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18 September 15th, 2010 P&G spokesperson Tharrington:”P&G wanted to keep ATWT on the air for another year but CBS canceled it!”

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Jeannie Tharrington, Proctor and Gamble Spokesperson out of Cincinnati, where the P&G headquarters is located, had this to say in a new article out today on about the end of As the World Turns historic run, P&G getting out of the soap business, and that the company had hoped that ATWT had a few more years left before it was taken off life-support.

Tharrington stated: “The world has changed radically since “The World” started spinning stories in 1956 sponsored by Oxydol or Duz detergents. Not only are a lot of women not home anymore, there’s also competition from cable, DVRs and online videos like YouTube.  We’re certainly proud of  As The World Turns. The legacy soaps that got us into production created a chance for us to do other shows.  P&G wanted to keep As The World Turns on the air for another year or two, but CBS canceled it.  P&G tried to move the show to another network, cable, syndication or online without success.”

Marie Masters who has played Susan Stewart for 40 years, and is a native of Ohio, had this to say about the sadness she feels in her heart with the end of the series this week:As The World Turns ends with main character Dr. Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retiring. The taping was chaotic and crazy. People were crying and laughing and breaking down. They respected the format. I liked that. Life in Oakdale goes on. But there will never be closure. It’s heart-breaking that they (P&G) are out of the business.”

Now that P&G is officially out of the soap game it has shifted pursuit of consumers to producing quarterly family movies on NBC with Walmart; working with producer America Ferrera (“Ugly Betty”) on MTV’s new “Pedro & Maria” telenovela; producing the “People’s Choice Awards”; and making “My Black Is Beautiful” for BET. P&G has produced more than 50 TV movies and miniseries, plus “Circus of the Stars” and other specials.


“As The World Turns” ends with main character Dr. Bob Hughes (Don Hastings) retiring. The taping was “chaotic and crazy. People were crying and laughing and breaking down,” Masters said.

“They respected the format. I liked that. Life in Oakdale goes on,” Masters said. “But there will never be closure. It’s heart-breaking that they (P&G) are out of the business.”

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  1. Brock says:

    I am sorry but I do NOT believe the P&G statement. The spokesperson made a similar comment when the taping ending that the company had made a thorough and exhaustive effort to find a home for it. I read this and other sites and as well as message boards for months following the cancellation decision and never saw ONE thing suggesting that P&G was doing anything to try to find another spot for ATWT. I do remember reading one comment from a P&G official that the day of the soaps was over.

    If the company wanted out of the business (which appears to be the case), I would prefer if they simply just said that and not make after-the-fact statements like this that are not supported by past events. Kim Zimmer remarked after GL was cancelled that she believed P&G wanted out of the soap business. I am beginning to think she was right.. Personally, I view these throw away comments by P&G officials that they wanted to keep the show on the air as inaccurate and insulting.

    I’ll never understand why P&G just didn’t sell ATWT. The show had been on 54 years and, while no longer a powerhouse, it still had some value. Someone somewhere would have bought the show at a great price and, with some vision and changes, could have made some money off of it.


    Barb replied

    I’m with you Brock! P&G wanted out and they just got out–no ifs, ands or buts. I was a pre-teen when I joined my mom in watching this soap (along with Valiant Lady, Search for Tomorrow and Guiding Light) when they first appeared at 15-min intervals–LIVE!! I was enamored for years after that LOL! When the soaps went to 30 min, LIVE, well that truly was a treat beyond compare. It’s when they were expanded to the 1-hour format that things began to get messy. Then there was a soap on from Noon til 4…those were the days! Then we had the primetime soaps join in the foray; however, before too much time had passed, the cancelations began. Since I’m not a talk-show fan, a reality enthusiast, nor a cook-show person, guess I’ll be spending more time at the bingo hall! LOL!


  2. Craig says:

    As we all know that’s a bunch of bullshit. It was there dream to get out of soaps. They slowly down size and dumb size there soaps so much in hopes fans would turn be turned off. They have succeed. A slow and painful death.


  3. Joni says:

    CBS wanted to buy the rights back in ’96 when ATWT & GL were still profitable. But P&G said no.


  4. mmc says:

    i always thought if the show was moved to evening on cable, bravo ,etc. it might have had a chance.P&G says they tried and there were no takers.That really is sad because a lot of the shows on are sleazy and disgusting.A lot of the Reality shows are not watchable…the Jersey Shore, Housewives of NJ,The kardashians, and so many more.Of course we still have some great reality like Top Chef,etc. but so much on TV is not watchable at least not to me.But somebody’s watching, and what does that say about us?ATWT always had a core of decency, even with all the trials and tribulations many of the characters went threough.I’ll be hard pressed to find something to watch with my Grandchildren besides cartoons…maybe Jeopardy.Not much because it’s all about swearing, dressing like the corner hooker,and having no respect for anything.So sad that this show is ending …I think I’ll be spending more time in the library.


  5. Jane says:

    What really pisses me off is that the actress that currently plays Lily was will to step aside. But old Gouty said no. She is fine actress, but just want Martha back. Now who would do that.


