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102 June 18th, 2012 Peter Reckell Tweets & Confirms He Is Leaving Days of Our Lives In Heartfelt Statement!


This had us with a lump in our throat the minute we started reading this! Just a few hours ago, Days of our Lives superstar, Peter Reckell confirmed via his Twitter account that he is indeed leaving the series and putting to rest for now his beloved character of Bo Brady.

Rumors had been running rampant over the last several months that Peter had told his cast mates that he was intending on leaving and last week, Peter’s wife, Kelly Moneymaker also seemed to confirm it on her Twitter page.  But we had not heard officially from the man himself, Reckell, until now.   Here is Reckell’s statement below to his followers and longtime DAYS fans below.

Peter Reckell:  “Days of Our Lives has been my home, my life, for almost 30 years. Bo is a character that developed from my soul, and has touched many lives, but none more than my own. I took my place in the hierarchy of the show, in the storyline, moving others aside, in the eighty’s.  Now others have moved into the place I once held. I have been very fortunate to have had such a long, meaningful run.  But now, with a torn heart, I have to say goodbye to the people, family, the character, that I love. You have to know this has not been easy. I do not want to give up Bo, and with luck, in the future, will be able to return to the character that I fought so hard to preserve.  Thank you for being the most supportive, forgiving, loyal viewers there are. You have given me strength in difficult times.  You are the reason DOOL is still standing and will continue for years to come. Thank you for all you have given me and the character I love!”

So what message would you like to send Peter’s way on his decision to leave the series?  How do you feel about his decision?  Do you think the powers-that-be should recast Bo? Or, just write the character off the canvas, until which time they can find story in which Reckell may want to come back for?

What we can say is; Peter Reckell is one of the good guys in this industry.  And, he will be terribly missed.   He made Bo Brady a classic anti-hero, and we know this decision was not made easy and we are sure with a very heavy-heart.

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  1. Jewell says:

    Sorry to hear him go.. But best of luck to him. No they should not recast him that is like recasting Tad Martin.


  2. Jules says:

    A very classy statement. If he has to go for whatever reason, he’s leaving with dignity and pride and a lot of gratitude. He’s setting a great example.

    I was so hoping the rumors were false and that Peter and DOOL would find a way to make things work. Hope is not the same character without Bo, so I don’t know what will be done there.

    No more exits PLEASE (with exception to Gabi and Rafe, who can go yesterday)! Start bringing back beloved vets! Start with Eileen Davidson and rehire Matt Ashford!


    Jani replied

    I am so sorry to see ( Bo ) Peter leave days. He and Hope were like cookies and cream. Each complimented each other and Hope’s roll with out Bo is like she is lost.

    I would not see Gabi and Nick go .. they tend to turn my stomach and Rafe ( well I just really like him ) Kristen can go too!

    When Bo took his mother to a place to help her with her memory, I thought maybe she was not coming back, but never expected it to be Bo!

    Whatever you do from here on in Peter the very best of luck to you.

    God Bless ( A Brady forever ) ….



    It just breaks my heart to hear that you are leaving DOOL. You are and always will be my favorite character on the show. I just can’t imagine Day’s without you on it. I know you have left before and it was just strange when you weren’t there. Too many “Bradys” have left the show already!!! I pray that the powers that be would give you a meatier storyline and you will reconsider and stay. Please know you are beloved character and wonderful asset to DOOL and you are loved and will be sorely missed. You are an awesome actor and I hope to see you in the very near future on another great show….should you really end up leaving DOOL!!! God bless you and your family Peter (Bo). We all love you <3


    Lila Snow replied

    Beautifully said! You have gone thru 2 billies, carly, but you and HOPE are the most loving, romantic couple- even thru the Princess Gina days you two belong together!~ there is NO HOPE for DOOL if you leave!


  4. melissa says:

    Sad….and I do not even watch DOOL..Really miss OLTL and AMC so.And as a fan
    I know how hard it is to lose a character and worse yet your show.Wish him well and hope he returns for his fans.


  5. Barbara Weiss says:

    Peter, I have loved you since the 80′s when you were involved with Stephen Nichols as “Patch”. I was young then, not as young as you, but those were the days when we were taping Days on three VCR’s on the chance we might miss an episode. I still enjoy watching you and am so sorry to see you leave. Maybe the powers that be will realize what they are loosing and give you a story line that you truely deserve. Good Luck in whatever you do. I know you will be a success. :)


  6. Blake says:

    Sad that Sony is pushing these vets out over huge budget cuts. Same way they did with Eileen at Y&R, and they tried with EB and MS at Y&R. Hopefully they will work something out with Peter.


  7. Barbara Weiss says:

    Peter, I am so sorry to see you leave. You are one of favorites, have been for almost 30 years. They had better not recast you, because I will be waiting for your return. Good Luck and Success in what ever you do. :)


  8. Stephanie says:

    It broke my heart a little as I read this on Twitter this morning. I wish Days could have enticed Peter to stay, I’ll miss Bo. It’s especially hard since Kristian Alfonso is staying, so that means a Bo and Hope separation. Coming on the heels of Matthew Ashford, Christie Clark, Patrick Muldoon, and Renee Jones exits makes it that much harder to swallow. I have been watching Days since before Bo showed up in Salem. I hope he’ll be back. I wish Peter well with what is next for him!


