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13 August 2nd, 2016 Queens Of Drama Officially Canceled By Pop After 1 Season!


The docu-drama Queens of Drama featurting several actresses notable to daytime has been officially canceled by Pop.

There had been reports that the cable network was working on a second season, but for months no one has heard a peep out of Pop on the soapy series.

Queens of Drama starred: Lindsay Hartley, Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills.  Thinkfactory Media were the producers of the series, and the first season began airing following the 42nd annual Daytime Emmys on April 26, 2015.  The news was first reported by Deadline.

So, is it time for another daytime soap/reality hybrid series?  Both E’s Dirty Soap and Pop’s Queens of Drama failed.  If there was another one created, who would you like to see star in it this time?  Or perhaps, this hybrid type of series should just be left alone and never tackled again? Comment below!

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  1. Timmm says:

    POP is on no ones radar! How about bringing one of the popular web series to TV? Lifetime or Hallmark?


  2. SZima says:

    Is ANYONE shocked/surprised by this?


    nancy dillingham replied

    “It was the right thing to do.” :) :)


  3. Lou Piikes says:

    WOW!!!! What a disappointment. I guess the ladies weren’t dramatic or scandalous enough.


  4. Cincyjk says:

    I enjoyed Dirty Soap, and was surprised it was cancelled. Queens of Drama was pretty awful, I quit watching after the second or third episode.


    Lou Piikes replied

    It took you that long to realize it was awful. lol


    Sedrick Gilbert replied

    Dirty Soap, even though contrived at times, was good fun. Never saw Queens, as my cable provider doesn’t carry POP.


  5. irene says:

    Who even watches pop tv? I don’t have it.


  6. Charday says:

    One of the worst tv shows of all time, but I couldn’t stop watching.


  7. jaybird369 says:

    Cancellation…oh, gee…what a shock…N-O-T!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Rodd says:

    This was so bad that I stopped watching after a few episodes. Not missing it at all. It really was “forced”. Save the reality stuff and give me another real soap!


  9. Mo says:

    Well, that’s a shame. I actually enjoyed it.


  10. Eric Kane says:

    Did anyone ever find out what actually happened to Hunter Tylo?


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