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27 January 8th, 2013 Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz On AMC & OLTL Reboot: “I Know It’s Been A Long Journey. Since The Fans Didn’t Give Up, Either Did We!”

Photo Credit: N.Y.Times

The New York Times Media Decoder blog has an item on the resurrection of beloved soap operas All My Children and One Life to Live and their officially announced upcoming new home online, which could signal exciting times ahead for media convergence in the digital age.

In an interview with Prospect Park’s Jeff Kwatinetz, (whose company’s first attempt to bring the shows from ABC to an The Online Network fizzled at the end of 2011) the executive paid tribute to the power of the soap fans who continued to will this project forward, and because of that, how Prospect Park continued to come up with solutions and a framework to make the soaps have a a second life!

Kwatinetz stated, “I know it’s been a long journey, but the timing is actually fortuitous as TV viewing is evolving rapidly in our direction. The adoption of online TV in the last year has begun to move exponentially as viewers start to realize the immense advantages digital distribution affords. But all of that is unmatched compared to the relentless fan support. Since they didn’t give up, either did we.”

In addition, the N.Y. Times was quick to point out,  “It is a bold bet that the Web — because of the proliferation of broadband, Internet-enabled TVs and the iPad — is now a practical way to funnel traditional shows to viewers. If the popularity of streamed 30-minute and 60-minute shows on Netflix and Hulu is any indication, consumers are ready to move beyond using the Web for bite-size video.”

What do you think of Kwatinetz comments?  Are you ready to embrace watching these soaps online, much like you do when you want to catch an episode of B&B, Y&R, GH and DAYS that now post episodes the same day as they air? Weigh-in!

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  1. Robert says:

    With each passing day, more and more positive news comes out to show that this will actually happen unlike last year! I can not wait to see Pine Valley and Llanview again! :-)


  2. Elizabeth K. Mahon says:

    I will watch the reboot now that I know that Agnes Nixon is involved. The AMC that was cancelled was a far cry from the amazing show that she created and that she and Wisner Washam once wrote. Starting in the new century, the show was mishandled completely and don’t even get me started on what Chuck Pratt or Megan McTavish did to the show. Here’s hoping the new headwriters bring AMC & OLTL back to telling good stories.


    Bart Mruz replied

    Elizabeth you are my hero! I can’t agree more. Those two wrote the glory years; sense of family, fun, love. . . The past decade was particularly trying to watch but I did anyway. You said it all.


    Bea replied

    I am so glad to know that others feel the same way I do! I was so disappointed in AMC the last year or so. It was difficult to watch and I tried to watch as the show more when I knew it was cancelled. That was a challenge for sure. But now that there are new writers and Agnes, I am more than thrilled!


  3. dana stabler says:

    Im just excited for my shows to be back their are my life way from life…my second family…


  4. Mary Fergen says:

    I will for sure watch these shows online, but I’m hoping that a cable network will also pick them up eventually. There are still many fans who will not be able to watch online, for various reasons, and I want our soaps to be accessable to anyone who wants to watch!


    su0000 replied

    you are on-line now.. you can watch the soaps on-line unless you are using a dial-up service .. if you have/are using the ordinary high-speed you can watch the soaps on-line :)
    hope you can!


    Christy replied

    I’m on dial up. I’m kinda waiting to see if this becomes an actual reality, as opposed to the faux reality they did last January before I figure out how to pay for hi-speed. No cable either….. I was hoping for ABC/NBC/CBS soaps.

    Question – so is there a way to “record” online soaps to watch later – like much later – to watch whenever and however many times I want like I do with soaps on DVD right now? I know people upload to youtube old soaps… how do they save it?

    Mary Fergen replied

    Thanks, but I’m not talking about me. I know I can watch it online. I was thinking about all the folks that don’t have a computer or older viewers that don’t have access. We’re not even sure that the fans in Canada will be able to watch. There is still so much that we don’t know yet!

  5. Andrea Dawson says:

    I am a bit skeptical, but I will give this a try. I miss All My Children and One Life To Live. I watch Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives now. I don’t know how I will fit these two back into my routine, but I will try. I am a true Soap Opera fan!


  6. Philip says:

    Excellent news. I’ll be happy to follow the reboots daily on the internet!


  7. FRAN says:

    My second families are back … am so excited. When I heard that Vincent Irizarry, Debbi Morgan and Jerry VanDorn had signed I cried. I am so happy-can’t wait.


    Teresa replied

    Aw, I love this comment…almost made me cry:)
    I’m a Days fan, never watched AMC or OLTL but I’ll try to get up to speed when they go online just to support the genre I love.


    Derek replied

    We’ll get you caught up speed, don’t worry. I took up days recentlyand I think I’m up to speed now on everyone.

  8. BTripp says:

    YAY! The fans saved our soaps. We need to give ourselves a pat on the back. This is history in the making and I for one am excited to see AMC and OLTL online or on cable. I keep checking all my soap news sites daily to see what other new developments came about. Keep the news coming Michael!


  9. MBmomof3 says:

    So good to read those comments! Great time to be a soap fan!

    Thank you Mr. Fairman for keeping us up-to-date on all the news.



  10. CTwildheart says:

    I am happy to know that PP was paying attention to all us fans and what we were saying. Hoping they can bring it to a cable channel for rebroadcast for those who do not have online capability. One of the best things about this for me, is I will not be tied to a schedule. Just like with taping them, I will be able to watch them whenever I find the time! YAY!


  11. moshane58 says:

    I really don’t think a web series does justice to these shows.Until they are back on a network bak to there orginal for all to see I will not be happy.If this flops they will have ten year rights and kiss them bye for good.Alot are already saying no to this.We will loose millions of veiwers and they will be bareboned soaps.I want to be wrong so bad but fear I’m not.I want them back so bad and the way they where.I don’t want it to be a ploy to try and convince people ABC did there best and forgive us because pp failed.


    brian replied

    there is always blue sky behind grey clouds


    moshane58 replied

    I really hope it works out Brain I really want them back the way they where and for all to see.

  12. Becky Cloutier says:

    Im soooo happy!!


  13. Barbara Wallace says:

    I stream most of my television shows now from the internet to my ROKU so this is just icing on the cake.


  14. Trapper says:

    I will take AMC and OLTL back in whatever format they need to be in to be financially viable for the producers, the crew and the actors, as long as they don’t replace our main characters. I think that TV over the internet is the wave of the future, and if we can generate enough interest, it’s sure to get the attention of major TV players. Let’s not be too quick to criticize and instead, spend a couple of minutes patting ourselves on the back.


    Troy Turner replied

    Count me as one VERY skeptical whether they’re going to be able to pull this off. We have no tangible proof of anything, just like before. I want AMC and OLTL back just like everyone here, but not at the expense of being jerked around again


  15. Bruce says:

    Glad they r sharing.


  16. brian says:

    I hope that Prospect Park contacts Hoover Vaccums to advertise…. Since Hoover was very vocal in the soaps being canceled.


  17. Tina Angelo says:

    tonja walkers site on FB hadfour thousand people say they would pay ten to twenty dollars a month to watch the shows. Why don’t they ask her back on?


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