  9. Ceridwyn2 says:

    Best of luck to him. They did replace him once many years ago with Robert Kelker-Kelly, so it is doable, but as I haven’t watched Days in abt 2yrs, can’t say that I’d missseeing him on there.

    He did fantastic on Venice, so look forwardto what else Peter does.


  10. Annette Li says:

    Sad to see him go. Like most fans, I’ll surely miss seeing him as Bo. Hope he’ll come back someday! The writers should write him off the show, until whenever an exciting, new storyline comes along, in which he’d definitely want to return for!


  11. ricardo says:

    they asked peter reckell to take another pay cut. peter refused to take another pay cut. i don’t blame him for leaving days of our lives. i will miss him as bo brady. it might be cheaper for days of our lives if they recast bo brady.


  12. Patrick says:

    I have to stop, and think, about, WHAT Bradys, Hortons, & DiMera’s… are still on the show. ?!?!?! isn’t this the core of NBC’s DAYS, DOOL?

    Kayla, Roman, Caroline – Brady

    Jennifer, Maggie, Hope – Horton

    EJ? – DiMera

    I’ve already posted…. I’m heartsick…. about Peter Reckell.

    Toast to “Fancyface” – Ciara – Shawn D. and his Mom Caroline.

    I don’t even know what to “type”…. Thank you Peter Reckell…. for 30 years of outstanding acting.


  13. Jessi says:

    Bo IS Days and its sad to see him leave. I understand though where Peter is coming from and wish him nothing but that best!


  14. Iakovos says:

    This is sad news even though we knew it coming. I know not every character can be front and center, but every character can be meaningful, vibrant, and vital. Seems daytime lately is forgetting this in matters of money and ratings. Characters and the actors who portray them are the draw, along with cohesive strong plots (and I am not talking about cliches!). Today’s world offers so many stories and experiences to esplore in the body of a middle-aged sexy man as Bo Brady, and I am not talking spy capers and international folderol. Legacy characters are particularly important to the daytime canvas. Maybe Reckell one day can return to DOOL and Salem? We hope so.


  15. EN WESTERMAN says:

    I have watched DAY’S OF OUR LIVES since the first day it aired. I am verry sad that Petter Rechell will no longer be there. He and Christin were such a joy to watch togather. PLEASE tell us that she will continue to be appart of the show. I wish him the very best of luck and hope the producers realize how much his part in Day’s is so important to the fans. Day’s will no longer be the same without him…..


  16. Shelley says:

    Another sad day to see one of my DOOL favorites exit! :(
    I wish Peter the best of luck in whatever endeavors he wants to pursue.
    Hope is not the same without Bo and vice-versa; however, I do not want to see a replacement Bo. Peter Reckell IS Bo Brady!


  17. carly fan 2 says:



  18. Emily says:

    DOOL and Bo & Hope is what got me hooked on soaps!!! I was 13 yrs old and my friend watched it all the time. I never understood soaps til I sat w/her and watched. B4 I knew it….Peter Reckell played Bo w/such intensity and believability. I got the sense that there was a lot of Peter in Bo. I was hooked on DOOL, Bo & Hope, super couples and romance, romance!!! In the 80′s DOOL had super couples galore and they all had great chemistry, but my fav was Bo and Hope. Love Peter and Kristian, stil watch’em. I wonder if long time soap couples are that diff from real life married 1′s? All the best to Peter Reckell.


  19. Phil says:

    Recast….I DON’T want to see another Bo and Hope break up….I know many don’t think the role is recastable, but it was done before…I am sorry, but Bo is not on the short list of DAYS characters who should never be recasted.


  20. NeeNee says:

    Peter has left the door open to return, by his statement that “I do not want to give up Bo, and with luck, in the future, will be able to return to the character that I fought so hard to preserve.” Perhaps this started out as a financial issue, but it sounds like he was boxed into a corner. Corday is smart enough to know that you never say “never again” to one of the few remaining core characters.

    Here’s hoping Peter Reckell takes some time off and can come back to a re-energized storyline. I’m betting that Bo is the victim of some kind of violence and is presumed dead, much like FancyFace Hope was back when she ostensibly fell into Ernesto’s vat of acid years ago. Kristian Alfonso was on one of the night-time soaps then, and traded Days for that. But we all know that didn’t last and so she returned. Ditto Deidre Hall. New technology has really upset the apple cart of traditional programming, not to mention the abyssmal economy. Let’s hope that next year at this time we have new faces at the helm that will bring back our economy AND values!!!


  21. kelly says:

    i cannot believe that peter reckell is leaving dool… Bo and Hope are dool and without both of them this show will sink and go under.. I for one have watched for 16 years every day and have never missed an episode.. And it saddens me so much today after reading the news bo is leaving i had to erase days from my dvr.. i love Bo and Hope they brought me so much joy everyday… Days in this time of needing every faithful viewer you have u cannot afford to upset your loyal fan base by getting rid of the people who make dool what it is.. get rid of all the new people u keep hiring and keep Bo Brady on my screen at any and all cost.. until that day comes you have lost me as a viewer and many others i know as well……


  22. Sue says:

    I still find it hard to belive this is happening. This may be an end of an era. It’s a long shot that he would return to Days.

