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32 January 29th, 2018 Parry Shen Back To General Hospital!

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Brucas fans, it looks like the twosome is getting some on-screen action.

Last week, Ryan Carnes (Lucas) made an appearance when Lucas announced to Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) and Carly (Laura Wright) that he and Brad (Parry Shen) planned on adopting a kid. Then, Lucas went into doctor-mode after Nathan (Ryan Paevey) was shot by Faison (Anders Hove).

Now comes word from the other half of the on-screen pairing, Parry Shen.

In an Instagram post and video, Parry let it be know he is back at GH stating: “Had to pop into a hospital real quick.”

So, will we be seeing more of Brad and Lucas as they try to adopt a child? Comment below.

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  1. Timmm says:

    I’m sure he is just here for the day to pacify fans. Why not dump HELLE, CRYCHAEL, NINA and AMY and sign Brad, Lucas and Britt to a damn contract!


    Jimh replied



    Charday replied

    Yes, too!

  2. Maddie says:

    Adoption for Brucas. Maybe they will adopt Finn and Hayden’s baby. Good soapy stuff


    Steve replied

    Brad winding up with Finn’s baby. That’s a great idea, based on character history.


  3. Jimh says:

    Dont watch much///just catching a few glimpse….when Laura is back full time then maybe i will watch more….Brad and Lucas will probably get involved in a black market baby ring after being denied adoption by some bigoted religious fanatic(kind of loosely based on some recent wedding cake news)


    Steve replied

    That would be a case of history repeating itself…

    Long time viewers will recall Bobbie initially got Lucas through the black market. His birth mother, Cheryl was told her baby died. Robert, who Cheryl initially thought was Lucas’ bio dad, took Lucas away from a devastated Bobbie.

    Cheryl left PC with Lucas. She died a year or two after and chose Bobbie and Tony to raise Lucas over her own sister.


  4. su0000 says:

    Brad and Brad are loved wanted & needed on screen..
    However, I do not see an actual story for them..
    Both will be in and out short stay but nothing solid.

    Hope I’m wrong but I doubt that I am :(


  5. James R. Poissant says:

    I love hearing this. If I had my way, Felix would be around too. I would say if Lucas and Brad are trying to adopt a child that Brad might be a little different from when we last saw him. Still can’t wait to see him.


  6. Patrick says:

    it’s about time – YES

    danged it THO… seeing Lucas and bobbi … YEAH this is what it’s like for fans weary on scraps… vets… glimpse – MIA



  7. Michael says:

    I doubt they’ll show up for many than a few episodes and then they will disappear again.


  8. Lou piikes says:

    I wanted Brad to share scenes with Britt during her last visit. Maybe he will visit Britta in Pentonville.


  9. AJ says:

    They’ll be on 5 episodes then disappear for another year. Isn’t that the GH way?


  10. Bjtripp says:

    I sure hope so but I’m not watching until the Genie issue is resolved. Not one comment from Frank or anyone in power at ABC or GH. They just dropped the Laura story like a bad habit, so I can drop it too. I can watch Brucas scenes on YouTube. I do love Brucas


  11. Bobbie says:

    Finally! We know it’ll be short term though. He’s implied and GH doesn’t seem to know what to do with gay storylines. I’m glad that at least they are looking into another step for Brucas!


  12. Soaphound says:

    Would love sexy Bad Boy Brad to return IF they give him an actual story, not just exposition or comic relief. Ditch dull, drab, Peter and give Brad his screen time. I have no patience for Wes, or in this role, Wuss Ramsey. Would rather have more of the unsung hot couple, Brad and Lucas.


    Patrick replied

    OK – I’m ante up – coming to bat @the Wussman.

    boffo – marquee that. yeah, i’m going to snip and charge and hopefully with fellow posts, make a dent folks

    yes, I’ve inferred nepotism and plenty at the production value

    Wes “RAMSEY” is n-o-t making an impact… allow me if you will @dmr. their is a “flatline” with : Wuss RAMSEY

    so he gets a one year contract. for ???? Lulu ?

    when any thing is forced @ the audience… I am praying to the soap god that @Peter does not become Anna son. NOT GOING TO BUY

    hopefully… tho… when Anna was in the hosp as Faison told Anna… he was at the Metro Court @Crimson… and he said that he shot the wrong one .

    this is the one who did not follow orders ????

    Wes Ramsey : there are no defining character traits from which to invest.


    dmr replied

    Unfortunately, Peter isn’t going anywhere. Wes Ramsey is Laura Wright’s boyfriend, and nepotism is running amok at ABC. TPTB would rather drop a legacy actress, and not write a viable storyline on gay adoption, marriage, or any other social issue to make room for the mob and now, the boyfriend-who of course has been written as a character with ties to important characters.


    Timmm replied

    Amen, Peter can pack it up!


  13. Carrie says:

    I like these characters but I would have preferred they hadn’t pulled the Laura for mayer story. I would gladly trade the Nell and Michael story for Brad and Lucas.


