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4 August 8th, 2011 Patrick Muldoon & Christie Clark open up about their decision to return to DAYS & Austin & Carrie’s romance!

Photo Credit: Steven Bergman

Can lighting strike twice for Patrick Muldoon and Christie Clark? Back in the heyday of Days of our Lives, their Austin and Carrie were one of the uber-popular young supercouples of daytime!  Everyone was rooting for them to be together…unless you were Sami Brady!

Well now that DAYS is said to be bringing major romance back into the new reset DAYS debuting on September 26th, TV Guide talked to the duo who make a big comeback to the Salem canvas!  Here is an excerpt below:

Muldoon and Clark on what happened to good old-fashioned romance on daytime!

Muldoon: “At the end of the day people still want connection. They want relationships with integrity. Carrie and Austin were your basic Romeo and Juliet story, and there’s always an appetite for that kind of love. Christie and I were only together on screen for a couple of years but it was written so well that people still remember it and it made a strong enough impact that they wanted to bring us back together. I’m so grateful for that.”

Photo Credit: NBC

Clark: “The other day I was watching some scenes on YouTube from when I first started on Days and the show had all these lovely, uplifting romantic storylines, full of the simplest day-to-day stuff. It was about real people dealing with the real things in life and it was all so intriguing that I wanted to see more! The new writers are doing an excellent job of getting back to those kinds of storylines. And they’re really nailing the characters again. Hope is sassy, John is clever, everyone is the way you remember them and loved them. Nobody’s suddenly turning into a hooker. We’re getting back to the foundation of the characters and what made them unique.”

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  1. AlistairCrane says:

    I’m so glad Carrie and Austin are back, especially the REAL Austin! They are my fave Days couple. Love ‘em!


  2. KESM says:

    That was a short blurb, but thanks for the interview. Can’t wait to see what direction they take the couple on the show.


    AlistairCrane replied

    Michael linked to the full interview. Click “TV Guide” in blue.


  3. Rose says:

    Cute Christie and Patrick can’t wait to see them as Austin and Carrie, love this couple great chemistry!!


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