    This s a big blow to Days. Peter was one actor that got better and better with age. The scenes where Bo talks about or remembers Zac bring me to tears.

    I’m really going to miss one of my favorite characters and actors on daytime. Peter your the best.


  23. Cafe222 says:

    Peter Reckell is the only Bo Brady to me. Can’t believe Days let him get away.
    Peter is incredibly talented and I know he will do fine in the future. I wish him nothing but the best.


  24. Cafe222 says:

    Can’t blame him for leaving – Days has not used him to his full potential for quite some time.


  25. Jared says:

    Very disappointing news. Another great moving on. Please no recast, especially if it is RKK. I couldn’t stand it the first time around.


  26. sheryl says:

    Going to miss Peter, Good luck in whatever you decide to do. We can’t believe all the people leaving Days we hope Days won’t be taken off the air like AMC and OLTL. You are all going to be misses very much.


  27. Patrick says:

    So much is happening, behind the scenes at DAYS… if you’ve been a fan follower, in what seems like forever… and DOOL… is a staple… and one watches, for their own reasons… it’s gut-wrenching… a rude awakening… i’ve been watching for nearly as many years as Mr. Peter Reckell.. has been involved… with the legacy that DAYS is… to the Genre… we’ve all loved… and still support.

    the hardest part to take… heck.. DEAL with… is when, and viably so… that it’s always the changing of the guards… Peter came in and took his place… and contributed… and now.. he’s leaving the door open… and leaving room for another “generation”…

    this wouldn’t be so hard to bear… if the writing… was up to par… reason… we love our actors… and are so sure… that if given the chance… ie: writing… these actors… are more than capable, and want to be with “us”. well, that’s my “rationale”.

    OK… if i don’t make sense… i have to share my take… in an ideal world… the production costs… would keep us all happy.

    I can only hope they keep the door open for Mr. Reckell, to return… to his “Fancyface”.


  28. SUSAN says:





  29. Tonya says:

    You’ll be greatly missed. I hope in the near future if you would be able to come back.


  30. Kathy Richardson says:

    It is because of Bo and Hope that I have watched DOOL so long-probably 35-40 years. I watched them when they first met, she married Larry, was rescued by Bo, and all in between. It is the love that Bo & Hope share that makes me hopeful that someday I would find that kind of love. It will NOT be the same without Bo. I know it had to be a difficult decision, and Peter has his reasons, I just don’t have to like them. Peter has grown into a wonderful actor and will be missed so much I cry just thinking about it. I’ve had many dreams–literally, that I’ve met Bo and Hope in person and wish it were true because I really do love them both. I do wish Peter the best, I only wish the powers that be would have given him what he wanted so he’d stay because it won’t be the same. It’s like peanut butter without the jelly. May God bless you Peter, and hopefully you’ll be back to DOOL because you and Hope are my hero’s.


  31. gabster1 says:

    I no longer watch the Sami show but wish Peter all the best. I never saw the Bope appeal and always considered Hope to be a whiny thing who pouts and stomps her feet when denied her way. Bo was always at fault for something or other. She never grew up at all. See you in Venice and the Grove, Peter!


  32. Danielle says:

    I do hope that Bo does stay on DOOL I would hate to continue watching the show without him. That’s like taking sammie off the show or even EJ. This show is losing it touch.


  33. Susan Copeland says:

    Please tell me this is so wrong! Bo and Hope make my day! All I can ask is that I can ask is that the powers to be to do everything within their power to get him to stay. I just can’t think of “Days” without him. Please, please Peter don’t go! We love you!


  34. Sarah says:

    Like so many others, I had a lump in my throat as soon as I saw Peter’s first tweet regarding his exit. Peter created one of the most popular character’s in television history. Over the past 29 years I have watched Days.I have enjoyed several of his pairings. Unforunately, the writing was on the wall when Days failed to give Peter the storyline he so richly deserved – a dynamic triangle with Hope and Carly. For many years Bo had been nothing more than a handbag for Hope. The return of Carly was an opportunity for Peter to be front and centre again. But Days inexcusable failure to create an excellent storyline for all involved demonstrated they no longer valued Peter’s worth. As sad as his departure is, I for one can not blame him for choosing to leave. I wish him nothing but the best for the future. To those “fans” who have claimed he’s disloyal for not resigning to remain onscreen with Kristian, remember, he has given us 29 years of loyalty. There comes a time when enough is enough and I praise Peter for taking a stand.


  35. Laura says:

    Peter, you will be very missed, I have been watching the show when it first aired and in black and white I might add, watching you a sexy long hair motorcycle rider and your beautiful co star Hope, grow as kids on the show to super stars of today. It is bitter sweet to see you leave the show. I hope in the future you will make a stop when your daugther marries.
    You have touch our hearts and there will never be another Bo Brady- your loyal fan


  36. Fran says:

    So sorry to see you leave Peter. I was wishing it wasn’t true, I have watched DAYS since it started and loved the Hortons & Bradys. You and Kristan are my super couple and you should not be replaced. There is noone else to play Bo. I hope they wise up and call you back because the ratings will go down. Ken, there are other people you could let go. Let some of the young ones go and keep Peter.
    The story of Gabi going after Chad is overdone. PETER SHOULD NOT BE REPLACED.
    I wish you luck and hope you will come back to a good story.
    Wise up writers and Ken Corday.


