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11 July 19th, 2016 Peter Reckell To Return To The Cast Of The Fantasticks After 35 Years!

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Days of our Lives iconic Peter Reckell, who finally put Bo Brady to rest when the character met his maker last November, teased he had something new in the works.

Today, broke the news that Reckell will be returning to none other than the classic musical staple The Fantasticks off-broadway in its latest revival.  What makes this so special is that Reckell appeared in the original production of the musical 35 years ago in the role of  The Mute and covered the role of The Boy (Matt)  during the show’s record-breaking run at the Sullivan Street Playhouse in Greenwich Village.

However, the all grown-up Reckell will take the role of the charismatic and mysterious El Gallo! Peter will join the cast of the long running musical at the Jerry Orbach Theatre in a limited engagement that begins on September 5 and runs through September 25 . As El Gallo, it’s Reckell who narrates the show and leads the staged abduction of The Girl.  Among his songs are “Try to Remember” and “I Can See It.”

Tickets can be purchased at, by calling the box office at (212) 921-7862, or by visiting the box office at The Jerry Orbach Theater at The Theater Center, 210 West 50th Street at Broadway.

What do you think about the news of Peter’s upcoming Off-Broadway run in The Fantasticks? Wishing he could somehow return to DAYS? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Thats FANTASTICKS-lol


  2. Jackie Cullinane says:

    I always loved Peter as Bo Brady. I’ve been watching Days since 1965 and Bo and Hope have always been my favorite couple. I was devastated when they killed him off. I would love it if he could come back to Days permanently and so would many other viewers. He is missed terribly.


  3. Linda Yoak says:

    I have watched Days since day one and still do every day you did a very Amazing job playing Bo Brady and I am sure you will be just as Amazing in this role as well Best Of Luck to you and your family enjoy this new role if I lived closer I would definitely come see the show


  4. Adam says:

    Really wish he was back at Days.


  5. Nancy Reel says:

    Ummmmmm, not to be nasty, but thought he wanted to spend time with the family, I am starting not to believe anything the stars say, especially the ones who are leaving for their family. Just say you are looking for something better, we can take that !!


    Travis Thomas replied

    Its less than a month he will be in the show Off Bway. He never said he would NEVER work again. And its been 3 years since he’s been off Days & spending time with his family, not counting the anniversary shows. Plus his return is already being marketed here in NY, he was in the original cast 35 years ago. Thats something to celebrate.


  6. sonniorsolita says:

    What kind of run in the theater is 20 days? Real stage actors run for months, sometimes more than a year, lol.


  7. Natalie says:

    I have to admit I do miss Peter on Days . Watching the show is just not the same for me without him. I wish they didn’t kill his character off . I started watching Days ,just about when Bo and Hope came in as the new super daytime couple. Seeing him again in June
    was a nice surprise. I am very excited that he will be in the Fantasticks . Looking very much forward to it.


  8. Bridget Smyth says:

    I have been watching days of our lives since hi came to live in America 1984 I am very disappoint since Bo and hope was my favorite . The show should have replaced. Peter Reckerll with another actor


  9. Teri Coulter says:

    Miss Peter so much on Days but happy for him about the play. I would go support him but we live in Southern California. Read about it in Soap Opera Digest. I will always hold out hope of a return to Days. Maybe when they end the soap Bo can finally return to be with Hope.


  10. Barbara Wilson says:

    What a wonderful feeling to try and get tickets to see The Fantastiks with Peter Reckell. I have been a fan since his first appearance on Days of our Lives. (Yes I’m 77 and have been a fan since the first episode – the show was was seen every day as a study break in college).

    Well, I’m now going to call and try to get tickets for a Wednsday matinee in September.

    If I don’t get tickets – well, Peter – have a wonderful run in New York.


    Barbara Wilson


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