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20 July 8th, 2013 PREVIEW: Susan Lucci on KATIE On A Possible Return To AMC: “Agnes and I Just Spoke Last Week!”


Susan Lucci is a guest on the Wednesday July 10th episode of the afternoon syndicated talk show Katie with host Katie Couric.

She is on hand to promote the success of her new hit series, Devious Maids airing on Lifetime.  However, Katie did pose the question to Susan if a return to All My Children and the revival of the series via Prospect Park is still something she hopes to be able to do at least to make a guest star appearance as Erica Kane?  Susan responded, “I certainly would. We are hoping that it can happen. They are on hiatus right now.”

Katie then asked if Susan has had conversations with anyone about returning to which she responded, “Agnes (Nixon) and I just spoke last week.  As I said, they are no hiatus, but now that I am back from Atlanta where I had been shooting Devious Maids all season, and now that I am back here in New York, they are on hiatus.   So it’s a matter of trying to make it happen and hopefully, we will.”

Watch the preview clip from Katie after the jump featuring Susan Lucci.  Do you think Susan will work things  out with the powers-that-be at Prospect Park, so she can make a return to the series sooner than later? Especially, now that Devious Maids has wrapped shooting and AMC goes back into production in August? Weigh-in!

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  1. Michael says:

    Please, Ms. Lucci make a return to AMC. Now that Kendall returned albeit briefly, it’s time for another Kane woman to make a stop in Pine Valley. Even if it was recurring like Dr. Joe and Adam, it would be welcomed.


  2. Wil says:

    Omg yes. I am enjoying Ms. Lucci on Devious Maids. If they could work our a shooting schedule, e.g. Erica goes away for various reasons while DM shoots! Heaven!!


  3. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:



  4. Chris says:

    Okay let’s just make it happen folks. AMC needs Erica. Make it big; make it splashy; make it Erica Kane. To bring int he viewers they open up Pine valley museum a tribute to the town’s past characters (Phoebe, Mona, Dr. Tyler, Palmer et al) and of course erica kane who is thought to be shot and killed only…it is really Jane the dopplegange who escaped prison and was never captured. Erica finally escapes only to see the town and Jackson muorning their loss.She manages to rise from the ashes and come in as Jack declares his love for her. Or…she comes back after losing her fourth straight oscar. Depressed and now she is working on Deadly affairs and devious maids – she is a b ig tiem tv star.


  5. ricardo says:

    i miss susan lucci as erica kane. please come back susan. all my children needs to. we the fans want you back. all my children is not the same without you. hopefully cameron mathison and bobbie eakes can come back to. i miss crystal and ryan lavery so so much.


  6. margie dalton says:

    Would be great having Susan back. DM is weekly show hope time will allow.


  7. Jewell says:

    I want Erica back right now, so she can hook up with Dimitri again. and I miss the catfights with Brooke.


  8. mollie says:

    I am struck, once again, how beautiful SL looks! Stunning. Really hope she returns to AMC for any length of time. They film fast and furiously, so SL could be in a LOT of story line :)


  9. Sandy says:

    Erica make your return happen! Remember you are Erica Kane and as you always state, “I can do anything I put my mind to”. So, where’s your mind? Pine Valley?


  10. AbbyS. says:

    I’d love to see Erica back on the show. We need more Kanes in Pine Valley. I wasn’t sure AMC needed Erica when the reboot first launched, but with the focus on so many teens and newer characters, I miss Erica and Kendall and Bianca, who are secondary when they should be leads. I know Eden Riegel is pregnant in real life but I hope she can return soon, along with Alicia Minshew for more than one eppy.


  11. CTwildheart says:

    I am sure Susan and PP will be able to work out their schedules and we will see Erica in Pine Valley again. Her character is not one of the main ones on Devious Maids and hopefully she can film in Stamford this August. Let her tape out of sequence so we can see her for as long as possible! :)


  12. Alina Ross says:

    I really hope it works out! We NEED NEED NEED Erica Kane and Tad Martin! Then, Pine Valley will be complete!!!!


    Sandy replied

    Not quite, we still need Ryan and Greenlee back. Also need Adam to reappear to give Brooke a better storyline and keep J.R. in check.


  13. Johnny says:

    I hope she can return to AMC as the iconic Erica Kane. The show centers way too much on Celia and Petey, and I’m sorry but they are just not all that fascinating. I think they need the more experienced and seasoned actors to the forefront to make the show really work – and right now, the show really needs some stronger leads and some better writing – However, I hope she (Susan Lucci) can return as Erica for more than just a quick “cameo” guest spot.


  14. Llanviewer717 says:

    Definitely want Erica back if even for a short time. Given AMC’s shooting schedule, she could come in and out on occasion.


  15. carla says:

    Susan loves pine valley she will be back.


  16. k/kay says:

    Gosh she stills looks great I saw a little bit of her on Devious Maids she is quite good at comedy!


  17. Elisabeth says:

    Would love to see all the Kane women on the show as much as time allows.


  18. Mona Prager says:

    I so much hope and pray that Susan Lucci will return to AMC. It is definitely NOT the same without her! I miss her so very much! Where there is a will, there is a way and I know that Susan can make this happen if ;she puts her mind to it!


  19. Taylyn says:

    We need Erica Kane back on AMC but we also need Walt Willey back as Jackson


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