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4 April 11th, 2014 Patrick Duffy Talks Inside The Decision With Larry Hagman and Linda Gray To Resurrect DALLAS & This Monday’s Midseason Finale!


In a fun and enlightening segment with Dallas star Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing),  Sam Rubin and the KTLA morning show gang, welcomed the iconic actor Friday morning!

During his appearance, Duffy revealed that he, the late Larry Hagman (J.R. Ewing), and Linda Gray (Sue Ellen Ewing), had made a pact that they had to all agree to want to do a remake of the hit CBS primetime soap.

After seeing bad script after bad script over the two decades and more since the show left the airways on CBS, Duffy recalls that when the the script for the version of Dallas now on TNT emerged and Duffy read it, he let Linda and Larry know he was all for it, if they were too!

Meanwhile, as a set-up to this coming Monday’s Dallas midseason finale, KTLA played a clip where Bobby stands up to his wife Ann (Brenda Strong) for lying to him and keeping a secret from him! And what’s even better, this happens in front of Sue Ellen (Linda Gray) who just looks on!  We think you know what that is all about!  Next, in a great speech,  Bobby lets Ann know he will do anything to protect Southfork and his family.

Watch Patrick’s segment from this morning! Then, let us know if you want Ann and Bobby to stay together, or is it possible that Bobby and Sue Ellen might get together next?


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  1. Charday says:

    Bobby and Sue Ellen would be weird together. In any case, loving the new DALLAS.


  2. Jenny Brooks says:

    I agree Charday. Some lines shouldn’t be crossed. I didn’t get from this clip that they were headed for a Bobby/Sue Ellen pairing and I hope they don’t. But I love Dallas! Great show with great writing!


  3. janet says:

    No Bobbie and Sue Ellen as co-conspirators fine . Sex no thanks.


  4. dmr says:

    I absolutely love the remake of Dallas! The cast is beyond talented! I miss Larry Hagman. Happy he lives on with the show, though-he would be very proud! Judith Light is unbelievable! I absolutely love her, brings her all to each and every scene!


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