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7 November 26th, 2012 Patrick Duffy Issues Heartfelt Statement On The Passing Of Larry Hagman!


Yesterday, Patrick Duffy (Bobby, Dallas) issued a statement on the death of his longtime co-star and friend Larry Hagman.  For more than 14 seasons Duffy and Hagman ignited the screen as the Ewing Brothers on CBS’ original Dallas, then returned to the highly successful TNT reboot of Dallas last year and were in the midst of filming season two.

Duffy stated: “Friday, I lost one of the greatest friends ever to grace my life. The loneliness is only what is difficult, as Larry’s peace and comfort is always what is important to me, now as when he was here. He was a fighter in the gentlest way, against his obstacles and for his friends. I wear his friendship with honor.”

Hagman died Friday afternoon and lost his battle with cancer surrounded by family, friends including Duffy and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) in a Dallas Hospital.  

As fans worldwide continue to mourn the loss of Hagman, it is so touching to know how close Duffy and Hagman, as well as Gray, were to each other up until the end.


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  1. lisa says:

    ” I wear his friendship with honor.”
    What a beautiful thing to say !!


    SUSAN replied

    you are right lisa what a beautiful thing to say

    a best friend is hard to come by these days

    and he will be missed and loved as one of the icons of tv

    heck everybody LOVES JR EWING!!


  2. Dmitri says:

    So touching. I’m so sad about Hagman’s death. Truly a huge loss for the acting world.


  3. Lew S says:

    True friends are hard to come by , but it seems Mr. Duffy and Ms. Gray found that with Mr. Hagman.


  4. D Hewitt says:

    I’m in the midst of watching the Dallas show in DVD. I bought the entire series. My wife and I watch one episode each night, and are just starting season 7. With Larry gone, I feel like I lost a close, personal friend. All of his family and friends have my deepest sympathy.


    SUSAN replied

    feel the same way also watch my dallas dvds as well

    he was an icon and never can replaced


  5. Brian Greene says:

    Rest In Peace, Dear Larry!


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