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65 May 19th, 2015 Paul Telfer Gone From Days of our Lives!


Xander fans, it looks like this bad boy’s run will turn out to be a short one after all!  Actor/model Paul Telfer is no longer with the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives.  Telfer, who has the distinction of coming on to DAYS in two different roles within a four month span, let his followers on Twitter know of his exit.

Paul has recently been playing Xander Cook AKA Alexandros Kiriakis, and has been in Salem on-screen since March of this year, and he previously played Damon the henchmen for Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) which he played on-screen in January. The actor tweeted on his status on DAYS:  “I left weeks before Xander even aired, but because of the prod sched he’ll be on thru August.”

In story, Xander knows Serena (Melissa Archer) and Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) from their time in Africa, and he’s clearly holding the elephant statue diamonds over Serena’s head, or in collusion with her.  Meanwhile Xander fallen for Nicole (Arianne Zucker), who is using Xander as a way to figure out the secret connection between Xander and Serena and what they have been up to.

What do you think about the departure of Paul Telfer?  Did you like him as Xander … or are you glad he will be gone on-screen by August?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Jeremy says:

    He’s one sexy and brilliant Scottish actor, too. We’ll miss Paul. He is very talented.


    Patrick replied

    wow… in spades

    i’m still about 10 eps behind

    ie: the scene where Serena shows up at his hotel room

    Did any one like Alexandros’ “towel” ?

    my heart skipped a beat

    gosh darned it : I thought for sure, he was on for the duration…. when Uncle Victor asked him to stay on in Salem… as HIS talents may be put to good use


    judy smith replied

    I don’t want him to leave. Bad mistake. Let him take Victors place as he is getting older. Will be missed


    Anna replied

    How can they let him go and keep the bad actors on that show – we all know who they are!
    They should’ve moved heaven and earth to keep him – stupid, stupid people!


    Shay replied

    Leave xander pls dont take him off :) “off topic hurry bring back bo! “.


  2. CeeCee says:

    Xander is an enigma. There are aspects of him which are very endearing, such as his loyalty to his uncle….unless it is a facade. Then, there is that ruthless side to him apparent in his shady dealings with Serena.
    He does make an impressive figure, both in looks and comportment. I am not sure of his presence yet…perhaps it will become evident before he leaves. Will he usher someone else in?
    It has been too soon to get an attachment to this character, so it makes no difference if he leaves or stays. It would have been nice to have had a new face, a new romance, instead of the same old, same old……


    Patrick replied

    it’s so disconcerting sometimes… isn’t it

    they bring on a character to “support” the contractual characters and to help drive story

    much to “our” chagrin… you take to a newbie and they’re let go as fast as they debuted

    case in point… (OK : it’s been a long while) but… on GH : I really took a liking to Jeffrey Vincent Parise… “Carlos”

    there are some enigmatic characters who scene steal

    Nicole has been written so drab and uninteresting…. it seems like all the writers have her doing is kowtowing to Eric, Daniel, and Brady… cause she has no family or friends… and her super sleuthing… renders her “worthwhile”… and they stomp on her some more

    I was hoping Alexandros..was in Salem to whisk lackadaisical (poorly written) Nicole for a new feature


    CeeCee replied

    I know, Patrick. Poor, poor, misunderstood Nicole. And, I really mean that. I am not being facetious.
    She is one of my favorite actresses/characters….blows the mind how she is used as an “errand-girl”….her presence almost serves as a filler. Nicole should be front and center. Why not? Give her a break, writers. Stop giving her these half-a$$ed menial an demeaning storyline.
    Furthermore, Patrick….Nicole needs a real man who understands the real ‘package’ and accepts her as she is…flaws and all. As far as I’m concerned, Nicole has redeemed herself a million times over. Daniel, Brady and Eric do not deserve her.
    These men and their ilk, always try to change her;….her essence. As Tolstoy said…”Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”

  3. Llanviewer717 says:

    Sorry to hear this. He did a great job as Xander. I wish him much success in the future.


  4. denisefan says:

    Love Paul Telfer’s portrayal of Xander. Very disappointed in the casting turnover with DOOL. The show has few compelling characters currently and need the experienced talent of Telfer (and Melissa Archer and Freddie Smith).

    Hope Telfer returns to daytime or primetime soon!


