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0 October 15th, 2012 OSCAR Buzz: Will James Franco Get A Nomination For His Scene-Stealing Performance in Spring Breakers?


James Franco, who this year has appeared on the Nick at Nite soap, Hollywood Heights, and is said to be involved in an upcoming project with departed General Hospital star, Steve Burton and Y&R’s executive producer, Jill Farren Phelps, is garnering Oscar buzz again for the upcoming award season in the Supporting Actor category!

According to Huffington Post,  “Franco’s performance in the film Spring Breakers may get a push and an end of the year qualifying run for the film and Franco for the 85th Annual Academy Awards.  Spring Breakers debuted at the Venice and Toronto International Film Festivals.  The consensus among critics was that the film is bonkers, with special praise being bestowed upon Franco for his over-the-top performance as a cornrows-wearing drug dealer named Alien.” says of Franco’s performance in Spring Breakers and why it is a stand-out:  “His character, Alien, is a runaway hit, and a surprising centerpiece of Korine’s as-usual saga of sex among teens–this time on spring break in Florida. Alien turns out to be some of Franco’s best work, and certainly one of the top 5 supporting performances by an actor this season. At first when you see Franco with his cornrows, tattoos, and grillwork, you think he’s playing some run of the mill cheeseball drug dealing pimp. Then you realize that it’s a real character Franco has created, and Alien becomes quite the layered persona.”

So would you like to see James be in the running for Oscar 85?  Let us know!

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