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12 November 24th, 2010 Power Performance of the Week: AMC’s Alicia Minshew!

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If you haven’t seen Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes of All My Children, you have missed the bravura performances of Alicia Minshew as Kendall, who learns the news of her husband Zach’s death from Ryan, and her mother, Erica.  As we find out, Zach perished in a plane crash helping Ryan and Greenlee in the David Hayward murder case. ( Although we also learn this week, David is alive!)

Minshew’s anguishing scenes as Kendall tries to deal and accept the death of her beloved soul-mate make her On-Air On-Soaps pick for this week’s Power Performance of the Week. From Kendall calling Zach’s cellphone just to hear his voice numerous times after she gets the news of his death, to confronting David Hayward while he is on the witness stand after learning he is alive and her husband is dead, to getting upset at Greenlee after learning she and Ryan are back together, and she is without her man, Minshew brought viewers to tears.

One of the most powerful moments occurred on Monday’s episode, when Kendall stops being in denial over Zach’s demise, once she sees that her sister, Bianca, is at her home to lend her moral support and confirm the news of Zach’s death.  It is then that Kendall realizes that Zach must be truly gone.  Ably supported by Susan Lucci (Erica), Christina Bennett Lind (Bianca), Cameron Mathison (Ryan) and Rebecca Budig (Greenlee), Minshew pulled out all the stops! 

And still there was more, when on Wednesday’s episode in a very understated and powerful scene, Kendall has chat with Griffin (Jordi Vilasuso).  The new doc who has arrived in Pine Valley, was at her home for a meeting with Zach only to find out he perished.  The conversation that ensued was delivered by Minshew on-point, and later Kendall tries to figure out how on earth she is going to tell her son, Spike, that daddy Zach is gone.

Make sure to click on the links above to go to to watch each of this week’s episodes of All My Children featuring Alicia!

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  1. Angel says:

    I love All My Children – I have been a fan of the show for a long time. I think the entire cast is amazing. Each playing such a vital part to making it what it is.
    When I heard news of Thorsten Kaye maybe not carrying on his part as Zach I was taken, for I have such admiration for this actor. I think he has contributed so much to AMC and has been a big part. I also enjoy his poetry. Very talented and gifted person. I thought AMC just wont be the same without him. Like many parts when the actor it is the orginal it is very hard to find another actor to replace them.
    For they make the character come to life and they give the part it’s own genuine touch. This week was intense and you could feel Alicia part as Kendall impact the mood. She did a great job with reflecting such heartfelt emotion. I was glad that they left it open with the possibility of hopefully Thorsten being found that he would be alive for future part. I hope that is the case. The chemistry these two characters have and what they give to their characters is a true talent.
    I wish them luck and happiness in whatever their endeavors may be.


  2. Susan says:

    Sorry Michael- Kendall did not meet Griffen for the first time on Wednesday. This was her second time meeting him on Wednesday. As for Lish’s performance–she is doing OK for the crap that has been given to her as per always. They are rushing this Zachs death mantra into 2 days and expecting Lish to perform miracles. Well some fans aren’t buying this crap. Its not realistic that everyone is accepting his Zachs death just on Ryans say so–I mean really–WTF is Ryan Lavery? I truly hope that Lish leaves this crap.


    Michael Fairman replied

    Hey Susan:
    thanks for your comments and pointing that out, and you are correct! And you know you also made a valid point about rushing the story and believing Ryan, all of these things in order to work or not, all hinge on the audience having to suspend believe, knowing the whole backstory of Thorsten leaving etc. When I look at the performance of Alicia I look at from purely how she handled the material given.
    Have a good one.


  3. Jane says:

    Alicia Minshew deserved the emmy a couple years ago during the Ian storyline and was robbed. I said if she didn’t win it then with the heartbreaking and amazing performances she gave she’d never when one. Well here we are again with some of the best work of her life and the best work of any actors career just like two years ago. She should be nominateed again this year and she should walk away with the EMMY. It wasn’t close the year she didn’t win (no one was in her league) and it’s not close this year but whether she wins or not remains to be seen.


  4. Gee Whiz says:

    Maybe Kendal can stop whining now and actually get a life of her own. Whine Whine Whine. I do not blame Zach, I’d die too listening to all that whining. I hope we do not have to see Kendal whining to long. Please God.


  5. Kathy J says:

    Thank you for recognizing Alicia’s amazing performance. She is finally getting the recognition she deserves. These performances have been some of the most powerful I’ve ever seen in soaps–or anywhere. She so deserves an emmy. I too hope to see Thorsten and Alicia acting together again–hopefully as Zach and Kendall.


  6. Jennifer W., Toronto says:

    Absolutely well deserved. I have never been so impressed by Alicia Minshew’s acting skills as I was this week. From the subtlety of her facial expressions when Erica & Ryan first started to tell her – then denial – then acceptance, she was AMAZING.

    This was an amazing couple/love story and I sincerely hope the writers do not rush Kendall’s grieving – if they did so, it would truly dishonour what Alicia & Thorsten Kaye created in Kendall and Zach.


  7. Dawn says:

    Michael, Thank you a million times for recognizing the amazingly talented Ms. Minshew…

    Alicia’s performance was stellar….As usual….

    She deserves an Oscar for that performance…

    The only reason I’m still hanging in there is because of here, but that will end soon… The Rylee hour contines and that is just to vomit worthy to watch..

    I also want to add this..

    The courtroom scenes were not only anti-climatic, but it seemed as if everyone was phoning it in, until Kendall walked in those doors and let loose on David….Now, that was acting….

    Thanks again for recognizing her talent.. She deserves it….


  8. Tigereye says:

    I’ve always thought that Alicia Minshew has been incredibly under-rated for her talent. I don’t know if it’s because she is so gorgeous that people over-look the fact that she is a wonderful actress. I’m glad she’s finally getting the kudos she deserves because quite frankly, she’s schooling the rest of the cast of AMC. I’ve noticed a malaise of disinterest has fallen onto a lot of actors at AMC and it’s shown through on screen. But Alicia, as she always has, has shown up each day and given 100%. Now she’s giving 110% and turning in one of the best performances I’ve seen on daytime. It would be easy for her to go overboard and overact or underplay the scenes too much, but she’s managed to keep that delicate balance. The Emmy should be sewn up by her performances and they should be engraving her name on the award now. The only question is whether it’s for Best Actress or Best Supporting Actress.


  9. Brian T says:

    I started watching AMC again just last week (after maybe 2 years away). I mainly came back because of Jordi coming on as the new doctor. I will say that I am hooked again and Alicia Minshew is doing an outstanding job as a heartbroken Kendall with the loss of her true love Zach. I sure hope she gets the Emmy this year. The other storylines going on are also not too bad and the reveal that David is alive was a shock to me for sure.


  10. Sharon says:

    ITA- AM’s performance was stellar! I smell an Emmy in her future! She just absolutely captivated me & I was prepared to tune out after Zach’s demise, being a die-hard Zach/TK fan, but had to stick around for this incredible journey of sadness that Miss Minshew has taken me along with her & I’m so glad I didn’t miss it! It’s the best I’ve seen AMC in a long, long time. I knew AM would rock it, but just didn’t realize quite how powerful she could be.
    Bravo Miss Minshew!


  11. Laurin says:

    I don’t even watch AMC regularly, but I knew I had to watch those episodes surrounding Zach’s demise. I knew Alicia Minshew had skills, but OMG! I cried the whole time she was on screen. Every time Kendall dialed the cell to listen to Zach’s voice, I was through. If this is not Emmy-worthy material, I don’t know what is. Brava, Alicia! Fantastic work!


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