    Grant Putnam replied

    No one thinks the return of Brad and Lucas to canvass and wanting to adopt around the same time Nelle AND Maxi are expecting is a coincidence? Baby swap much?

    Where are the closet Brad fans clamouring for his backstory to finally be told?

    - marriage to Rosalie as dictated by HELENA freakin CASSADINE????

    - bio parents from the 80′s Asian Quarter triad storyline, the infamous Wu Family, which gave him up for adoption?????????

    Any writers around?


    Timmm replied

    So true Grant.

  14. brian says:

    I liked Brad with he was teamed up with Brit. Hope we see that side of Brad more.


    su0000 replied

    I loved Britt and Filex …


  15. robbie says:

    Predicting they will somehow adopt Nelle’s baby. Hopefully after she dies in childbirth under suspicious circumstances


  16. Phyllis Fontaine DeMarco says:

    I did not see Lucas at all yesterday even though I thought he had said he would be around. I have always enjoyed Brad and glad he is going to pop in-hoping there is enough in the budget to have him and Lucas on at the same time. I sure enjoyed seeing Britt when she was back, but unlikely to see her again-or Shawn Butler. Some stay in prison, others just pass through. I really like Dr. Obrecht, and love when she is on, but always fear she is going to get axed. I don’t know what has happened to Epiphany, but sure she is not alone. She used to be on contract, too. Nice to see Bobbie, but don’t understand what her exact position is at the hospital? Also, did she ever remarry after Tony or no or?


    Shay replied

    Bobbie is the official head busybody at GH, although Aunt Stella is hot on her heels in usurping that role. And by the way, I think she’s stashing Epiphany at an undisclosed location on Charles Street because they were once high school rivals for the same man and Stella lost and hasn’t gotten her groove back ever since, which is why she is always so crabby. As to why Lucas mentioned that Brad was adopted in his chat with Carly and his mom??? (Per your previous query, Phyllis…) I think it was to remind us that Mr. Cooper has a legacy link with the Wu (But not “Tang”) Clan that reaches back to GH’s glory days…


  17. rebecca1 says:

    That’ll be awkward…Finn and Brad. They didn’t exactly leave off on good terms. And, how will Lucas interact with his co-worker, Finn, knowing how Brad backstabbed Finn. That’s IF they stick around long enough for that interaction to even happen.

    Glad to see both characters back: Lucas and Brad. I really think they dropped the ball with Felix. Great character. I could see him being besties with Amy at the hospital (now that Sabrina’s gone).


    Patrick replied

    Naturally… Frank VAlentini had the writers “shiitt” on quality characters who can act… to service his pet. Michael Easton as Finn.. is so stuck. he resonates nothing

    I wouldn’t say Brad backstabbed Finn…he had a right to ask for his share of … WOW Finn is now holding a patent , which rescued GH… is their no bounds to being all that ?

    Finn is wasted space


    rebecca1 replied

    I like Finn, Patrick, though I’d like him to be less goofy! His eccentricities have calmed down a lot since he made his debut, but I’d like to see some of his sexy John McBain confidence return.

    I do agree that Brad had a right to be pissed. I wrote that a while ago on another thread defending Brad. But now I’m doubting myself! I can’t remember exactly what Brad’s role was in the cure. If I remember correctly Finn found the cure and asked for Brad’s help; Brad let him use the lab even though at the time Finn’s rights were revoked…and I THINK, but I”m not sure…did Brad help Finn make more of the cure because Finn had given the last batch to Hayden to save her life?

    In the end, Brad tried blackmailing Finn into giving him a large share of the profits from selling the cure and then tried to have Finn fired…went to Monica to tell her he was a drug addict, etc. It was more the Brad of old rather than the good guy Brad had become.

    Funny how on one thread I defended Brad and now I’m seeing the other view.

    I never think that producers “have pets”, etc. I know that’s the battle cry from many on this site but I don’t see it that way. All I see is a business; and they (the producers/writers, etc) do what they think will bring in viewers and revenue. Not saying they’re always right and obviously it doesn’t always work as ratings go up and down…but there is no advantage to a producer/writer only hiring or propping friends or favorites if it doesn’t translate into ratings.

    That’s not to say that I don’t think it’s never personal. Example: Sean Kanan. Didn’t get along with Ron? Fired. Genie Francis? Still not sure what the deal is there…I can’t believe it’s age because Finola, Nancy, Kathleen (Dr. O), Felicia…they’re all in the same age bracket. I just don’t think they ever evolved her character beyond mother/grandmother and didn’t expect the fan outcry that they got. They may reverse their decision yet…

    Oh. I was convinced Peter was Faison’s son. Now, I’m thinking Franco might be…but doesn’t even know it himself! Or, Peter is…but Franco is involved. But he’s not aware of his own involvement…

    The only wasted space I see on GH is Aunt Stella.

  18. Lori says:

    Me/lori is so happy they are back i miss them alot and i glad they are going to have adopted story. Hope they get good kid no underhand stuff please.


  19. Satan says:


    I guess if it’s a necessary evil to get Lucas more airtime, it’s a good thing. Brad’s pretty much an asshole though.


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