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13 November 5th, 2013 Pretty Little Liars & DAYS Star Brant Daugherty Eliminated On Dancing With The Stars!


In what seems like a vote where America got it wrong, Pretty Little Liars and Days of our Lives star, Brant Daugherty was voted off the ABC ballroom dance competition, Dancing with the Stars along with his dance partner Peta Murgatroyd at the end of Monday’s night’s episode!

Week after week, Brant overcame adversity from: being robbed at gunpoint, sharing his struggles with the injury of his shoulder for years, tearing a tendon in his foot, and telling the story of how his dreams came true in Hollywood, just as his beloved father had passed away, who always rooted him on!

After getting another series of 9′s from the judges which included guest judge, Cher, for their foxtrot last night, in the end it was still Bill Engvall and Emma Slater surviving on, when clearly Bill  is the weakest competitor out there!  After Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani were given a reprieve too,  it then came down to Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke or Brant and Peta.  It was sadly, Brant and Peta’s names who were called.

Is America not voting for the right couple?  Popularity contests are often not a measure of who gave their all and who deserves to stay in!  Let us know, do you think Brant and Peta should have been the duo to be sent home last night?

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  1. Verona says:

    Was he the weakest dancer? No. Is it a shocker? No. Is it any different than any other good dancer getting ditched for someone with a bigger fan base? NO. My main reason for not liking this show – it is and always has been about the most POPULAR dancer rather than the best. And soap fans, after constantly pushing for “vote for our guy/gal” whether they were the best or not, shouldn’t be surprised at this result. Engvall may not have been the better dancer, but has an engaging personality and a big fan base. The scores given by judges at this point mean little or nothing. It’s all about those popularity votes.


    Lew S replied

    I totally agree! The show is a joke!


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    I dont trust voting on these type of shows, and i sometimes feel that some things are done to add contriversy and to generate publicity…in the case of this show it could be they attract a lot of dumb voters who are not serious and just vote 4 the hell of it…just saying!!!


  3. Johnny says:

    Does it really matter which already wealthy and famous person gets deleted from this show? Lol.


  4. abby says:

    one simple word “NOPE”


  5. Charday says:

    Hated to see QT Brant go. He was on The View today, dancing.


  6. joanna says:

    Brant should NOT have been sent home. He is a fantastic dancer, getting better each week. Bill Engvall should have been eliminated instead, hopefully he will get the boot next week.
    I am a very long time watcher of DWTS, season two on. There have been many, many times over the years that the wrong contestants were sent packing too early. Also many times that the wrong people won. Who knows the reasons why people vote the way they so. Also makes you wonder whether or not the votes are rigged in some way. Makes you wonder.
    But I still watch every season.


  7. Patrick says:

    I admire “those” folks…. who have that natural ability to readily SMILE…

    and their whole being just lights up.

    OH – Yikes

    Brant is one of those. dreamy

    so isn’t – and YES he’s on nu”ONE LIFE TO LIVE” people…. Corbin Bleu

    “Brant” – you need to go back to Salem and befriend Sonny….


  8. Mary SF says:

    Week after week the hosts tell viewers to vote for their favorite couple, not who was the best dancer, so why are people shock when celebs or pro dancers that don’t have a big fan base go home before those who do?

    And as a soap watcher and a DAYS fan I still have no idea who this guy was? I watched DAYS steady for years and don’t have a clue who he played– so he might have been on a soap but I don’t think he is bonafide soap star like Kelly was a last season.

    But at the end of the day, celebs on this show go on it for one of three reasons- to promote themselves, to promote a new project, or to lose weight. They all get the same amount of money whether they stay one week or go the whole ten. It is what it is– entertainment fluff for a Monday night—-


    mollie replied

    You know, I don’t remember him from Days either! And you have some excellent points.

    One thing, though,. They do not all get the same amount of money for one week or ten. They get the same amount in the beginning, but each “star” who continues gets more money per week, and after a couple weeks the amount goes up substantially. The pay goes up per week again. The pay day is really quite good on Dancing with the Stars. Can’t remember exactly how much but it is surprisingly high dollar!


    Mary SF replied

    Thanks Mollie– I must have been thinking of the flat fee for joining the show was all they got– did not realize they got more as they when along, but that would make sense. I guess that would explain why so many “reality stars” like this show, even if you get booted out week one you still pocket more money most people make in years. And it would explain why some seemed to get so upset when they are send home– I always thought the tears were a bit much since they got paid and haven’t lost anything but a mirror ball trophy. Now that know money is on line for them, I can understand some of the reactions better now.

  9. Robert Seganti says:

    Of course those who voted got it wrong.He definitely belonged in the top three.But,of course,those who voted for President of the United States in the last election got it wrong too- oh so wrong .

    Brant Daugherty is charming and charismatic and should have a bright future.


  10. Rodd says:

    DWTS is often an entertaining show, but I can’t take it seriously. No one who does it seems to have a bad time. Most to seem to have lovely things to say about the show and their fellow contestants.

    As it has been said, the voting is really a popularity contest ~ and rightfully, should be recognized as such. If all of America were qualified to judge, it would be a different story. We’re not (I’m not) so I just enjoy it when I happen to tune in.

    I though Brant did a marvelous job and would have liked to have seen him continue on.


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