  37. Lis says:

    Such terrible news. Right when I thought the story lines were starting to come together. Bo was always one of my favorites….what does this mean for Hope? Dont tell me it is going to be like bringing Kayla back and not having Steve….it just doesnt make sense. I agree with a former post.. Gaby can go…. Give us a really good super couple again….haven’t seen that in a while


  38. RJ says:

    Peter please don’t go! You were my mother’s favorite and she watched because of you. Now with Renee gone, how can us the loyal fans continue to watch without you there? What is Hope to do without you? Please reconsider and please make the right choice and stay with the show. Like so many of us know there are others who should go, and won’t be missed.. You are not one of them. We know the show isn’t where it should be, but as one of the oroginal’s the show is better because of you.


    Kallie Dalene replied

    I responded to the last message where someone said that Bo is her mother’s favorite. Bo is also my mother’s favorite. She’s in her 90s and won’t be hapy seeing him go. Peter has to do what’s right for him. Mom won’t like to see him go but she’ll be okay.

    My father died in 1994. He LOVED watching Days. Mom and Dad watched it together. My dad watched it until a month or two before he died. I hadn’t liked soaps very much but this made me realize how it puts some joy and excitement into the lives or some.

    I don’t mind seeing Sami a lot. She adds some interest to the story. I like Rafe a lot because I like to have some real heros. You gotta have heros like John and Marlena. (You gotta have villins, too.)


  39. JANICE says:



  40. Javen says:

    My goodness, on top of Stefano this is a real shock and not a good one. If “Bo” does not like his character then the writers need to get busy and fix this. The role can’t be recast. It has been to long for that to work. Give the man what he wants and let’s keep going. We need Bo, Hope,Stefano, Kate, Marlena, EJ and Sami . They are all vital to this soap. Sometimes, plots just don’t go well and all that has to be done is WRITE it differently. People don’t think about how hard it is to write a story five days a week and we need to give them more credit ,but, if people start to rebel and leave the show this must be addressed and fixed . Bring in more minor actors and play around with that but leave our main actors in place. They are the icons of Days. I will agree that Bo has been put in a position of boredom and has been unexciting lately, but he can be revived and made exciting again. Give him back his fire and sex appeal and he will stay. Let Bo and Hope act like we know them to be–not so old and matronly. Writers, start writing! Javen


  41. diane says:

    I do understand your decision. many of us are unemployed because of the economy. many of us my age(57) if lucky to find another job have had to take huge paycuts. I understand as an actor you want good storys to play. I don’t know if you need to find something else or won’t be acting at all. I think bo & hope have reached a status that should be stable. I love when the 2 of you are working together and read each others thoughts. Other people could have the big stories in which the 2 of you can be involved. i sincerely hope you will reconsider. You and hope (characters have always been my favorite) sometimes just knowing you bring joy to your fans life could be enough. please don’t go. your fan diane.


  42. Myra Jefferson says:

    The show put a new Bo in the part back in 91 or 92 and that did not work out for Peter to come back into now. I think the show should not part anymore acters in the part. They are not right because they did not make the Bo Brady like Peter did from the start. His been on there for years. That is a lot of time and writing plus film people never for get. I lot of these shows try to write things but you can’t if they are done and taped that is for ever. Good luck.


  43. jean taono says:

    I have watched Days for many years and have loved it, especially Bo, Hope, Marlena and John. These characters provided great stability. Then, things started to change, for the worse. Bo brings so much to the show and will be very missed. How foolish on the part of the network! I wish him and his family the very best. Thanks for the special memories.


  44. Tommie Bjorensen says:

    I am so sad and want to cry. It has been Bo and Hope my favorites. I have
    watched it years and years, almost the whole time you have been on. My
    Mother was 87 when she passed and could not see but loved listening to the
    show. And could pretty well figure everyone out. But like me Bo and Hope
    were our favorites. Of course I wish you the best Peter (Bo) but it will not be
    the same without you. And what is hope gonna do. Love you and will miss
    you terribly. I hope you let us know where you will be. Tommie B.


  45. Elaine says:

    I think if Days would have given Bo a good story line he would still be at DOOL ! What will Hope do without him? Do not replace Bo !!! I hope he isn’t gone for long, and will be back with a good storyline for Bo and Hope to be reunited!! I will no longer watch DOOL til he comes back. Please come back, Peter Reckell !!


  46. Terry laval says:

    I cannot believe you are Leaving days. You are my all time favorite. Days will not be the same without you for sure. I will greatly miss your appearance on days and I hope they Do not replace you. You are bo Brady and you made his character unique and special. Good luck to you Peter and hurry on back to days. Luv ya Bo Brady and I will miss your handsome smile.


  47. Linda says:

    How can they possibly recast Bo? That just would not work. Peter has been there for too long. He is Bo. Bring him back. ASAP.