    SnapeGirl replied

    I’ll tell you ‘who’ would do that. A man who ran our beautiful show into the ground by forgetting the ‘fans’ are what kept the show on the air for so long. He did everything in his power during his ‘reign’ over ATWT to destroy our lovely show. He took away the family connections, the gatherings, the bonds that made ATWT stand out from every other soap on TV. His decisions were poorly made and for his own personal reasons–NOT for the fans. That’s what killed it.


  6. Detours says:

    I can’t help but think that shows that are gone now (ATWT, GL) will re-surface in some way in the future. It’s an exciting time with the different vehicles that exist for telling stories – the web, YouTube, mobile devices, etc.

    we’ll see what happens. look at all the prime time shows that have gone away and then, years later, come back. it’s food for thought.


  7. Paula Polhamus says:

    When the Guiding Light went off the air I was so sad as though I lost my BFF. Now that As The World Turns is leaving I feel like they have forgotten about all the Grandma’s who listened and watched these soap’s.. My husband ‘s mom came from Grmany she was a “war bride” and learned how to speak listening to soap operas on the radio and then watching them when they came to air on t.v….. It is soooooooooooo sad that they have just forgotten how many lives they have reached and just to through it away…..


  8. Moviegal says:

    Brock: I have friends that work for P&G, and from what I gather, their statement is true. If you want to be mad at someone, that someone should be Les Moonves, who wanted to take this show so that he could provide a vehicle for his wife, Julie Chen.

    I loved the final show – I cried when Luke listened to Reid’s heart, and pretty much cried through the rest of the show. I loved the lighted, spinning globe at the end – proof that the world did not stop turning after all…we just aren’t privy to it’s effects any more.


  9. teresa says:

    perfectly stated. thank you. goutman and passanante destroyed the show. no question


  10. teresa says:

    perfectly stated. thank you. goutman and passanante destroyed the show. no question.
    this should have been posted after snapegirls comment


  11. Sally says:

    It is not housewives that watch soaps anymore. It has not been that way for years. My friends and I grew up in the 70′s watching our shows with our Moms. As teens in the 80′s we taped our shows and watched them when we got home from school. We also taped soap weddings. My Mom let me stay home and tape Cruz and Eden’s wedding without commercials. As an adult through the 90′s and now my friends and I still tape and watch our shows. Now there is the ability to watch the episodes on-line, and DVR them.

    We the fans are still here. I doubt the ratings system is accurate. All one has to do is see the love for the soaps on fb, twiiter, fan created web sites and fan posted soap clips on youtube. If there was some way to let all of us who continue to love our shows be counted AW, GL, ATWT would still be here. For now there is no way to count all of us, so the Networks can say the viewers are slipping.

    Yes some of the shows have lost viewers, but not as many as have been reported. I do believe that each show needs to get back to basics. Days needs to make the Hortons the center of the show, bring back Marlena and get rid of many cardboard characters. GH needs to revolve around the hospital and the Quartermaine and end the Sonny crap. They all need to revolve around what made each show great. They all need to revolve around family, love romance, social storylines and humor, and good old fashioned conversation. Watching old episodes of RH on SN reminded me how a good conversation kept you glued to the TV and wanting more.

    News flash CBS, NBC and ABC, if Daytime Soaps go, there is no reason to watch Daytime television. Do you really think anyone who has time during the day will watch TV? They will be Tweeting, FBing e-mailing Iming. Oh yes and watching soap clips on Youtube. Get a clue!!!!!!


  12. rose says:

    ive watched gl/atwt i have watch them everyday since i was a child now i m 37 years old and my daughter that is 7 she watched them with me fear well to all hope to see you all on someday


  13. Tim Key says:

    I won’t be dvr’ng any daytime shows if the soaps go. The soaps are entertaining and give me a reason to “tune in tommorrw”. ATWT was my show. It was like watching family. I grew tired of a few plotlines, but I also get tired of the plotlines on those endless detective shows too. There is NOTHING new under the sun. Both GL and ATWT could have been saved in some form, even if it was just 5 minutes internet web series. CBS is going to wish they had shows that such devotion.
    I just hope that they will consider putting out the shows on DVD’s or have some kind of tv special n the future to honor the PG soaps. As for the DVD (and books) on ATWT put me down. I’ll buy one (or two).


  14. Michelle says:

    This is a bunch of crap. P&G is blaming CBS and Barbara Bloom is blaming P&G. One thing is for sure, I do remember reading an article where Les Moonves said that ATWT wasn’t special enough to be saved. Well it was very special to me as well as a lot of other fans. It can’t be replaced and should have never been cancelled. I don’t care what you put on your daytime schedule to relace it, I won’t be watching. This was a big mistake. You might not realize it now, but you will later on. “The Talk” isn’t going to be special either.


    mmc replied

    Everybody is putting the blame on everybody else.I wonder if we’ll ever know the whole truth.The writers are intimating that they didn’t have total control as to the luke reid love story.That could be…but even so , the ending was so awful and as a long time viewer made me have such unhappy memories, wheras if everyone (especially Reid and Luke)had a happily ever after I could have looked back on this wonderful show with only happy memories!


  15. O says:

    They did’nt try hard enough to save the World Turns and Guiding light


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