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0 July 7th, 2009 Phillip admits he’s gay to Nina on “Y&R”, Bierdz makes statement.

biedrz.jpgToday is the day on “Y&R” that Thom Biedz, who just returned as Phillip Chancellor III,  admits that he is gay.  The truth unravels in a scene involving his wife, Nina. Thom Bierdz in marking today’s stunning change of events in soap history with his character,  had this to say about playing gay.  ”This summer The Young and the Restless will deal with Phillip Chancellor’s homosexuality in a very enlightened, empowering way.  I am SO HONORED to play this part!! Who woulda thought…20 years later!!”

As many know, Bierdz is an openly gay actor who stuggled with this issue early in his career on “Y&R”, and had to keep his sexuality hidden.  Bierdz is also the author of “Forgiving Troy” and world-reknowed artist and painter.

To view the video clip:

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