  48. Marilyn says:

    I have been a fan of days for 45 years and I will really miss Bo I hope they don’t decide to recast no one could ever take Peter’s place


  49. Broughton says:



  50. Jo says:

    Peter I am sorry to see you and hope to see you come back some day. Are you leaving before they cancel DOOL?


  51. Randi says:

    I understand why Peter is leaving. DOOL needs to get rid of all the cheap talent they have hired, get new writers and add a few more product placements that are so amusing and then maybe they can afford to keep the good talent and return to the smarter story lines that have kept viewers loyal over the years.


  52. Kathy says:

    Just can’t believe it. Only reason I’ve watched the show forever was because of Bo and Hope. Don’t know that I’ll be that loyal once he leaves.
    I wish him well.


  53. Sue Parrett says:

    I am saddened to hear that you are leaving the show , I have been watching since 1981 and you are why I kept watching . I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and pray your not gone for long.
    Best Wishes,


  54. G english says:

    I can’t imagine Days without Peter Reckell, Bo. He is the salt of the earth. What is wrong with the Corday people? Don’t they believe in the actors? They are the show to the viewer. I have been watching Days for 40 years. This move is worthly of my not watching Days any more


  55. Angie says:

    NO! Just, NO!!! Take a break if you have to, but come back to us!!! Perhaps, Bo & Hope could find out that Zach is still alive and Bo sets out to find him… Hope stays home in case Zach tries to contact them and to take care of Sierra. BUT THIS CANNOT BE THE END!!!! No way!!!


  56. anne paraskevas says:

    I am heartbroken, been watching since 1982. You are the core of the show. Best of luck to you and \i hope and pray for your return.. because to a lot of us you are a part of our family… so many memories, Alice and her famous donut caper! I say send Roman away to Europe ISA business and get rid of a few others and keep BO DAMM IT!!


    barbara t. Loves one life to live # 1 replied

    Hopefully he changes his mind and stays.


  57. jennifer says:

    Of all the things that have happened on Days lately-Bo leaving is not something I could have ever imagined. It is a real shame when writers spend time on that ridiculous Gabi-Chad stupid fiasco,but, seem to put absolutely no effort into writing something worthwhile for Peter’s character. It this was some type of money situation-there are so many annoying characters on Days (especially the young ones!) that could have been let go to free up money to keep Peter. I guess now Hope will join the list of Days women without their life partner such as Kayla & also soon Jennifer. These writers appear to be trying to do everything in their power to destroy this show with some of the lazy storylines lately. Add to that Lexie leaving, Stefano gone & soon Peter leaving & Days begins to lose a lot of luster. If major characters continue to be let go & the writing continues to be subpar at best-this show will continue to go down the toilet. It’s a shame what has become of Days, it really is…


    Sharon Jones replied

    Amen to this


    Diane E. replied

    Jennifer, I so agree with you! I have been watching Days for almost 30 years! I am very sad to see Peter leave his role of Bo! For whatever reason, I do hope that someday soon, he will reprise his role and Bo and Hope will one day be, reunited! They could and should “cut” the character of Gabi and let Melanie stay with Chad! Keep Bo and Hope together (let Peter stay as Bo)! If they cut out this “nonsense” of “gay men” on the show…that would free up money to keep Peter (Bo) and others that are most valuable to the show! Then, put Daniel back together with Jennifer…EJ and Nicole…Rafe and Carrie…Sami and Lucas…Brady and Madison (Sarah Brown) and put together (again) Roman and Kate and then…the show would be on the right track again! Peter, I wish you all the best in your future! May Health and Happiness follow you and may the Lord God in Heaven above…watch over you…now and always! So long! I will miss seeing you on Days! :) One of Days “faithful” fans

  58. Sharon Jones says:

    I love Bo…I say leave the door open for him to return…The show will not be the same…I have been watching the show for 46 years…Bo I love you…PLEASE dont leave…..Please have someone take his place like before…..But bring him back soon…Hope would be lost without him….


  59. Gail Harden says:

    I cannot even begin to imagine Days without Bo, Please don’t leave for good. You have been a part of my heart for many years.


  60. Do says:

    This is the worse thing to happen. Bo and Hope were the main characters, the core of it all. Horrible loss.


  61. Cassie says:

    I don’t know why you are leaving but Im sure its a good reason, it has to be hard to be on a soap for so many years, you dedicate so much of your time, but I love your character and I am so thankful to all of the actors and actresses that do it!!! :) I’m also thankful to your families who are supportive of what you do. I hope you can return to the show soon!!!


