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20 September 27th, 2011 OY! The Chew’s debut bests All My Children numbers in the ratings!

ABC Daytime’s new lifestyle program The Chew, which replaced the canceled All My Children debut on Monday to solid numbers!

According to, “The food-themed series drew 2.5 million viewers for its premiere and 590,000 women 18-49. That was higher than last year’s series premiere of CBS’ The Talk (2.2 million viewers, 568,000 women 18-49), which also replaced a long-running soap. (The Chew did better than The Talk debut in the other women demos too.) Additionally, The Chew matched AMC‘s most recent available weekly audience (for September 12-16) and beat the departing soap in women 18-49 (590,000 vs. 532,000). It exceeded AMC‘s 2010-11 season averages in total viewers (2.5 million vs. 2.4 million) and women 18-49 (590,000/0.9 rating vs. 541,000/0.8 rating).

At a fraction of the cost of a daytime drama, if The Chew doesn’t drop dramatically, it should improve ABC’s bottom line significantly. Ironically, the level of interest in The Chew may have surpassed ABC’s own expectations — I hear the show’s website crashed yesterday because it couldn’t handle the incoming traffic. Or it was die-hard AMC fans sabotaging their show’s replacement!”

OK soapers, so either its a case of curiousity that made every one tune-in and the show won’t sustain itself over the next several months, or we are all in big trouble and the four soap remaining will be in danger also if they don’t construct more innovative ways to bring back the audience and increase eyeballs, since a show like this that cost 40% less than a soap opera is far more appealing to a network’s bottom line dollar business plans.

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  1. Angela says:

    I think people and disgruntled AMC fans were curious to see what was replacing AMC. I don’t think the ratings will remain high like the debut. I tuned in for 15 minutes and found the show to be unorganized and all over the place (people talking over each other).. Guess one never knows.. But I give it 8 months the most. Since ABC spent a fortune on advertising.


    Josie replied

    I watched Chew for 5 minutes. Ugh – who needs to watch all that silliness that goes on? I avoid watching any programs on ABC since they dumped All My Children.


  2. Torrey says:

    I personally think that it was just a curious nature of people wanting to see what the show was about….being that ABC has all but forced the show down everyone’s throats. I have never seen a show so heavily advertised, in my life. They really want people to tune in. I have not watched one second of The Chew, nor do I intend to. I wait until exactly 1pm Central Standard Time to turn my tv to ABC…..I don’t even want to see the end credits of The Chew. I think, as the days go by, interest will be lost, and hopefully the show will go away. And lets not forget, AMC & OLTL pull in about 2.5 million viewers on a daily basis…this was a premiere episode of a new show. Aren’t the numbers always good at first? I know it’s not right to wish bad things upon people, but I really do hope that this show gets exactly what it deserves…..a pink slip.


  3. DavidsMuse says:

    How do we know that awful replacement show’s ratings didn’t also benefit from AMC finale day-behind viewers on Monday, in some large markets such as Dallas/Fort Worth?


  4. Julie says:

    It won’t last. Did you ever hear a soap star call people morons and turds? I doubt it. The hosts of The Chew have no problem doing that. I wish them a quick but very painful trip to unemployment.


  5. JustSaying says:

    I admit. I watched it. Nothing to cheer about.

    You could just watch the Food network and not worry about missing anything.


  6. kim says:

    You have to be kidding. I saw the last three minutes before OLTL and it stunk so badly.


  7. Marsha says:

    Usually when shows debut, their opening episode scores decently. I’m not shocked this _____(fill in the blank) got ratings. However, I would not be surprised if over the next few weeks we find out what people really think.

    Can’t pay me to watch that drivel


  8. brothasoap says:

    When I read the title of this article, I felt a little sad. But when I read this review, I felt significantly better – “Chew Reviews Are In — and They’ll Be Tough for ABC to Swallow” @


  9. tvcat1 says:

    I hope it’s just curiosity. You couldn’t turn on an ABC show without bumping into a Chew add. Keep us posted on next week, see if it drops.


  10. ethel says:

    i feel that the rating were high & will be high until the newness of the show wears off – after viewers see that the chew is basically about nothing then the rating will definitely plummet down to nothing………..


  11. Iakovos says:

    Although THE CHEW seems to me to be very derivative, I am not suprrised for the healthy premiere episode. There are some watchable personalities involved, notable Michael Symon. But I do not see this series sustaining high ratings for the long run, or lasting years. I will not watch as I believe what they offer has been done before and better… and there is a matter of pride. I want daytime drama back on network television,and I want ALL MY CHILDREN to be part of that.


  12. Rob says:

    I saw a small part of it and think it may be the worst thing I have ever seen on television, the hosts are annoying and uninteresting….I do think the only reason it scored high is curiosity.


  13. Susan says:

    I have never watched the Chew, nor do plan to. In my neck of the woods, The Chew is on opposite Y&R. Daytime soaps beat any Talk/Lifestyle show in my book. I don’t want to be told what to do. Watching soaps helps me escape my problems for a couple of hours at least.


  14. susan perkins says:

    i wouldn’t watch that show, if it was the last show on television.


  15. Vickie says:

    I’ve found other ways to waste the noon hour. Won’t watch the chew now or later.


  16. Presschick says:

    Tomorrow is Thursday… give us the ratings then. If there’s a drop, and we bet there will be, then many of theories above could be true — which I hope.


  17. Judy says:

    I found the promos to be annoying. One of the hosts in the promo is soooo hyper and their tips are lame. I have no desire to watch. Gordon Elliot needs to stick to his Food Network shows.


  18. FP says:

    DOOL also did good numbers on Monday opposite “Ah Choo”, or whatever that trainwreck is called. According to Daytime Confidential, “Days” scored a 1.9 household rating and a 1.0 female 18-49 demo. Let ABC stick that in their pot and cook it.


  19. Sandi Taylor says:

    I believe that some of the ratings were due to curiosity, others do to research being done to find out who is sponsoring the show (so we know who to boycott) while other viewership may in fact have been from people who STILL DO NOT KNOW that AMC has been canceled so they tuned in to watch AMC and instead found The Spew and watched for 15 minutes (which I believe is all that is required to be counted in the ratings) and then clicked to another network but unfortunately were still counted… Folks in nursing homes, convalescent hospitals etc., OR places that have the TV on a certain network don’t change it because programming has changed unless requested. I think there are MANY reasons they got any ratings at all and NONE of them is because it is a show worth watching OR worth replacing AMC with!


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