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7 August 21st, 2011 People Magazine Commemorative Issue on All My Children coming in September!

This sounds like a “must-have” for your soap memorabilia! People Magazine has put together a commemorative issue all about the legacy of All My Children that ends its ABC network television run in September after 41 years on the air.

With dozens of pages of brand new, exclusive photographs and interviews, the book visits Pine Valley and all the characters that made the show an American institution. Chock full of favorite moments, storylines, and insights from its main star, Susan Lucci and AMC creator Agnes Nixon, plusĀ  many others, it’s a collector’s book that is said to satisfy millions of AMC fans.

The issue will not go on sale until September 27th. However, you can pre order your copy right away for only $13.57 by going to!

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  1. SaraG says:

    Why didn’t People magazine do a special ATWT issue when they went off the air? I would have purchased that one.


  2. Justin says:

    Agreed, as why not a GL issue it’s was the longest show in broadcast history!?


  3. Torrey says:

    You know, I hope that AMC changes their opening when they move to online or cable…. I hate the opening that they currently have. I don’t know if anyone in charge ever reads these things, but I think it would be a great idea to do a slightly, and I do mean slightly upgrade of the original opening of AMC…you know, the one from 1970. Just speed the tempo up slightly and add the characters and you have something special, and something we long time fans would enjoy. That’s the one thing that I like about Y&R, they have kept the same opening number for years and years…and just made slight upgrades over the years….making their opening very iconic. AMC should do the same thing. I know my rants have absolutely nothing to do with the People Magazine booklet, but I thought I would just throw this out there. If you’re wandering which one I’m talking about, here’s the link.

    I am excited about the book though, and can’t wait to purchase it!!!


  4. ethel says:

    thank you michael for this info – i just pre ordered my copy!


  5. Billi says:

    I’m pleased that PEOPLE magazine is doing this(printing a commemorative issue
    of their magazine,for All My Children and its fans)however,I am a little disappointed
    that they put RYAN on the cover(at least it looks like Ryan)and not “Angie and Jesse”
    who are a HISTORIC couple;they are the 1st AA supercouple in the history of daytime!


  6. Edna Britto says:

    Today was a very sad day,I felt like I lost my best friend. I am so upset what will I do without my Erica and the the rest of the cast I loved for years. I will miiss AMC. I feel like I went to a funeral today.


  7. Sue Philips says:

    Oh Oh, People Magazine goofed…. On page 100 (the wedding of Phil & Tara) listed Richard Hatch and Karen Lynn Gorney as the married couple, but it wasn’t Richard Hatch (on page 82) it was Nicholas Benedict (on page 78). I remember when AMC began, the love triangle revolved around Philip, Tara, and Chuck; Erica and Jeff Martin seemed to be a side story, however, I love the way it evolved.


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