  62. Cassie says:

    If they let you go then that’s a huge mistake!!!!!! I consider you one of the main characters that is the foundation of days


  63. Diane E. says:

    Wow! I have been watching Days for almost 30 years! The show was at it’s “best” when the story lines were mostly about Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Shane and Kimberly, Steve (Patch) and Kayla! These Super-Couples is what made Days so awesome to watch! I have to say that Bo and Hope, John and Marlena are such a part of my life…5 Days a Week…that to me…they are like “friends” to me! The sad reality is…I know who they are…but, they don’t know me and if they did…perhaps we “all” would be great friends in real life! :) I am very sad to see Peter leave his role of Bo! For whatever reason, I do hope that someday soon…he will reprise his role and Bo and Hope will one day be “Reunited”! As for the newer characters…I am also sad to see Sarah Brown (Madison) leave…Madison and Brady are such a great couple too! Then, there is Molly Burnett (Melanie) who is a great actress! Melanie and Chad are a great couple too! I was really hoping that Rafe (Galen Gering) and Carrie (Christie Clark) would continue as a couple on the show as well…great couple with great chemistry! There really was something “missing” this time around…between Carrie and Austin! Nicole and EJ make a great pair, as do Daniel and Jennifer! Now with Matthew Ashford (Jack) also leaving Days…perhaps they can reunite Daniel and Jennifer! What about Roman? Why isn’t he back with Kate…instead of Ian? What would really make the show much better is…do away with the “gay story lines”…there’s more than enough of that kind of thing…in real life! Make the show about genuine “love” between a man and a woman, again! I just don’t know what will happen to Days now… with so many of the “prime” characters (actors and actresses) leaving! As for you “Bo”…Peter Reckell…I wish you all the “best” in your future! May Health and Happiness follow you and may the Lord God in Heaven above…watch over you…now and always! So long! I will miss seeing you on Days! :) One of Days “faithful” fans…Diane E. (in Texas)


  64. Diane E. says:

    Wow! I have been watching Days for almost 30 years! The show was at it’s “best” when the story lines were mostly about Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Shane and Kimberly, Steve (Patch) and Kayla! These Super-Couples is what made Days so awesome to watch! I have to say that Bo and Hope, John and Marlena are such a part of my life…5 Days a Week…that to me…they are like “friends” to me! The sad reality is…I know who they are…but, they don’t know me and if they did…perhaps we “all” would be great friends in real life! :) I am very sad to see Peter leave his role of Bo! For whatever reason, I do hope that someday soon…he will reprise his role and Bo and Hope will one day be “Reunited”! What would really make the show much better is…do away with the “gay story lines”…there’s more than enough of that kind of thing…in real life! Make the show about genuine “love” between a man and a woman, again! I just don’t know what will happen to Days now… with so many of the “prime” characters (actors and actresses) leaving! As for you “Bo”…Peter Reckell…I wish you all the “best” in your future! May Health and Happiness follow you and may the Lord God in Heaven above…watch over you…now and always! So long! I will miss seeing you on Days! :) One of Days “faithful” fans…Diane E. (in Texas)


  65. susan cooper says:

    Thank you for your loyalty on days bo Brady is a very nice person and so is Peter reckell you will be missed I watched the very first episode many years ago good luck


    susan cooper replied

    Good luck always Susan in michigan


  66. susan cooper says:

    I’m glad Carrie is gone she seemed to be a husband snatcher sc in michigan


  67. Karen says:

    Watching Days of our lives forever ……They should make you a better storyline get you away from boring HOPE…..It’s was great when u were with Carly…..They should make u go psyco or something exciting …..It’s a shame ur leaving ..After all u r BO….I can think of a good storyline for you…. Have the writers send me a text……


  68. ml says:

    Yes recast bo. He should try other things.


  69. cyndi says:

    I can’t believe that the writers of Dool would even think of letting Bo leave , HE is DOOL as Hope and why according to my group of family and friends watch Days!!! They could get rid of Gabi, Rafe, Jennifer Abby and keep Bo and make story lines worthy of Bo & Hope again, love our favs EJ & Sammi have steamy scenes and you need the vilians Stefano or it will get boring, boring!!! We are also glad John & Marlena are back you need the favs and maybe some good new characters but if this keeps up we will stop watching. We are glad to have Bo still on but when he is no longer on we may not watch please help him to stay if you can give him the stories worthy of his talent, too many Brady;s and dimera’s are gone which made days the show it is today!! We do not think Bo can be recast either try to keep him or recast him later!!! Peter you will always be one of our favorites and pray for you and your family and maybe you will not leave!!! We watched days today and you were on as well as Hope and you got letters from the police force about pay cuts and you bought a sailing magazine and we all looked at each other thinking you may not be on much longer but the writers will see it’s a very bad mistake and could be the end of days forever!!!! We will miss you Peter {BO} and you can’t be replaced luv your fans!!


  70. Bo Brady Fan says:

    Truly is ridiculous Peter leaving DOOL. Bo has always been one of the major characters. He deserved to have been given better storylines. Hopefully, his departure will be extremely short-lived once the writers realize what a mistake they have made. Whole thing seems so wrong. He should stay with his fancyface. So many horrible,annoying & useless characters on Days ( the teens for example ) & yet they get rid of our beloved Bo- MAKES NO SENSE! If Days continues to eliminate major characters (such as Lexie & Bo) They are going to lose a lot more fans. Very sad what’s happening on Days. The writers should have more regard for the fans because we’re the ones who actually watch the show. To Peter/Bo, I won’t say bye I’ll just say “Until you return to Days” (sooner rather than later). Until that happens-good luck to you!


