesting.


  27. david says:

    A sluggish start? No, the 1.9 rating/5 share is not significantly different than OLTL’s 2.0/6 for the week of January 2-6, 2012. So ABC was right that it could cancel OLTL and get the same number of viewers with lower production costs. The Chew already has better ratings than AMC. Will it be very long before the same is true for The Revolution? Probably not.

    It’s pathetic and depressing that ABC can count on enough people content to watch garbage. Thank you, lowest-common-denominator-bottom-feeders for mindlessly watching anything to generate revenue for ABC. ABC can always count on you having no taste and no willpower.


    Jenna replied

    “It’s pathetic and depressing that ABC can count on enough people content to watch garbage. Thank you, lowest-common-denominator-bottom-feeders for mindlessly watching anything to generate revenue for ABC. ABC can always count on you having no taste and no willpower.”

    Oh, I know! They are probably the same people that just love Jersey Shore and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

    I still like Survivor and The Amazing Race (are they reality or game shows?!) , but I would give them up in a heartbeat, if we could get our soaps back and keep the ones that are still here.

    I think the problem started with reality shows and YouTube and the like. It gives those with no-talent instant celebrity. The majority of our society has become fat and lazy and does not have the time for quality, scripted programming anymore.


    jane replied

    DITTO !!

  28. Robert in Jersey City says:

    I watched the last 5 mins on Monday. I love me some Tim “Jackie Kennedy did not have camel toe” Gunn….Ty Pennington’s whole thing was so fake….I also couldn’t believe that there was truly an hour of daytime where there was no soap. It’s the very first time in my whole life there’s no soap from 2-3 in NYC. It was an odd feeling. Oh well. Time for a DVR and a dive into Bold and Beautiful.


  29. WishILivedInLlanview says:

    I did not tune in and don’t plan on it. I’ve seen bits of The Chew and can’t stand more than a few seconds of it. IT IS SO DUMB. Not entertaining at all! Annoying hosts! No comparison to the entertainment of a soap opera.

    It’s good to see the ratings for these new replacements aren’t so hot, but unfortunately, it sounds like they weren’t all that much better when the soaps were on (I think a big reason for that is DVR/watching online, which is what I did). So I don’t think ABC execs will ever put the soaps back on the air, because it’s all about the Benjamins.

    I just wish someone would try to pick OLTL up again! Or maybe turn it into a book series. Something! I think I’m having withdrawal! :(


  30. Jenna says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that if The Revolution fails, ABC will go after Guy Fieri as he is the newest IT guy. He has like a zillion shows on Food Network and then NBC gave him that stupid game show, Minute to Win It where contestants can scoot around the stage on their butts like a dog with worms to win cash! Yuck!

    Well if ABC thinks that I do not want entertainment (i.e., soaps) and they do cancel GH in the near future, I guess I will NEVER watch ABC again. I will go and watch My13 and watch reruns of I Love Lucy and Bewitched after Y&R (for as long as Sony and CBS keep it on).


  31. Jane says:

    It is about greed…..and what we have here is a show that the executives created that is trying to cover all that is already out there. Their “Revolution” is trying to give us 4 shows in 1. Nothing new about this show to hold viewers attention. It is just a copycat of what has been done….only it is in a greedy format.
    As I said in one of my other post…
    To watch these individuals through their 5 month
    rebirth journey is nothing more than induced labor for the viewer.


  32. david says:

    Why has no journalist questioned the credentials of Tiffanie Davis Henry, Ed.D? She has a doctorate in human sexuality education from Widener University (Chester, PA) in 2009. She wasn’t trained as a clinician. The Psychology Today website misrepresents her as having a PhD, but she is not a clinical psychologist. Her Georgia state license as a professional counselor (LPC) was obtained in 2004 after the examination was waived. She is not licensed to practice anything outside the state of Georgia.


  33. toscanti says:

    Im supporting NBC DOOL’s and CBS’s Y&R and B&B, networks that continue to support soaps. I will never watch any show on ABC daytime except GH. When I’m done I’m done.


  34. Susan Manning says:

    Bring our Soaps Back


  35. lisa says:

    I hope the new show dies a quick and painful death.
    And the spew follows it….. teach the Network a lesson….
    just because something is cheap to produce doesn’t mean it’s going to be better.


  36. aaron calvin says:

    I refuse to watch The Chew or The Revolution. When OLTl ended friday, I deleted ABC from my tv. I am boycotting everything they are affiliated with. Ive read other people are doing the same. I hope everyone sticks to it!!!!


  37. melanie says:

    ABC is banned from my household. There are way to many talk/reality/food shows on already. ABC is selfish & doesnt care about the viewers, so i refuse to support them. I hope both these new shows bomb!!!!!


  38. Heather says:

    Although OLTL was by far my favorite soap on ABC, it is now a thing of the past. But GH isn’t and it’s not too late to save it. It’s time for OLTL and GH fans to put their differences aside and to join forces to save General Hospital.

    I’m calling out all OLTL fans, GH fans as well as Y&R/B&B/DAYS fans to boycott The Revolution like the plague and to support General Hospital by watching it live on ABC as much as possible (if possible, avoid the DVD or online thing). I know that General Hospital isn’t exactly the best soap right now, but it needs our help and it’s time to save it and prevent this cancellation poison that has completely wiped out the NY soaps from infiltrating itself on the LA soaps.

    Because if General Hospital gets canceled, you can be sure that these anti-soap executives won’t stop it there and will go after the three remaining soaps until they have succeeded in fully killing a genre that has existed since 1933.

    So let us, ALL soap opera fans, join force to save General Hospital and
    show these bigwig network executives that soap operas are still a viable business in 2012.


  39. gloeevalens says:

    I have been DVRing Y&R & DOOL since the AMC went off the air,,,it’s not the same as AMC & OLTL but it helps fill the void a little..but one thing I will never do is watch the Revoluton or the Chew…don’t need anyone else telling me what to do… I get enuff of that in the workplace…my soaps were for escape from a world where everyone has to be like everyone else…i adopted a saying “I was born an original, I won’t die a copy” take that REVOLUTION & THE CHEW!!!! still watch GH but other than that ABC is banned from my TV now..hope both those shows die a quick death…nothing personal but ABC taking my shows off was personal..part of my own personal guilty pleasures..& escape.. a lot worse ways people choose to escape…..than soaps..


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