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9 February 6th, 2011 Power Performance of the Week: The cast of General Hospital!

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While there is no doubt that the umbrella performance of last week’s episodes of General Hospital was the Emmy-worthy and stunningly riveting performances of Chad Duell (Michael) in which Michael finally remembers and then reveals he was raped in prison, (make sure to hear what Chad had to say about the playing those big emotional moments in his interview on the new On-Air On-Soaps Podcast) there were also many other performances that stood out, made us grab for the hankies, and reminded us why the cast of GH is highly acclaimed.  Let’s take look at the rest below.

From Steve Burton (Jason) playing the pure devastation and helplessness at learning the boy he first raised was sexually violated, the actor showed us with little words and through his tears how Jason Morgan tries to come to grips with his part in this disaster, and his feeling of failure of not being able to protect Michael.

Then, once again, Laura Wright (Carly) showed viewers why this actress is at the top of the game.  From playing mama bear upon learning Michael was raped, to pulling a gun on Dante and reaming and laying guilt onto the cop for putting Michael in prison in the first place, to the scenes of her dissolution of her marriage to Jax (once finding out about his lie to help protect her arch-nemesis, Brenda), Wright was pure perfection.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Three other men turned in moments worth noting.  First, Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) broke our hearts as he tries to just get a moment with Lulu after the harrowing night of Abby’s near rape, his run-in with Brenda, and the revelation that Michael was raped.  But, she isn’t having it, sort of.   Julie Marie Berman playing Lulu’s conflicting emotions of can she trust her man, is also an example of why Berman has won Daytime Emmys.  In addition,  Zamprogna’s guilt-ridden Dante, in the Carly/Dante showdown scenes, almost begged Carly to shoot him!  Dante could barely look at Michael, and then later decides to turn in his police badge.  All powerful moments from Dom Z.  Next, Ingo Rademacher (Jax).  Truly this stalwart leading man does not often get the credit he deserves, but his scenes with both Laura Wright and Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo (Brenda) were subtlety well-played.  Jax does the best he can as the “white knight” to the women he cares about and can never get a break, or do the right thing.  Later, when he tells a young Morgan that he and his mother have broken up, both Ingo and talented young actor, Aaron Sanders (Morgan) with tears streaming down his face, delivered a very real and emotional moment.

And in the middle of this, you can’t forget about the outstanding performances of Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) who starts the week feeling betrayed by the woman he is coming to love, Siobhan, only to realize she is being blackmailed by The Balkan over her kidnapped sister.  Then later in the week, Lucky is setting out to arrest her!  Betrayal is like a raw nerve to Lucky after Elizabeth’s affair with Nikolas was revealed, and to see his viewpoint of  betrayal, yet again, from someone he has come to care about showed us  the depth and layers of Jackson’s performances.  This week, JJ was ably well-supported in performances by newcomer Erin Chambers (Siobhan) who in twist and turns conveyed high emotional stakes for Jackson to play off of.

And finally, while we learn that Michael agreed to work through his sexual abuse through counseling, he has found a soul-mate and possible romantic interest in Abby, portrayed by the very talented Andrea Bogart.  Bogart also knocked-it out-of-the-park this week from her character’s near rape, to supporting Michael through his not-so-shocking revelation.  So with all of that and many other numerous moments and performances throughout the week, On-Air On-Soaps names the cast of General Hospital, this week’s Power Performance of the Week!

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  1. mary says:

    I’m sorry it was good but NOT as good as Y&R Canes’ death.


  2. BJ says:

    It was good but Tristian Rogers kicked ass on Y&R


  3. Natalie says:

    I think you should have added Vanessa from GH, she did a wonderful job while recanting to Dante about what happened to her baby. I also agree everyone involved in Y&R Cane death did a wonderful job acting. I also thought Maurice should have been added too.


    dominicsmythe replied

    AGREE. Michael, what do you have against Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo? She’s been knocking it out of the park since her Wire Scene in 1996. She justly deserved her Daytime Emmy nominations in 1997 and 1998, as well as her win in 2003. Her scene recanting what happened during her miscarriage was raw and powerful. Why you left her out of a mention of GH’s powerful cast is beyond me! Also, you gave Maurice Benard credit for their wedding scene, but not Vanessa! Brenda had few words in those scenes but she portrayed her strong, conflicting emotions beautifully in every scene, especially when Sonny mentioned he father’s responsibility in making Brenda believe she wasn’t worthy of love. VMG is a fine, fine actress!


  4. amy W. says:

    I agree with everything except for the Carly thing. She has yet to accept the fact that she is the one along with Sonny and Jason that put Michael in prison and that they are responsible for his rape. Dante did his duty and did right by telling the court that Michael killed Claudia and not Sonny. We have yet and probably never, see Carly, Sonny and Jason being held responsible for their actions during the trial. Sonny and Carly(twice) both prejuryed themselves. They could at any time ask Diane to set up a meeting with Claire to tell her that Michael killed Claudia in self defense and get a suspend sentence for Michael so he wouldn’t have had to go to prison because HIS PARENTS covered up the murder. Michael went to prison because Carly, Sonny and Jason lied and covered it up. The judge punished Michael for his parents crime not just the murder. Carly needs to blame herself and the judge for what happened to Michael not Dante. Dante will be a better role model than Carly will ever be to MIchael. Dante is at least blaming himself and not going around blaming everyone else the way Carly is.


  5. Patricia says:

    No soap deserves it more than GH, Y&R included. The rape reveal done by Chad Duell is so Emmy-worthy. I am still affected, one week later, by the events of last week. It was that good.


  6. RedCanuck/Shortcanuck says:

    Excellent analysis of a great week in soaps – probably the best we have seen on any show in a very long time. My only quibble is when you said Michael remembered about being raped. I dont think he ever forgot – not for a second – which is one of the ways that Chad Duell has been doing excellent work almost since the day he started. I think he could be considered for an Emmy for 2010 ( the confession was very good, as were many of the scenes in prison and after his release. I suspect however its better for him to wait for the 2011 year. I have been watching soaps for over 40 years and have debated their value in drama for almost as long.
    Steve Burton is superb as well – sometimes less really is more !


  7. lovingit says:

    GH blew me away with Michael’s sl very well done. And all the actors involved in the reveal had me in tears especially Michael, Abbey and Dante. Everything GH delivered this week was top notch.


  8. mememe says:

    GH moved me to tears. This reveal was pitch perfect and reinforced to me why GH, even with its faults, is my favorite soap opera. The actors have so much heart and should and they really bring their scenes to life and make me feel something. I only wish that the writing would always be as carefully crafted as this reveal was. But I did think the episodes for this week were all top notch. I’m always hoping for the best for this show because the actors give so much to those of us lucky to witness their brilliant work.


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