  71. Trina LeCompte says:

    Love Peter Reckell, love Bo Brady, will miss seeing his handsome face. He has given me many years of exciting story lines and good times. It’s like losing an old friend. As always though, hope it won’t be permanent. One of the best looking guys on TV! Good bye and good luck.


  72. Sindee Mtz says:

    Ughhhhhhhh…. OMG!! What the heck !!!! I’m sick to my stomach just knowing that Peter reckell is leaving I said that once Francis Reid was no longer on the show I’d stop watching but I never did but now that no more BO ughhhhhhhh why watch anymore just imagine what kinda crap were gonna watch if we continue watching w/o Super Couple Bo and Hope : (


  73. Jo says:

    I hate to see DOOL changing so much. Peter has been a BIG part of this show. Seems to me that the writers should write a story line for Bo and keep this talented actor in Days. I also wish that the story lines were as great as they were when Bo and Hope were young. What a great show it was. I did not miss a show in at that time. Tom and Alice, Roman and Marlena and on it went. Wonderful show. But Peter leaving is like turning the lights off for the last time. Bye Bo, it has been a good ride.


  74. Rhonda Ely says:

    What I’m going to do is leave him a comment I left on another site about the subject. This was addressed to Days itself and this is how I feel.

    Then I’m gone. ESPECIALLY if you mess with him and Hope again. If you people would EVER give us something to believe in we might continue to watch. Why do you think we watch these things? To escape from reality and search for hope in people like Bo and Hope. If you have no anchors in the show anymore you have NOTHING. If the good guy never wins and love no longer “conquors all” then we have no reason left to watch. Hiring writers who weren’t old enough to know the history of these characters and what they would and would not ever do was your first mistake. Hiring people who wouldn’t care enough about their job to really read the story lines and scripts of the past and do their home work and not managing it sooner was paramount. It would be different if he left the show and they rode off into the sunset together again but you insult our intelligence by writing that he would cheat on her with CARLY for the love ot God. I am shocked he didn’t leave sooner. Alice Horton always told us that “love conquored all” and THAT was the basis, backbone and mantra of your show and then you THREW IT IN THE TRASH I don’t know how many times over, right along with Dedra Hall and Drake Hogesty and your class. I read Peters comments. He stepped into this role when he was younger and other’s were moved aside so he could do so and now he has to step aside because his place has fallen to someone else in much the same way. If tha’ts code for you are canning him for the salary of some young guy……… need to MATURE enough to realize that the kind of charisma Peter Rekell has DOESN’T AGE! The kind of attraction he elicits from women with his boyish charm and white knight persona is AGELESS and while Rafe and some of the younger guys are great and gorgeous there is NO Rafe or EJ. Lucas, Chad {puke} or Daniel {no thank you} that can compare at ANY AGE! You fools. You fools once. You fools AGAIN!!! 38 FRICKIN YEARS and I’m GONE!!!! That’s what you’re gonna get ACROSS THE BOARD! Wait and SEEEE. You deserve what you get. Your Days {without Bo} are numbered…………and PLEASE….DON’T disrespect the iconic character that Peter Rekell created or Peter himself or Francis Reed {for God’s sake} by trying to replace him with another Bo AGAIN!! That doesn’t work. SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS!!!!!


  75. Cathy Norwood says:

    It is absurd to think that Bo Brady can just walk away. Brady’s are tougher than that. This has got to affect Hope & Ciara. How can husband & father just leave them. Bo is just part of the story. What is wrong with the writers? Pushing the decent people out. Stefano could have stayed dead for all that matter. Days is getting to where I do not want to watch anymore. The stuff they bring in to take the place of the tried & true characters is just not it is cracked up to be. Please keep Bo!


  76. kathy says:

    please do not recast bo, peter reckell is bo brady.i have watched since i was a teen.please let him return as the bo brady he has always been. we love him


  77. Suzy Ashford says:

    I would like him to return in the future, he has been on the show for a long time, and will miss him. Taking his mom for treatment was a nice way of doing it.
    What will Hope be doing now without him? The lady who has played gran for so many years will be missed also.


  78. Leona Hughes says:

    I have been watching Days since it started and I love the character Bo Brady. He and Hope are great and I hate to see Bo leave. Just don’t kill him off. Make it possible for him to come back sometime in the near future. Hope and Ciara need him, so does the rest of the show. Besides he has to nail Stefano, remember?

    Good Luck Peter, you will be greatly missed.

    Leona Hughes, Kentucky


  79. L. Davidson says:

    Bring Peter (Bo)Reckell back!!!!!


  80. Patti from Delaware says:

    I have been a fan of Days for well over 40 years! I am so sad to find out that Peter is leaving after all of these years. No one can ever take his place. I remember years ago when someone else played Bo for a while, no comparison. What is Hope to do w/o Bo?! Or better yet, Kristian w/o Peter? I can’t believe this, what’s happening to my favorite, life- long, show? In today’s world, with soaps going off the air, why loose one of your staple personalities? I am truly going to miss Bo and Hope!