    Patrick replied

    “… The show has few compelling characters currently ”


    thats the word I was looking for : compelling

    it’s so nice when a role is cast with an actor who drives story and portraits REEL even when the writing spirals

    DAYS has plenty on the canvas to compell… I just wish it was on even keel with the rest of the product….. (writing)

    hope abounds… it’s estimated that the new writing team… will be all on board… in August ????


  5. Tom Jenkins says:

    He’s fine in the role, it’s the storyline that is draggy and dull. I haven’t cared about the elephant story since it was introduced and hope that they wrap it up.
    It is a curiosity to me that actors come and go on this show like a revolving door at Macy’s. What’s up with that?


  6. Mary SF says:

    I had mixed feelings– I liked the idea of Victor having more family; a younger version of him to take over his business in time– someone who might be able go toe to toe with Chad and the Dimera empire. But I do not like the actor playing him or at least the way he was playing him. Xander should have been more worldly and charming, with a dangerous streak, but this guy played him with no humor and just came across as a petty and childish because he wasn’t his uncle favorite like Brady and Dan. Wish it had worked and I hope he finds work soon somewhere else– it never fun losing a gig.


  7. James Strach says:

    I won’t miss him !


    Connie Berger replied

    Neither will I cause he’s caused nothing but pain to everyone around him especially Nicole and Daniel and he deserves exactly what he gets days of our lives would and will be better off without Xander I hate him


  8. Karen L says:

    I really enjoy Paul on DOOL. Xander has been a great addition to the cast. I would have enjoyed watching his relationship with Victor unfold. Plus I think he is just the type of guy Nicole needs. DOOL has been losing so many great characters lately I hate to see them lose another one. They need to rethink this one. I will miss Xander. Good luck Paul.


    Patrick replied

    “…his relationship with Victor unfold. ”

    I really, was, looking forward to this…

    Daniel and Brady have been so dull

    Xander provided some respite … from the actors on contract


  9. tammie says:

    Don’t care for either one sander or serena


  10. Sara says:

    I would like for him to stay awhile and see where his character would go, especially since EJ and Sami are gone. He is HOT actor and I enjoy watching him ACT!!


  11. takeitish says:

    Too bad the character had potential.


  12. mike says:

    Are they nuts? Paul is one of the best parts of the show. Are they trying to be canceled?


  13. Rosanne says:

    I liked him.. Do we know why? was it just that the story eneded?


  14. ehelt says:

    I really like him he is a joy to watch the story line a bit boring
    dool don’t keep anyone on long enough to get to like them so I hope to see him again
    good luck paul in what ever u do


  15. Melador says:

    As he portrays and Australian would have been a hoot to bring back Vivian and her son and plaid a connection to take over Titan.


  16. Chrystie Delancey says:

    Boo! I was really starting to warm up to him and wondering what his long-term possibilities were.

    I say they keep him and get rid of the actor that plays Will Horton (or should I say Willa? What a baby! – the character not the actor).


  17. Bjtripp2 says:

    I was bummed when I read he was leaving. I was hoping he could be the new eye candy with the sexy accent.


  18. Adam says:

    He is HOT! He will be missed.


  19. Ray says:

    I think Xander has been one of the few new characters that brought a new dimension to the show. I liked the idea of him being there with Justin, making a whole new family for Victor. When I read that a character is leaving in three months, it makes me lose interest. I felt the same way after I read that Melissa Archer was let go from the role of Serena.

    Currently, it is hard to believe that Freddie Smith, one of the true “good guys” on the show is leaving too. I am still hoping a brother/sister is introduced as Sonny’s sibling before he leaves. His departure all leave a big hole.

    I think that Chad and Theresa finding their way to each other sounds exciting and has “Super couple” written on it. Both are heavyweight actors that need to be more front and center with more dimension.

    I am getting excited to see what the writers have in store for Kayla and Tony. Hopefully, story lines that will be well-thought out and have Kayla doing something more than offering advice.

    If Claire is going to be a teenager, please age the character of Ciara. It makes no sense that Hope’s daughter is younger than here grandchild.

    I am ready for a new character to come on the show that makes Nicole not risk all and do more dumb mistakes. I think she could be a part of a super couple if paired with someone like an E.J.-type character.


    jj replied

    Sonny has three older brothers who were born on the show. One is Justin’s son with Angelica, the other two are twins adopted by Justin and Adrienne.

