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February 18, 2014 General Hospital’s Kin Shriner and Robin Mattson Talk Franco, Old Times & The Future of Scott and Heather!


February 17, 2014 VIDEO: The Best Moments Of 13,000 Episodes Of General Hospital! What Do You Think Was The Best?


February 17, 2014 WATCH: B&B’s Heather Tom and Y&R’s David Tom Discuss Their Modeling Days, Current Soap Storylines & Those Emmys On THE TALK!


February 17, 2014 Downton Abbey: Which Suitor Do You Think Is Best For Lady Mary … Charles or Lord Gillingham? Did Bates Kill Greene?


February 17, 2014 This Week On DAYS: EJami Reconcile and Have Sex! Now What Happens To EJabby?


February 17, 2014 General Hospital Preview: Patrick Has A Showdown With Victor For Making Robin Choose Between Her Family and Jason!


February 17, 2014 Today on THE TALK: The Brother/Sister Duo Of Y&R’s David Tom and B&B’s Heather Tom!


February 16, 2014 Josh Henderson, Julie Gonzalo, and Emma Bell Talk DALLAS Love Triangle – Watch The Promo!


February 14, 2014 Listen To The Broadcast: Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman and Special Guests: GH’s Michael Easton, Y&R’s David Tom & DAYS Guy Wilson!


February 14, 2014 Soap Stars Sing! GH’s Anthony Geary & Kristen Alderson, AMC’s Irizarry, Riegel & Eakes and Ex-B&B’s Ronn Moss Performing Live!


February 14, 2014 Downton Abbey Adds Three New Casting Additions For Its Fifth Season!


February 14, 2014 Y&R Story Bombshell: Camryn Grimes Reveals The Shocking Secret Of Ghost Cassie!