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0 April 21st, 2009 Power to the Purple People- fan board hits milestone!

Crystal-Jessica.jpgCongratulations are in order to Otalia fans, and to April Grant and the organizers of the Big Purple Dreams Message Board. This tremendous board for Guiding Light’s Crystal Chapell and Jessica Leccia’s on-scree love story as Olivia and Natalia has caught fire like none before. Earlier today the group surpassed 3000 registered members since it opened in mid January.   According to April: “To put it in perspective, we had only 1900 members on the day Guiding Light was canceled. We have added an astounding 1100 members in three weeks.  I am more moved than I can tell you and actually had tears in my eyes as I approved the 3000th member.”  The power of soaps is not all gone folks, and good storytelling is alive and well, says the people at the Purple Dreams House!  Kudos!

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