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5 August 15th, 2011 Prospect Park execs met with cast of OLTL & annoucement forthcoming!

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As had been reported by various sources, it has been confirmed by ABC Soaps In Depth that executives from Prospect Park met with the cast and crew of One Life to Live in New York at the end of last week.  SID is stating, “We do know that officials from the production company are this close to making deals with the union guilds and the paperwork is in the hands of lawyers.”

“They’re very ambitious and they’re very happy to have us and All My Children” Jerry verDorn (Clint) told In Depth at this weekend’s OLTL Fan Club gathering. “The fans [are] not going to see a difference in production. They said to us, ‘We did not buy these shows just for their name and [with the intention] to gut them and put them on in a totally different, unrecognizable form. The fans are going to love it.”   Mark Lawson (Brody), also stated that,  “Prospect Park seems very enthusiastic and very focused on making the show the best it can be. I think they will update the show for the next generation of viewership and make it a show that’s competitive.”

As far as the reports that the online version of OLTL will debut on Monday, January 16, there is no official word yet from either Prospect Park or ABC on when the show’s final network broadcast will be, although Soap Opera Network has reported it to be January 13th, and also reported that Prospect Park met with OLTL cast members on Thursday, while Soaps In Depth is reporting Friday.

However SID reports, “More details about Prospect Park’s plans for both OLTL and AMC could come as soon as Wednesday of this week.”

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  1. Torrey says:

    I just hope they can find a cable network home for the shows. I’ll watch online, but I think cable would be a wonderful thing for both shows.


  2. danna says:

    I will watch OLTL anywhere anytime, but please bring back Robin Strasser, TSJ, and the significant others who have or are exiting or the show will be gutted and lose viewers.


  3. Rob says:

    As optimistic as Im trying to be, it seems this show keeps bleeding cast members…


  4. Deb Rafter says:

    I am happy beyond belief!!!! Thank you Prospect Park!!! You have made alot of soap fans very happy. We will ALL watch our beloved soaps and their characters. They are our escape from the hum drum of everyday life!! I hope you will succeed at this endeavor! Good luck!


  5. Amy says:

    I am so happy to hear OLTL will be online and not done forever! I love the show! Thank you Prospect Park!


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