  81. Jennifer Bulgin says:

    I have been following this show ever since I was a teenager in high school. I am now 51! One of the reasons why I continue to watch it is because of the characters ” Bo & Hope” I truly believe that the characters they play is what they are like in their separate ” real lives”. And what girl back then didn’t have a crush on ” Bo Brady” If the show replaces Peter with someone else, I definitely will not continue to watch it. You,PeterReckell, are irreplaceable! And , furthermore, I may not continue to watch it at all!! The new can never replace the old :(


  82. Liz Ronspies says:

    I respect Peter’s decision to leave Day’s but don’t know if I will continue to watch the show. It just won’t be the same. I have watched the show from day 1, I am 68 years old and don’t miss a day. I record it if I will be gone but sad to say that many of my friends that also watch it do NOT like the kissing and bed scenes of the gay guys. I know this is how it is now days but don’t shove it in out face like that. Please!
    I only wish the best for Peter but hope he shows up once in awhile on the show. What is going to happen to Hope now?


  83. Lila Snow says:

    Absolutely cant replace him with someone else since the chemistry between Bo/Hope cant be replaced- its truly magical- after seeing his wifes photo I cant picture them like I see Hope/BO. I have been watching the show for 39 years since I was a child practically! After Lexie left – and many others it just wasnt the same- Phillip was a good character that I thought would take over his dads business. Now that Peter is leaving—so am I!


  84. Cheri says:

    I am so upset over Peter Reckell leaving Dool. I cannot believe the writers/producers have let him leave. Give him what he needs to make him change his mind and stay! If it’s about storyline or pay, just do it! He deserves it!!! He has put his blood, sweat , and tears creating the character of Bo Brady these last 30 years and he is an icon that you cannot afford to lose! I have watched the show since Bo and Hope first aired in 83 and I was only 13 yrs old. I am 42, and have been a loyal viewer since (except through Marlena’s possession storyline which I could not stand). I have grown up with Bo and Hope and they are the ultimate supercouple! Bo is every woman’s (good guy/bad boy) dream man and he and Hope are one of the only reasons I continue to watch the show. It was the best in the 80′s with the great storylines, on location shoots like New Orleans, the Island, London, etc and with the fan fav couples like Kim and Shane, Kayla and Steve, Marlena and John, and Jen and Jack. These are the beloved characters to us, not these new young teens on the show. You CANNOT recast Bo! Peter Reckell is the ONLY Bo there should ever be! Peter, in my opinion, you are irreplaceable as Bo! I truly thought that Bo and Hope would eventually be like the next Tom and Alice on the show as the years went on. Peter’s departure is a huge loss for the fans of the show, and for fans of Bo and Hope. Peter and Kristian have created something magical between their characters that always make us fans root for them. I only hope Corday sees the error of his ways sooner rather than later and begs for Peter’s return to the show. Peter: Dool is not Dool without you on it!! You have done a fabulous job of making us fall in love with Bo Brady over the years, and we love you and your acting. We will miss you! Hope your absence is short-lived and you will come back to us fans soon! Watching you and Hope is what kept me hanging on the show all these years, and it’s funny how a tv show can make you feel like you are losing an old friend…


  85. Michelle says:

    I am sad that Peter is leaving the show. I have watched this show since the early 80′s. Bo and Hope were the show. They are just a couple that should stay together like Tom and Alice. I do not think Peter should be replaced with someone else. This happened one other time and it was just that the same as having Peter play the role. Peter is Bo. I will miss him greatly and just don’t know how much longer I am going to continue to watch this show. They continue to let all the good players leave, it is very sad.


  86. Birdie Martin says:

    Peter is the reson i started looking at Days him and Hope she just count go on with out him he was the show and i think the show will go down hill now but i hope not my heart is breaking but i hope Peter and his wife all the best from your friend for ever


  87. deb Graumenz says:

    Peter i have loved Bo and Hope from the beginning. I think you just got even more handsome as you got older and filled out. Love the 80′s w Larry Welsh and Hope and Bo. you are the only one too play Bo. He fits you and you made him real to us. I’m really sad Hope doesn’t have her soulmate anymore. I’m very sad you are gone.
    I’m sad Days doesn’t have the purity like it did when Alice and Tom were here.
    No gay stuff then. Wish you the best and come back too Dool.


  88. Ann Pritchett says:

    Sorry to see that Bo is not on Days anymore. I have watched this show many, many years
    I hope you the best of luck Peter. What are your plans for the future?


  89. Donna says:

    It was a very sad moment for me when I read the soap opera digest in the store. There is no one better to play this character. I hope that his departure is a short one and that one day he will return to the show I dearly love . I will miss him.


  90. shirleyterry says:



  91. susan-young says:

    im am sadened that bo is leaving us but hope he returns -him and hope–john and marlana make the show ive watched for over 30 yrs religusly everyday and he has that beautiful daughter on the show it will NOT be the same without bo


    susan-young replied

    very sad–he can not be replaced


  92. Kathy Parks says:

    since he left Hopes part seems to be slow and not going no where…I’ve been watching Days since I was a kid and got old right along with these people….Bo,please come home…we miss you….


  93. Anne says:

    So sorry Bo left. I cried so much when he died on the show… I been watching him and Hope since day one… Im goning to miss you so much Bo…Days won’t be the same. It was always you and Hope… I wish you didn’t leave .. can you come back Bo ?…


  94. BARB says:



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