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9 June 27th, 2010 Park, West, and B&B big winners tonight at Daytime Emmys!

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As the World Turns stars, Michael Park and Maura West who have played star-crossed lovers, Jack and Carly for more than a decade were named the Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress, respectively for a Drama Series in the emotional highpoint of the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards tonight in Las Vegas,  For Park, he had waited over twelve years before finally winning his first ever Emmy!  West had won once before.

The Bold and the Beautiful on the strength of their submission of the Dying with Dignity episodes featuring Betty White gave head writer and B&B exec prod,, Brad Bell, his first Emmy for Writing and his second Emmy in a row for Outstanding Drama Series.  General Hospital took home the prize for Outstanding Direction of a Drama Series for their amazing carnival episode.

Julie Pinson took home the Supporting Actress prize for her role as Janer Ciccione on As the World Turns, and Y&R’sBilly Miller’s tour de force performance as Billy Abbott in the New Year’s Eve episode got him the Supporting Actor win.  GH’s Julie Berman (Lulu) took home her second piece of gold in the Younger Actress category and B&B’s Drew Tyler Bell  (Tomas) was the night’s most unexpected winner in the Younger Actor category.

Here is the complete list of daytime drama winners tonight:

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Outstanding Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Lead Actor

Michael Park, As the World Turns

Outstanding Lead Actress

Maura West, As the World Turns

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Julie Pinson, As the World Turns

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Younger Actress

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Julie Berman General Hospital

Outstanding Younger Actor

Drew Tyler Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series

The Bold and the Beautiful

Outstanding Direction for a Drama Series

General Hospital

Make sure to come back all next week for On-Air On-Soaps video interview coverage from the red carpet, and the press room, plus,  a complete wrap-up and fashion review!

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  1. Paul8148 says:

    Poor Days and OLTL. Really Scott Clifton lost to Bell? Did they even watch the reels?

    That is ok Days has Alice’s Funeral and OLTL has Bo and Nore Wedding/Matthews Getting his heart broken, so they will come back next year.


  2. AMANDA says:

    Congraulations to Billy Miller! A great actor, who portrays his character so well on Young and Restless. Billy is one of the main reasons why I watch this soap opera.

    Congraulations to Mara West! A beautiful, talented actress on As The World Turns. Her little girl is adorable! Mara will be truly missed with the cancelation of this soap opera.


  3. Karen says:

    I’m so glad Michael Park won for Best Actor, he’s been one of the best on this show since he first came on.
    I’m also glad Maura West won for Best Actress, i love her as Carly & will miss both her & Michael’s portrayal of Jack & Carly.


  4. Geoffrey-Martin Cyr says:

    Please. Someone beseech the ATAS/NATAS to stop airing the Daytime Emmy Awards telecast until they can remember why they began airing it in the first place. Rather than celebrating the best in daytime programming and honoring those that work tirelessly as the unsung heroes of entertainment, this increasingly moronic telecast continues to frustrate and disappoint the loyal audience that follows daytime, and the continued erosion of telecast viewership bears me out.

    This weekend’s telecast seemed nothing more than an infomercial of where to go when in Las Vegas . Where were clips of the actors’ work leading into the nominations and and presentation of the awards? Where was the traditional “In Memorium” spot honoring those we lost this year? Do you mean to tell me the Academy could not find time to honor three stellar individuals: James Mitchell (ex-Palmer, AMC), Frances Reid (ex-Alice, DAYS) and Helen Wagner (ex-Nancy, ATWT) (all in their 90′s), whose combined 129 years of service to daytime was not worth a mention in the broadcast?

    Or the shameful 60-second clip package to send ATWT on it’s way? With the exception of the beautiful underscore (Tyrone Wells’ ‘Time of Our Lives’), this rushed montage was the way the Academy chose to honor a show that logged 54 years on television (20 years at #1 from 1958-78) and an unprecedented 54-year run by the late Helen Wagner (longest-running character in televison history)?? You don’t think the tour of the Hilton penthouse or the forced Feed the Children segments couldn’t have been shaved? SHAMEFUL! Where were the clips of Jeff/Penny (daytime’s FIRST supercouple)? James Stenbeck? Jennifer Reynolds? David/Ellen Stewart? Grant Coleman? Hal Munson? Duncan/Shannon McKechnie? C’mon!

    I didn’t think the show could do any worse than the slight it gave GL last year during it’s tribute, but I was sadly mistaken. It’s like the people producing these shows have no idea the impact and contribution that these shows had to daytime and television in general. The six shows remaining on the air wouldn’t even be around if not for GL and ATWT, yet they are sent on their way without so much as a thank you. This is one viewer that expected more from an industry that pretends to care about it’s own.

    Geoffrey-Martin Cyr
    Los Angeles , CA
    Daytime viewer since 1975


    Marc Dobbelstein replied

    Well said, Geoffrey-Martin Cyr. I totally agree.


    junebuggnc replied

    I totally agree. This was not the place for a Dick Clark Tribute, especially on that lasted 20 minutes. I still can’t get “The Twist” out of my head…. Also the combo intros with Circ De Solie and the Lion King??? What the heck do they have to do with Daytime TV, um, nothing! All of that ate into the telecast so that we were robbed of seeing the clips from the nominees submission reels.

    How about the way they rushed the recipients during their acceptance speeches? I totally agree with the lack, yes, lack of a tribute for ATWT. What, no memorandum for those actors and other Daytime persons that have passed away? Guess their contribution to the industry wasn’t worth being recognized.

    I don’t know what reels the judges viewed prior to their vote, but I don’t think it was this years submissions. I agree with Billy Miller, that was just about the only one. How is it that every respectable news source and Daytime TV/Soap news person predicted Crystal Chappell to win and yet she didn’t? I’m not knocking Maura West, but Crystal’s work that last year on GL was so far above the rest of the ladies it is such a travesty that she did not win.

    I believe, whether it was personal opinion or some other type of pressure, that the “industry” was not ready to award the Best Actress Emmy to a phenomenal actress who just have to be in a same-sex love story. Had Olivia’s graveyard confession been to a man, she’d have this Emmy sitting on her mantle right now. I fear this was Crystal’s last chance for a Best Actress Emmy; I don’t see Days stepping up to the plate to give her the same type of caliber storyline.

    Based on what I saw Sunday night, I will be very surprised if the 38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards will be broadcast on national TV. Unless a new producer/director can breathe new life into it, it will probably be pushed to the web.

    I can’t believe I waster 2 hours on Sunday night watching that.


    Derrick replied



  5. Traci says:

    So thrilled with the ATWT wins especially for Julie Pinson and Michael Park! I love my Jacket! <3 Go Jack and Janet!


  6. Amber says:

    Cannot process that DTBell won over Drew Garrett and Scott Cliffton still sheken my head


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