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35 July 12th, 2013 Patsy Pease Confirms Return To Days of our Lives!


Now that it has been revealed that Jen Lilley’s character of Theresa is really Jeannie Theresa Donovan, that means she is playing the daughter of long time Days of our Lives and Salem favorites, Shane and Kimberly!

And hot on the heels of Jen’s emergence on the Salem canvas, it has now been confirmed after much speculation that Patsy Pease is returning to the NBC soap as Kimberly to play her on-screen mom!

Patsy related on her facebook page today, “Well, that was a long ‘nap!’ Hello Everybody! I’m back with GOOD news! I start shooting July17th, 18th and 19th. Thrilled to be back on ‘Days’ and I am so excited about working with the lovely and VERY talented Jen Lilley! Stay tuned !”

So what do you think about a return by Patsy Pease to DAYS? Do you hope she sticks around longer? Are you intrigued about the back-story between mother/daughter Donovan?  Weigh-in!

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  1. KatieK says:

    Id rather see Shane return.


  2. Phil says:

    This show gets better and better!


    gloria replied

    YES, YES, YES it does! I record every soap on the air & it’s funny-how I decide which to watch first, the one that has the most going on & let me tell you, I am watching DAYS first every day!


  3. lorenzo says:

    i love this woman. its about time patsy pease has come back to days of our lives. days producers listen to me and the fans. sign her to a contract. a few days is not good enough. she is a wonderful actress. she is classy sassy and a sweetheart.


    Troy Turner replied

    She only said she STARTS shooting those 3 days


  4. Janet Kiley says:

    very happy and so excited of the return of patsy pease who plays kimberly brady Donovan to come home to salem its been along time coming now i will be watching once again .


  5. Rod says:

    Not intrigued at all!!! Love Patsy can’t wait to see her. Might be hard watching scenes with her and that daughter so that might just get the big FF!! Can Shane come back too!!!


    Ces replied

    DITTO!!! So not interested in any storyline with Jeanne & that annoying actor who plays JJ. FFwd.


  6. Mary SF says:

    Well that means she will show up just around November sweeps since they shoot so far ahead, but it should be worth the wait. I hope she sticks around longer than some other former characters that pop in and pop out just as quickly.


  7. shawn says:



  8. Tsuds says:

    Hmmmm Def would be good for Theresa/Jeannie to have some mental disorders like her mama Kim had back in the day.. Sounds like she may have some already due to her call herself a new name.. multiple personalities… It runs in the family… who knows.. may she is related to that crazy Kristen.. who is also have some major mental illnesses..


  9. Iakovos says:

    Never was a DAYS guy until I lost OLTL and AMC. Now I am connected to new friends in Salem. Although the histories remain a challenge for me, I enjoy the family feel this soap gives me. It resembles in spirit those P&G soaps now gone and missed. There was much buzz about a reboot and it seems we have made that journey successfully. Give me more family drama and real-stuff. I can do without the over-the-top but I know DAYS is DAYS so… I like the troublemaking Theresa and am sure the actress Patsy Pease’s return will add to this new story. I hope DAYS does not go off on a crazy course and really keeps on keeping on.


  10. Nicole says:

    Excited Kimberly coming back to Days!!!…Now all i need is Bo back too! :) )


  11. madluv4ya says:



  12. JEM says:

    I love that Days regularly brings back characters like this. They may not be on a lot, but having them around, popping in and out, makes the show feel like home. Like Adrienne, Justin, Kayla, Kimberly, etc. Sometimes they are only on once or twice a month, but it does help root and ground the show with sentimental favourites. I still wish the show would forge ahead with a Kayla/Abe romance. The show has had wonderful success with other mature couples like Maggie and Victor. Kayla and Abe would be a tentpole couple. As for Kimberly, I hope her reunion in 2010 with Shane stuck and they are not broken up.


  13. just a girl says:

    SO excited!! I really hope this is a contract role for both Patsy and Charlie. Sounds like Jeannie/Theresa has abandonment issues…only way to fix that is to have mommy and daddy around for a LONG time! :) .


  14. shari barnes says:

    please bring back shane


  15. Christine eldridge says:

    Great to have patsy back but I hope shane will be back as well to make a good story line for all their fans


  16. Ashlee says:

    I like her!


  17. blake says:

    Oh wow I didn’t expect this! That’s really cool that they are bringing her back. I remember when she had that multiple personality storyline and when she played the crazy person getting the attention (now it’s Kristen). I hope Kimberly is on all the time too.

    It would be great to see Kimberly on even if it’s just like Justin, Adrienne, and Kayla. They may not be on all the time but at least they show up every so often and it’s great!


  18. 4everdays says:

    The best and brightest is coming home !!! I’m crazy for Kimberly.
    I started watching DOOL in 1984. Patsy’s DAYS started shortly after.
    This is HUGE news to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Patrick replied


    i’m beaming with excitement.


  19. jerry says:

    I started watching Days in 1987 and along with Victor, Marlena and Stefano, Kim was my favorite character. Shane and Kim were always my favorite couple too. I really hope she will be back and STAY back. I really hope it’s for more than just three episodes. Would be cool to have Shane return as well!


  20. debbie says:

    couldnt be happier to have the very talented Patsy Pease return to dool. Now the question is > How to keep her there.


  21. Patrick says:

    SIDEBAR – EJ’s corporate takeover… and DiMera Empire… will the Phoenix Rise.

