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3 July 27th, 2010 “Port Chuck” concert dates and tour info update!

The folks from the town famous for coffee importing and exporting, Francophrenia, sexy doctors who have trysts with their patients, spouses, and fellow medical team personal, in the supply closet at General Hospital,  are rolling into some cities near you!

That’s right!  The new band, Port Chuck featuring General Hospital’s, Scott Reeves, Bradford Anderson, and Brandon Barash, put together by Steve Burton,  are out on the road this fall.   And now new General Admission seating had been released and offered.

We hear now that Steve Burton, who will be on the tour,  may be singing with the group.  However, we assume Steve will also be doing his stand-up comedy. Here are some announced tour dates, and ticket information, which can also be found on their website.

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  1. Nancy says:

    My question is will the Port Chuck Band ever perform in mass??? If so could it possibly be sooner than later. I just love the guys but Steve burton has been my favorite since he walked into port charles Thanks Nancy


  2. Mitzi Latour says:

    I would like to purchase tickets to Port Chuck On Tour. I am having difficulty locating the link to purchase them. Could you please email the link to accomplish this ASAP. This will be a Birthday gift to my daughter.


  3. Lisa McKinley says:

    I love Steve Burton, I named my son , Jason after him, he will be 10 yreas old on Valentine’s Day, I love all the guys from Port Chuck, wil you ever be i Bakersfield, California?……I would give anything to see you guys & have my picture taken with Steve, & one with the whole group…….Steve (Jason) is so beautiful, & sexy, & Spanelli is awesome, Jhonny & Steve are also great…..plz send me the link so I may buy tickets to the show when it becomes local, I would give Anything, & I mean anything to meet u guys………….thx…………Lisa McKinley from Bakersfield, Ca


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