    Claire was born before Ciara. So yes her daughter is younger than her granddaughter.


  20. Michael says:

    His acting is ALMOST as bad as Guy Wilson’s.


  21. Sandra says:

    I really like him I think him an Nicole will make a good couple.


  22. Jamesj75 says:

    I’m surprised by this news. Even though I’m not a fan of this character, I got the impression that they were trying to fill the void left by EJ: another bad-boy Brit with some redeeming qualities.


  23. Carolyn says:

    Xander is a character with so much Kiriakis potential and was addressed for one unfortunate storyline. I wish the writers had kept him on as the one Kiriakis of his generation that Victor does NOT think highly of.


  24. davidevansmith says:

    He’s a hot guy with a great body, a charming accent and acting ability. DAYS is foolish to let him go, particularly using the actor a second time within the year, I’m surprised at this because I would think they recognized a good opportunity and gave him a role tied to a core family with the intent to use him smartly.

    Meanwhile I saw him as a nice follow-up to fill the void of EJ. Too bad. DAYS keeps making foolish choices, it’s like they don’t intend to live much longer.


  25. Mo says:

    I thought he was sticking around. He could have good story potential–with Victor and fam, not Serena, Eric.


  26. Nathalie says:

    I am hugely disappointed that Paul Telfer’s run will be a short one. His chemistry with Ari Zucker is off the charts and the show needs sexy fun times desperately. Xander is the perfect bad boy and there are years of potential story lines ahead with him taking over the Kiriakis empire in a ruthless fashion. I’m hoping Days comes to its senses and brings back PT a second time!


    denisefan replied

    DOOL does need a new heavy. Paul Telfer has already shown he can fulfill that need. If only the vision of the writing team was worthy of the acting talent on this show…..


  27. Tonia says:

    I am completely bummed! I liked him right away, and thought that he would make an amazing new character. I really wish that they would keep him and get rid of a few others.


  28. Blake says:

    This sucks because he is hot and it is nice to see Nicole in a romantic storyline that isn’t the boring Eric or Daniel. The last great relationship she was in was with EJ. I hope there is someone better for Nicole now.


  29. boes says:

    I wish the show had done better by him. I noticed him immediately when he was first playing Victor’s henchman, Damon, and missed him when his character got offed by Clyde’s goons. So I was really happy when I heard he was returning in a new role. And a KIRIAKIS role, too. I wish they’d brought him on as Sonny’s brother (never mind the accent LOL) instead of this previously unheard of relation.
    The biggest problem for both him and Melissa Archer has been this deadly dull, drawn out storyline. Big miss on Days part, and an even bigger waste of two performers.


  30. mike says:

    Looks like most of us liked him, hope the Days powers that be visit your site Mr. Fairman.


  31. Michaelfan says:

    I like the character and the actor. I’d rather Zander stay and Serena go.


  32. Mahoganey says:

    Good riddance…he was extremely creepy looking.


  33. Gmbenet says:

    I never expected Xander to be a permanent character in Salem. So his exit is no surprise to me. I think the character was brought in to be a temporary one, although being a Kiriakis opened the door for the possibility of a long stay.

    There was nothing to like about the character of Xander. (I am distinguishing the character from the actor.) It could have been an attempt to fill the void left by James Scott’s absence. If that’s the case it should have been revealed more slowly that Xander is a crook. Also he should have been given some likable qualities. All you could say about Xander is that he is good looking and has a nice accent.

    I was reading an article from Soap Opera Digest earlier about the actors who play Devon and Hilary on Y&R. The actress who plays Hilary said she played her character in a certain way at times because she saw an opportunity for the story to move in a certain direction regarding Devon and Hilary. Her insight and initiative to act on her insight paid off. The producers liked what they saw and moved the story into the direction that the actress had anticipated.

    I don’t know if that was a veteran move on the part of the actress or not. But I do remember reading similar sentiments by other veteran soap actors, including actors on Days. My point is it seems that having a role on a soap is more than just a paying acting job. It is also an opportunity that some actors know what to do with more than others. Those who know what to do with their opportunity can turn what was supposed to be a temporary job into a permanent one. Case in point: Deidre Hall and Shawn Christian.


