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July 23, 2013 Jack Wagner Relates His Disappointment On General Hospital 50 Comeback As Frisco!


July 23, 2013 YOU Can Win A Speaking Role in Kimberly McCullough’s New Film Creve Couer, MO! Disney’s Bella Thorne Cast In Lead Role!


July 22, 2013 THIS WEEK ON GH: Felix Demands to Know, “Is Britt’s Baby Patrick’s Or Not?”


July 22, 2013 Adonis 2013 Competition! Who Gets Your Vote? DAYS Scott, Martsolf, Massey, Vaughan? Y&R’s Dapper? OLTL’s Gorrie, Or AMC’s Wilson?


July 22, 2013 Billy Magnussen’s World Turns! Set to Replace Jake Gyllenhaal In Film Adaptation Of Into The Woods!


July 22, 2013 THIS WEEK On Y&R: Sharon Says, “I Only Wanted To Stop Phyllis From Shooting Her Mouth Off About Nick’s Paternity Test! I Didn’t Mean For Her To Fall!”


July 22, 2013 Peter Reckell Addresses Rumors: He Is NOT Returning to DAYS, and NOT Going to GH!


July 22, 2013 Tuesday: DAYS Alison Sweeney To Appear on KATIE! Meanwhile Sami Is Under Arrest!


July 21, 2013 TRUE BLOOD at Comic-Con Reveals Spoilers, Season Finale Streamline & Preview of Upcoming Episodes!


July 20, 2013 Franco Has A Brain Tumor On GH! Will It Absolve Him Of All Of His Past Crimes?


July 19, 2013 OLTL’s Jerry verDorn Previews Clint’s Big Story! TOLN Soaps Live with Michael Fairman LlanviewPalooza – Listen To the Broadcast!


July 19, 2013 RATINGS: Y&R Has Solid Week with Gains! GH Rebounds Gains Viewers Too!