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4 June 23rd, 2011 PREMIERE: Kristos Andrews stars in “Far From The Bay” – Watch the Video!

Courtesy/LANY films

The much talked about new web series from The Bay creator, Gregori J. Martin has been launched today with the first installment of the prequel to Season 2 of The Bay titled Far From The Bay!

In Far From The Bay, Peter played by Kristos Andrews, searches for his adoptive parents and thus the drama unfolds as we watch him on his journey that lands him in New York City.  From the start of the first webisode,  the intrigue begins as Peter flashes back to his unhappy childhood and then encounters his not-to-friendly ( and that is an understatement) grandmother who wants nothing to do with him!

Watch Far From The Bay after the jump and let us know your reaction!

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  1. LCCH says:

    Love it! Definitely wanting to see more. I’m enjoying Kristos in this role, and am anxious to see where this leads. The cinematography is impressive!


  2. Melly F says:

    just watched! this show just keeps getting better and better!!! great 1st part, i must see more of this NOW


  3. kathy says:

    Really enjoyed FFTB today.Miriam Colon was a special TREAT ! I can’t wait for next week’s webisode of FFTB and where PETER’S journey take’s him next!


  4. jma says:

    Anthony Aquilino did a fabulous job. Scared us all. Made you want to take the belt and hit him with it. Good luck Anthony we look forward to seeing you in future episodes. Aidan is adorable and talented. Can’t wait to see more.


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