    I too feel for Stefano… because… I can’t imagine that Stefano would be that distracted by Kate’s “infidelity”. He would never have allowed this to happen, to his family empire.

    I can only hope…

    1. that Kristen’s telling EJ that she’s not aligning herself with either/or… and that she’ll support both.. and or wait the fallout of the fight between father and son.

    2. could this be the catalyst for Chad’s eventual exit.

    I say this because… one… wouldn’t it seem that Stefano… would have ensured.. that his holdings of the DiMera Empire.. should anything happen… ie: that Kristen and Chad would have had shares… voting rights… that they would have and should have known… ?

    that Stefano… will fight EJ with Kristen and Chad’s support… holdings… stock… etc…?

    I don’t know… Stefano… since his return.. has, it would seem, supporting… and MIA… could this be the start of Stefano’s machinations… and his return full time with big story? I hope so.

    I say this cause… it would give Kristen more story.. ie: like she did on Y&R.. voting stock… with controlling interests… and same with Chad… and his alliance with either/or… will be his downfall and make way for his exit…

    Stefano.. to be ousted so quickly… he had to have had some alliances.. who would have alerted him to the corporate takeover.

    having said all this… if this brings back the fire in his character.. of both EJ and Stefano… then so be it.

    it would seem this way… as … EJ expected that said persons in his camp aren’t going along with him.

    long winded…

    having Justin in the mix… is what i’m excited about… although.. as of late.. Adrienne… needs to take a chill pill… Justin telling her… i’m outa here… like he was done with her and listening to her hysterical imbalance… motherload angst is one thing…

    if this gives us more screen time with Justin and Adrienne… which is what i’ve been vocal about… i’ll take them.

    i anticipate that this is the start of the DiMera’s unfolding intrigue.. only they can deliver.


  22. Patrick says:

    I would love to be Kate right now.. she doesn’t need any one person to help her in the mix. she’s good at it all…. she’s in love with Rafe. and I believe her in it. she doesnt have any deep entanglements… why not ply her trade… her wares…. she camps and should tramp her load. she’s in the know of the mix… grandma… mother… ex… new lover with surprise mix… physical and wonderment… he’s good looking. she understands the get with Rafe…. I would too. yet she’s showing feelings… w/Kate… it’s on, and when she’s fun, she pulsates and takes in with

    i’d like to be her… she got money… single… and thinking before Stefano sets in

    which … as you see… all the kids are wary… thank you Stefano.


    4everdays replied

    What’s your take on the return of Patsy/Kimberly?


    Patrick replied

    I like thinking about these siblings…. cause i loved them.

    Roman (Wayne Northrop), Kimberly, Kayla, Bo….

    Roman was on full-time days…. 1981-84, 1991-94.
    Patsy Pease full-time days…. 1984-1990.
    Mary beth Evans… 1986-1992, 2006-9.
    Peter Reckell… 1983-2012…. with a few leave of absence.

    thank god for you-tube – that we can go back and watch wonderful scenes of the old shows…. when wayne northrop was roman… he was such a wonderful brother…. and son.

    Kimberly… had to be the one i was most happy for… dang! wasn’t she the sensitive – heart on her sleave… emotional one… till she one day got all her ducks in a row and met SHANE. dang! talk about the one SUPERCOUPLE you were most happy about. she is such a good actor to portray Kimberly the way she did… tortured… Roman, her father shaun would do anthing to make his younger sister, and his eldest daugher happy… she came on like gangbusters after Shane.. course their was always drama… but… Kim, when she had Shane on her side… was the cats meow. You loved her.

    Kayla just lights up my screen… she’s radiant… lovely.. and she beacons for the bradys.

    w/KIM coming home… I can’t wait… I love her… when ever we can get her back.

    Jenn Lilly… as Kimberly’ daughter… is intrigueing to watch… there’s a lot going on in her.

    I liked the scene… when she was about to leave the pub… and turned back and said to gramma caroline… “I don’t know what i’d do if i didn’t have you to talk to…” you know.. that tugs at your heartstrings… this is kimberly’s daughter.. and thats exciting… so… with kimberly coming back… and if she can take the place of missing Bo. i’m all for it.

    Patrick replied

    i should further add…. it wasn’t until… really… Kayla/Patch… Bo/Hope… the
    mis’adventures… really started taking off… sure… you had Kim and Shane.. also..

    but kimberly was the feminine – rescue her – mental illness…. the prostitute…in the good ole days… and Patsy Pease – was a revelation. so.. it’s with a sigh of relief that Kimberly is safe. whew!

  23. Derrick says:



  24. Mo says:

    Looking forward to mother and daughter scenes. Now where’s dad? I’m sure he could whip Theresa into shape!


  25. Christine says:

    I would like to see both Shane and Kimberly come back. Also having their son Andrew would be a great addition. I have a idea lets bring Philip Kiriaks back and have him date and fall in love with Jeanie. Remember the Kimberly Shane and Victor story line in the 1980s. I think this would be a interesting twist


  26. laura-lynne says:

    I do hope that they do bring back Shane now that Kim is back with there daughter Jeannie . I do love the character of Shane . He was my favorite of them all.


  27. Traci Nelson says:

    I can’t wait to see Patsy return, I grew up watching Shane and Kimberly, I miss all the old characters, they were the heart and soul of the show, Kayla and Patch, Hope and Bo, Marlena, Caroline and Shawn, I realize the show has to keep up with the times, but it needs to remember the “staples” of the show as well


  28. David says:

    I don’t care why she is back. just glad she is.


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