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9 December 14th, 2015 Peter Reckell Makes Cameo In Kelly Moneymaker Holiday Music Video Of JINGLE BELLS!


Leave it to Kelly Moneymaker and her husband Peter Reckell (Bo, Days of our Lives) to spread some holiday cheer with the release of Kelly’s new music video!

In it, Kelly sings a soulful blues rendition of the Christmas classic, “Jingle Bells.”  She is accompanied on the tune by guitarist Mike Krompass.

The song is also for a good cause!  Proceeds will help raise funds for Polar Bears International & NRDC (research on maternal dens, body condition, environmental impact, etc)   You can purchase the song and make a contribution to help the bears by going to iTunes here!


Make sure to watch the video after the jump to catch Peter’s cameo, and the family enjoying some time together in front of the camera.

Then let us know, what do you think of Kelly’s performance of “Jingle Bells” and the video?

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  1. ces says:

    It’s for a good cause, but the cameraman made me nauseous. Not usually a fan of this kind of stuff.


    Chloe replied

    I’m with you. It hurt my eyes.


  2. Blake says:

    Bo is back! lol If only!


    CeeCee replied

    Yeah, Blake. We just didn’t get enough of Bo. I know everyone will blast me, but I am not liking the storylines….I cannot stand what’s happening with Chad snd Andre. One would think that after the rough road and turmoil Chad and Abby have experienced; this couple would find itself in a position of enjoying their newfound freedom and happiness. Gimme a break!!!! And, Hope? C’mon.
    So unreal….does not surprise me. WOW. Just when I was beginning to truly enjoy the show, again; here come all these SYFY storylines that makes me want to scream.
    Even the Theresa/Brady houseplaying is unrealistic, but more interesting than the rest. At least, I know for certain, the other shoe will drop. It gives me something to look forward to.


    Blake replied

    Yeah I’m not liking the new stories either. I have only liked Rob Wilson’s Ben storyline but it seems boring again. I’m interested in the story with Erik and Daniel next month and to see how all of that plays out. I might just check that out and see what the comments are from other people on here.

  3. Lou Piikes says:

    That was a great rendition of Jingle Bells.


  4. Gail McCarthy says:

    Great to see all the wildlife featured. Kelly was adorable. Nice voice.


  5. Terry rego says:

    Days storyline is boring. Ever since they killed off no, there are no storylines that interest me!! Sorry


    Terry rego replied

    Kelly you are amazing


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