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7 July 22nd, 2010 Plans Revealed! How ATWT will deal with the death of Nancy Hughes!

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The big question on long time viewers of As the World Turns minds for months has been, ”How on earth is the show going to deal with the passing of Helen Wagner, as matriarch of the Huges Family, Nancy, before the shows goes off the air in September?”  Now it is revealed that ATWT will have Nancy quietly pass away on the August 30th episode. The soap will then pay tribute to both actress and character with a full farewell episode August 31. 

In an interview with TV Guide Magazine, As the World Turns, EP, Chris Goutman revealed, “We decided not to go the traditional route in paying tribute to Nancy because she made it clear she didn’t want anything fancy done. Instead, we pick up right after the ceremony with all the characters feeling like they need to do more for her. Casey takes the lead and challenges everyone to come up with a special way to honor Nancy, and that becomes our farewell episode. Life and love and death and imminent loss will all be colliding at once but that’s always been our town. It’s the kind of storytelling ATWT does best.”

What Goutman is referring to in that final statement is that Alison and Casey are about to announce they are engaged, and Chris Hughes wants to tell his family of his lethal heart condition, and then pow! Nancy is found dead by Bob! Hankies!

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  1. Rob says:

    Love it.

    So sad this show is ending when it hasnt been better in years…..


  2. md1347 says:

    Actually, I was thinking the opposite. I haven’t been watching because It’s boring.

    Looks like Nuke will be one of the only supercouples that will not be together in the end. Where’s Noah? It’s been a month now that he hasn’t been on. They are pimping Reid at the expense of reuniting Nuke and I think that sucks.


  3. Rob says:

    I dont know, I think Reid brought a spark to Luke that Noah never did, Luke spent too much tiome trying to please and help Noah while I feel that Reid brings out a more mature Luke.

    Either way its sad the show is ending.


  4. silvana says:

    I want Luke & Noah happy !!!!


  5. cathy says:

    Thats going to be a very sad episode of Nancy death but at least they are giving her a tribute she deserves it.

    But can’t believe again casey and allison are engaged that sucks.
    Chris with his hear problem i hope he his okay.

    The whole noah,luke,reid traingle never really happen its all about reid and luke falling in love.So me being a reid and luke fan i hope they end of together.

    Its pretty sad that writers really screwed up with noah they just push jake to the side.


  6. semaj says:

    can’t wait for dusty and janet to reunion i love dusty and janet together dusty and janet endgame


  7. patrick says:

    Inexcusable if ATWT doesn’t bring back Pat Bruder and Rosemary Prinz for Nancy’s funeral.


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