  34. Bonnie says:

    It’s a shame that he is leaving. Good looking and can be the new EJ type of character. He will be missed.


  35. Jennifer Rebekah Billis-Gehrke says:

    We don’t need another bad guy on DOOL! Getting bored with the story line. Ready for Nicole to be happy and for Dr. Dan to get his head out of his hind quarters!


  36. Beth says:

    I look forward to seeing Xander, he’s a great actor and brings zest and flair to Days. I hope he returns for good. I will miss his debonair badness!


  37. Dee says:

    I am so disappointed that soon we wont be seeing Xander on our screen. I was really enjoying him. especially loved all his interactions with Nicole. I thought finally they found someone that was perfect for Nicole. Someone who has never cheated on her(EJ), who hasn’t dumped her so that he can go back to his previous girlfriend (Daniel) and someone who hasn’t verbally abused her for months on end (Eric). Someone who was actually chasing her, and not her chasing them, as in the case of Daniel and also Eric. I know we are still under TomSell writing so I would not be surprised if Xander’s character changes to being very unlikeable. That’s what they have done to most of the men on the show so, I will be surprised if Xander escapes their horrible writing.

    Not exactly enjoying the story he is in. The whole thing is just silly. and this includes Nicole pretending to break up with Daniel so that she can get the goods on Xander and Serena. It wouldn’t be so stupid if she had discussed it with Daniel and they both agreed to pretend to break up. They have written this romance between her and Daniel so badly, that personally, I wish the break up was for reel. All they have managed to prove is that Nicole and Daniel are not compatible, nor is Nicole and Eric, so It was such a delight and a refreshing change when Xander came along.

    Is there no way they can bring the actor back. there is so much potential there, and he and Nicole gave me a reason to tune in to days once again. I will really miss him.


  38. Kim says:

    So sad to hear his (Zander) role is coming to an end. Finally they found someone to bring so much to a character!! Hope DOOL’s smart enough to bring him back permanently!! He really added so much to the show! Plus it is getting so interesting, the chemistry between him and Nicole!!


  39. Lorianne says:

    mmmmmmmmm he’s a hottie!


  40. Ann says:

    Hope he stays, love watching him. Otherwise same old, same old, will be bored.


  41. milly says:

    was hoping for a longer time of Xander and him helping Victor get rid of Clyde Weston, and being a challenge against Stefano.


  42. Anna says:

    Absolutely devastated! I think Paul Telfer is a wonderful actor , the perfect replacement for James Scott (EJ), devastatingly good looking too!


  43. lisa loden says:



  44. Dee says:

    I wonder what his plans are after Days. Maybe movies perhaps??
    I was looking for Young Alexander The Great with Paul, came out 2010
    can’t find it anywhere . . .


  45. Mi mi stapel says:

    He should stay or be brought back. What a breath of fresh air he was. They could have given him a better story line. Xander has a lot of possibilities. Whay don’t they use them?????


  46. Betty says:

    Great acting,man knows his craft.


  47. Dawn Reno says:

    I hope Paul continues on the show, he is a wonderful actor & we like the “bad boys!”


  48. Dawn Reno says:

    I hope Paul stays on the show!!


  49. Shay says:

    Leave xander, dont take him off….he playes his role well and is a great actor.
    “Off topic-bring bo back asap….”


  50. Margaret Sandy says:

    I am relieved that Zander is gone from Days of our lives. He made me nervous, not knowing what he was going to do next or who he was going to hurt like he did Eric & Nicole.


  51. CAROLINE says:

    Paul Telfer is/was refreshiing to watch on Days. Too many same old faces/characters. I enjoy a change of scenery/pace; Paul livened up things a bit. Too bad he is gone; I hope he comes back, I remember some characters(Stefano) came back from the DEAD!! Bring back the good-looking, good actors for a change!


  52. Mary Lu Sneed says:

    Please don’t take my Xander. He was the only spark of life on that show all summer. He should have killed Nichole when he had a chance.


  53. Maria says:

    Soo happy to see A Martinez! Such a fine actor. Hope he stays in Salem for a long, long time. I’ve been a fan of his since Santa Barbara.


  54. Giovanna says:

    I will miss Xander on Days of our Lives, he brought a most interesting vibe and flare to the show. Paul is a Handsome wonderful actor!! Hope he returns:)


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